Resistance 3 screenshot
Resistance 3 screenshot

Next Autumn's Resistance 3 from Insomniac Games will feature campaign cooperative play, which can be enjoyed by two players online or locally using split-screen.

Posting on the official PlayStation Blog, Insomniac Games creative director Marcus Smith said: "In terms of co-op, we are focusing on a 2-player co-op through the single-player campaign, which can be played online with a friend, or split-screen on your couch."

He also offered a few details on the multiplayer experience: "In terms of multiplayer, we are planning a much more focused, progression-based multiplayer experience."

Also new to Resistance 3 will be upgradeable weapons, providing guns and the like with new abilities the more they are used.

A new trailer is expected to be shown at the VGAs this weekend. Analysis

In Resistance 2 an eight-player co-op specific mode was featured, taking place during a gap in the single-player timeline. This differed to the campaign co-op found in the first game, enabling two players to take on the Chimera using a split-screen.

Given the decision to opt for campaign co-op in the third game, we hope the campaign can improve on the lacklustre effort of the sequel.

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I think this is better personally as you can share the moments from the campaign with a friend etc. While I did like the co-op mode in r2 it did feel a bit pointless at times with no real direction why you need to do task A, B etc.

It does really seem like insomniac have looked at both resistance games and are trying to blend the best of both, welcome back weapon wheel ;)
Posted 11:21 on 08 December 2010


Yes, yes yes. Any news is good news about Resistance 3:

You know, unless it's cancelled

Or coming to Xbox...
Posted 09:40 on 08 December 2010

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