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Third game in the sci-fi FPS series.

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Resistance 3 screenshot
Resistance 3 screenshot

Take the humble shotgun as an example. On a basic level it fires out shotgun pellets, causing considerable damage at close range, while the secondary fire lobs out concussive shells - both very helpful, but not nearly as useful as the unlocked incendiary rounds, which set fire to enemies on impact. The Augur, series stalwart that lets you fire through objects, allows you to put down a protective shield with secondary fire, with a later unlock providing you with a gun that fires out a wave of three projectiles at once.

The huge variety in terms of your arsenal of weapons means that you can genuinely tackle scenarios in very different ways. Holding back and taking out enemies with your sniper rifle could be one option, but you might want to opt to go on the assault with a shotgun and grenades. Some levels definitely favour certain approaches (an extended assault against the game's zombie-like foes almost begs you to use the shotgun), but options are always available. The game's two-player co-op (split-screen or online) offers the best of both worlds, letting gamers use two offensive styles as a pairing while also demanding cooperation at set points.

It's fair to say that Resistance 2's visuals were disappointing - to the point that some of the bland levels looked like they'd been ripped out of a PC game from years ago. Resistance 3 is a huge leap forwards, delivering some of the most atmospheric graphics I've seen in an FPS. It's not quite up to Killzone 3's levels of brilliance, but it's definitely worthy of top-tier inclusion, partly due to an excellent range of environments and some beautiful vistas.

The use of motion blur and gorgeous lighting effects give the game the quality of a CGI film at times, while the more explosive sequences stand out as some of the most impressive technical showcases on the console. Massive Chimeran monsters look great, too, often being so large they struggle to fit on the screen. Insomniac's voice work and all-round audio is excellent, although cutscenes and incidental animations (such as climbing ladders) aren't up to Naughty Dog's standard, giving an unfortunate roughness to the presentation at points.

On top of the campaign co-op there's a full 16-player multiplayer offering that caters for solo and team play. A substantial selection of game modes include Team Deathmatch, Chain Reaction, Deathmatch, Breach, and Capture the Flag. While nothing here is revolutionary in terms of how these modes work (a combination of standard competitive and objective-based game types), the maps on offer are well designed, combining areas familiar from the campaign with locations unique to multiplayer. It's too early to say if any of the maps here will go on to be classed as classics of the genre, but they provide a solid combination of tight indoor environments and open areas, and initial play doesn't suggest any maps are being ignored.

Resistance 3 screenshot

Abilities such as holographic decoys, lightning shields and cloaking devices, as well as being able to plant ammo and health re-gen stations, combined with the introduction of recharging health, make online play feel significantly different to the campaign. There's a pleasing levelling and weapon upgrade system in place too, as well as 55 medals to earn. As a consequence of the levelling system your initial forays into the world of competitive play feel somewhat restricted, with the game limiting your arsenal to a single weapon and grenade, but from level 5 onwards you're allowed to create custom classes.

While a minor point, multiplayer doesn't look quite as impressive as the campaign and if you jump straight into it after finishing the single-player you might find it quite jarring. Still, it's far from ugly and soon isn't an issue at all. I did find that the game had an annoying habit of stuttering as I was being killed, but this did depend on the quality of the online connection.

I wasn't especially excited about Resistance 3. On its announcement I figured we'd get yet another competent but ultimately forgettable FPS, but Insomniac has produced one of the biggest surprises of the year. Played alone or with a friend the campaign here is of the highest order, providing an experience that feels different to the competition while managing to finally build on what the series has always had going for it. There's also a substantial, deep and fun multiplayer offering included that will keep many Resistance fans playing for months to come. For me, Resistance 3 is comfortably PlayStation 3's best exclusive FPS.

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User Comments

Gollum_85's Avatar


Just picked this up on sale, can't wait to get stuck in!
Posted 20:24 on 03 January 2012
Mr_Ninjutsu's Avatar


Man i'm actually really excited for this game, I completely forgot it came out today. I feel ashamed :(
Posted 18:10 on 08 September 2011
Roland_D11's Avatar


I picked it up today and I still haven't played it. It is still busy downloading the 1.01 patch, which is a whopping 656 mb. Does anyone know what they patched in this? And was the review code already version 1.01?
Posted 17:29 on 08 September 2011
TomPearson's Avatar


It's rather good. The guns are just great.
Posted 08:27 on 07 September 2011
scaz2244's Avatar


after reading this review i will be defiantly picking up at some point later this year. great review tom
Posted 01:55 on 07 September 2011
rickystaines's Avatar


Awesome review, Tom :)
I wasn't a fan of the original titles, but will definitely give this one a look :)
Posted 21:03 on 06 September 2011
Chaza_snake's Avatar

Chaza_snake@ Neon-Soldier32

as i dont intend to buy the game but have finished both 1 and 2 ive just watched the final 10 mins on a website, and i can tell you it does wrap up, no cliffhangers this time round, will be interesting to see how resistance vita story fits with the rest of the games story line
Posted 21:01 on 06 September 2011
Chaza_snake's Avatar

Chaza_snake@ Neon-Soldier32

i totally agree, i thought this was ganna be a 7 or 8, but im glad it got a 9, insomniac are a great developer and i do love the weapons, bring on overstrike :D
Posted 12:22 on 06 September 2011


Another game to pick up then.
Posted 12:02 on 06 September 2011
Wido's Avatar


I like the Resistance games on PS3. FOM was decent and I echo the others on Resistance 2 being underrated. Certainly won't forget the Resistance 2 game night on here, and I think I will get this game before the year is out. Looks like my PS3 is going to be used for gaming this year! Uncharted 3 & Resistance 3, shall be a cracker.
Posted 11:52 on 06 September 2011
Mr_Ninjutsu's Avatar

Mr_Ninjutsu@ Ghost_Dog

Got to agree with you on that one Ghost Dog! A very underrated game indeed and i'm seriously surprised this got a 9!
Posted 11:26 on 06 September 2011
dudester's Avatar


just ordered now as well, I love the setting and feel of the world resistance creates so was just hoping r3 could justify getting it on release and it sounds like it does.
Posted 10:33 on 06 September 2011


Very surprised that this got a 9 although I am quite happy that it did. I'll go and pre order this now. Is the health system that bad? Because it seemed like a minor issue.

I was looking forward to Resistance 2 like almost no other game before it. I got it, at about 12 PM and I'd finished it by 10 and fitted in some online play. Boy did I have the biggest headache!

One question though, with rumors that this may be the last Resistance game on consoles, does the story wrap up, or leave you on a cliffhanger?
Posted 08:38 on 06 September 2011
Ghost_Dog's Avatar


I loved Resistance 2. Always thought it was underrated.

This review has just got me really excited for this now.
Posted 08:23 on 06 September 2011

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Resistance 3
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Resistance 3
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  • Health packs might be problematic for some
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