Resistance 3 screenshot
Resistance 3 screenshot

Insomniac head Ted Price has offered an explanation as to why the studio will no longer be working on the Resistance franchise.

In a video statement Price said he and the team had achieved what it wanted to with the franchise, and is now looking forward to its other projects such as OverStrike.

"I did want to confirm it, face to face, that we are not moving on with the Resistance franchise," said Price.

"We believe that Resistance has reached its logical conclusion in terms of the story that we wanted to tell. However, that doesn't mean the Resistance franchise isn't continuing; it's already in the capable hands of Nihilistic, and Sony's shepherding. We know that it will continue to live on and expand. And we're excited, as fanboys, to see where it goes."

Price also thanked the franchise's fans for their enthusiasm, comments and critiques, before looking forward to the studio's next big thing, OverStrike.

"We're very much looking forward to having you with us as we move onto other games such as Overstrike. So, thank you very much for your support," he concluded.

OverStrike is the studio's first multiplatform game and will be released by EA for Xbox 360 and PS3.

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Rickitis's Avatar


I think there is definatley some truth in that but if it had sold in huge numbers they would have made another. Sales of Resistance 3 really poor considering the amount of PS3s now sold:

Title | First Week Sales | PS3 Install Base at Release

Resistance 1 | 242,000 | 0 million (launch title)
Resistance 2 | 409,000 | 16 million
Resistance 3 | 274,000 | 53 million

Thats insanely poor first week sales and they didnt really improve, the game has also been heavily discounted since release. I hope they continue with Ratchet but I guess we will see.
Posted 17:01 on 28 January 2012
dudester's Avatar


I think its more Insomniac want anything they do from now to be multi platform they can't do that with resistance, they haven't said it yet but I think they done with ratchet as well.
Posted 01:22 on 28 January 2012
Rickitis's Avatar


The real reason is Resistance 3 didn't sell well at all, if it had we would have seen Resistance 4 for sure.
Posted 20:12 on 27 January 2012

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