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Sequel to Insomniac Games' alien invasion FPS.

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Boss battles like this one look impressive, but taking them down isn't as satisfying as it should be.
Boss battles like this one look impressive, but taking them down isn't as satisfying as it should be.

Boss battles like this one look impressive, but taking them down isn't as satisfying as it should be.

Resistance 2's campaign doesn't really get going properly until you reach Chicago, with a big chunk of the game prior to that being fairly tame and disappointing. It's almost as if different teams made a few levels each, as the quality varies so much. Had every level matched Chicago in terms of thrilling, tense gameplay and visually impressive set pieces, we'd have had a real contender on our hands. Chicago mixes adrenaline pumping sections against wave after wave of stampeding Chimera, impressive level design and the best visuals the game has to offer. It's a level that shows what Resistance could become and highlights just how weak other parts of the game are - and don't get us started on the final, incredibly underwhelming boss battle.

As we've already touched on, visually Resistance 2 is an incredibly mixed experience. At its best it stands up with the best on the PS3, with highly detailed characters and enemies, spectacular set pieces and a unique style. At other times levels look bare, textures are rough and clash with one another, the lighting appears flat and the environment seems to have been put together rather hastily. Some of the worst offenders are the large boss enemies you'll fight, with a few in particular not nearly detailed enough for what is thought to be the most powerful console on the market. Certain stages also suffer from pretty terrible aliasing, with jagged edges appearing all over the place. One level seemed to suffer from this in a rather extreme way, and also saw smoke popping into view and lighting switching so quickly it was as if a light switch had been flicked.

Thankfully the single-player campaign is just part of the package, with Resistance 2 also including a separate co-op campaign for up to eight players (two on a single system), complete with unique class-based gameplay, and competitive multiplayer for up to 60 players. The sixty player competitive play is well done, with players competing in squads at different locations on the map. This might seem like cheating slightly (at times it feels like you're playing in much smaller games), but Insomniac should still be applauded for offering something that rival first-person shooters don't even come close to. This objective-based Skirmish mode is joined by the usual suspects, online performance is good and leaderboards are there to keep track of how you compare with the rest of the world. is also available as a resource for all the stats you'd ever want, serving a similar purpose to for Halo 2 and 3.

Perhaps the most exciting and unique part of the game is the eight-player co-op, in which you choose from three classes (medic, solider and special ops) and level up your character as you progress. Encounters scale to who you're playing with (things won't be so tough if you're playing split-screen two-player co-op compared to a full eight-player co-op session) and objectives change from game to game, making this something you'll be able to come back to over and over again. All co-op games rely on teamwork, but here it's perhaps even more essential than usual. To succeed you'll need to make the most of each character class' abilities (thankfully you can change class at any point and not lose any progress you've made with your character).

Rather excellent multiplayer largely makes up for a disappointing campaign

Rather excellent multiplayer largely makes up for a disappointing campaign

In what is a similar set up to an RPG or MMO, you earn XP for kills, but you'll also earn it for doing what your character is designed for. Spec ops, for example, can re-supply soldiers with ammo, so doing this will earn XP, while medics will obviously earn XP for reviving fallen comrades. The more XP you earn, the better your ranking, and the more new weapons and Berserk powers you'll unlock. These Berserk powers play a vital role in the trickiest sections of the co-op campaign, in particular the medic's ring of health, that heals everyone that stands within the circular zone. Overall, co-op is a very different experience and, while not for everyone (especially those that wanted a more traditional co-op experience), is a brave move on Insomniac's part.

If you own a PS3 then there's no doubt that you should pick up Resistance 2. It's a solid FPS, with moments of brilliance and some top notch multiplayer modes. It isn't the system seller it could have been though. The campaign is the biggest offender, switching between mediocre and spectacular far too regularly, as does the presentation. The storyline and characters once again fall flat, with Insomniac failing to build anything to really care about into a sci-fi premise that has an awful lot of potential. There's plenty here to work with; we just hope Insomniac finally puts all the pieces together for the inevitable third game.

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safc's Avatar


this game is alright but it is not as good as any other shooter game ive played on, i didnt get resistance 1 but ive herd its better than R2. so if i had a choice to get my money back for the game i would do it.
Posted 09:40 on 11 February 2009
Triggerhappytel's Avatar

Triggerhappytel@ El-Dev

I've just read this, and have to say I think it's a pretty good review. I enjoyed the game but did think some people had overrated it a little - personally, I thought the single-player was probably worth a 7, and when combined with the multiplayer modes a score of 8/10 is pretty fair.

I like this game a lot and do intend on getting it soon, but some people just need to relax. No score is definitive; play it for yourself.
Posted 13:42 on 21 January 2009
rico_rico's Avatar


it will never and ever be as good as gears of war 2
Posted 13:27 on 21 January 2009
boomboombilly's Avatar
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How can u compare this to Halo??? Halo was only ever good because of it's ability to go online with 4 people on 1 console. I was jealous of the Xbox for having gears 2, but now that ive taken a look at res2, Ive gone from being jealous of Xbox owners to feeling sorry for them.
Posted 18:07 on 29 November 2008
Chris77A's Avatar


I thought you may have been a little over the top about the bad points, but its I agree wth everything. I think you maybe should have said more about the multiplayer, but still, perfect review really.
Posted 12:07 on 29 November 2008
Rolo18's Avatar
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As soon as I watched the final cut-scene of this game in the single player campaign all I could think was damn, I can't wait for Resistance 3! Multiplayer is so addictive. It's just such a damn shame that it has become so fashionable to hate on the PS3.
Posted 06:03 on 29 November 2008
TRBO RAD's Avatar
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Wow i can't believe this game got and 8 i don't own a PS3 and i haven't played R1 or R2 but just by looking at the game and seeing the preview on TV i would give it a 9 and i have heard nothing but positive things bout it but i have no plans on switchin to PS3 and Resistance when i have GOW2 and Xbox 360
Posted 06:10 on 28 November 2008
Wido's Avatar


I shall be getting Resistance 2 but after christmas say boxing day.

But the people who are moaning about the score at the end, and being a '8' is plain stupid and need to grow up. If the reviewer has reviewed the game at 8 then its got a 8 no question about it, if you want it to be a 9 or 10 then keep that thought in your head not blasting the reviewer as of not meeting your expectations.

Lack of respect.
Posted 09:16 on 26 November 2008
Raimond's Avatar


not a good review
Posted 01:17 on 24 November 2008
RecoN's Avatar


HammersUK hit the nail on the head. Well said mate. I got this game and am not dissapointed with it. Its better than the first. Beat the first game, playing the secound and well happy so far nuff said.
Posted 08:34 on 18 November 2008
ProjectPat's Avatar


Hell you don't even have the game at all. If you do I can record the match on my capture card, add me fanboy. KaiserSosate

You have some excuse, I mean I would say this is a sh*tty game if I played it on easy and couldn't keep up with the multiplayer. Gears 2 and Resistance 2 are not in the same setting. Gears is somwhere in the future, Resistance 2 is in the past. Both have aliens except the Chimera's are infecting others and killing while the Locusts are just killing off the entire planet to make it theirs again. Resistance came out in NOV 14 2006 while Gears came out in November 9, 2006. You fail at bringing the comparison in here. If anything both games are copies of past games. To Summarize both games are good if anything if you have both consoles you should get these games. Both Multiplayer games will last you for a long time, resistance 2's multiplayer will not disappoint nor will the 8 player co-op that has no lag. Karlius you try to compare both games because your biased opinions and fanboyism gets in the way of your ignorance.
Posted 22:16 on 12 November 2008
Karlius's Avatar


I love the people who comment before playing a game for me 8 is being generous. The first game was rubbish. The second not a lot better.
I have said before this game just ain't going anywhere. MGS4 got a 9 here as it doesn't play as well as others but is solid. Hence the 9.
LBP I believe should be a 10 too its awesome but saying that there are some ultra floors in the control/movement system maybe this is why it got a 9 here did seem to irritate.

To Summarise Sorry guys this game just isn't good. The reason I compare this to GOW2 as its a similar SETTING not GENRE I appologise if i confused. The atmosphere is nil compared to GEARS2. If i was to compare it on genre to HALO 3 it would fall even further short of the mark.
Posted 13:53 on 12 November 2008
Anonymous's Avatar
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Oke, its true, this site is an Xbotsite. Keep up the good work, xbots love this kind of rubbish reviews....Let me think...GoW2 scores a 10??
I look at sites like gamespot for reviews, not on crappy sites like this, this site is a joke.
Posted 13:02 on 12 November 2008
JediKnight's Avatar


Beat the first one...getting the second one...that simple.
Posted 05:47 on 12 November 2008
Kiroquai's Avatar


While I am at it, it has also occurred to me that Resistance was developed in California.
Posted 15:12 on 11 November 2008

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Resistance 2
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Resistance 2
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