Resistance 2 screenshot
Resistance 2 screenshot

Hardcore Resistance fans believe PS3 exclusive first-person shooter Resistance 2 "was a failure", according to developer Insomniac.

That's the stark admission from senior community manager James Stevenson, who told in a wide-ranging interview that long term fan feedback "weighed" on him.

Resistance 2, released in November 2008, managed impressive review scores. Tom gave it an 8/10 in his review, calling it "a solid FPS, with moments of brilliance and some top notch multiplayer modes". At the time of writing, the game's sitting pretty on an 87 Metacritic score.

For Insomniac, however, negative fan feedback suggested Resistance 2 didn't turn out as good as the US developer had hoped.

"Resistance 2 got better reviews than Resistance 1," said Stevenson. "But the long term fan feedback from that game weighed on me.

"The hardcore fans of Resistance 1 were maybe a little bit disappointed. Those folks consistently expressing that - especially GAF [NeoGAF] - it was like your dog turned on you," Stevenson explained.

"That's the feeling of it. You had this dog that loved you. You loved the dog, too, but they expressed all this affection for you. And then suddenly the dog bites your hand and it's that feeling of, ooh, ow, that really hurts.

"The critics loved Resistance 2. Some people didn't like it, but for the most part… And the Metacritic's higher than Resistance 1. So we got better reviews than Resistance 1, but the overall opinion of it is that it was a failure by fans, that Resistance 2 was a failure, because maybe the expectations were so high for it.

"But that weights on you more. We talk to journalists a lot but we deal with our fans every day - and when they are disappointed… Reviewers are playing lots of games. They're supposed to be critical.

"But the people who put their money down on our game, want to see our game be good and want to invest months of their time into our game, spend months of their time leading up to our game watching videos, reading about it, sending us questions, listening to our podcasts, investing hours and hours and being excited for our game, if they're disappointed then it hurts more than some reviewer being pissy about a game and giving it a seven, well, okay, whatever. I can move on from that. I can ignore that. But fans that are genuinely disappointed are a lot harder to cope with."

Were you disappointed with Resistance 2? Let us know in the comments section below.

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User Comments

thompo555's Avatar

thompo555@ CizzlesDrunk

Did you play the same game i played?
Posted 18:47 on 24 October 2009
CizzlesDrunk's Avatar


trust me, if Insomniac wants their HARDCORE RFoM fans to like them again, they better make R3 online multiplayer exactly like RFoM!!!!! as far as story mode goes we really dont care what they do with that because we didnt play RFoM for 2-3 years straight becuase of it, we played 3 years straight because of how PERFECT and COMPETITIVE the RFoM multiplayer was... in my opinion RFoM should be the blueprint on how to make an online multiplayer... and by the way i really hope they get rid of co-op because hardcore RFoM fans never liked that in R2 as well, and i really hope they dont use the same garbo graphics they did in R2... Insomniac went from being the best FPS devloper with so much respect and then they make R2 and lost it all... put it to you like this, Insomniac had a Ferrari in their garage with RFoM, but then next years model turned out to be a Ford Taurus
Posted 18:24 on 24 October 2009
spacedozer's Avatar


SPOILERS -- I love the resistance games, and there were many improvements in part 2; like the limit on how many guns you could carry (realism) and general quality of the weapons, the graphics, art design etc. Overall, I think these games are my favorite fps experience on a platform.

The things I found less enjoyable about part 2, however, was there didn't seem to be an epic battle field that was just insane-- the bigger areas seemed more scripted -- less like they were resolved by your cooperation with AI, so the replay was down. In part 1, the friendly AI seemed to make more of a difference on the battle field.

Also, the trial by death areas were less fun for me (platform bits, invisible enemy attacks), as it became more about linear memorization, and less about shooting.

Lastly, the main thing I disliked, was the similarity to the last stages of condemned 2, which give your character godlike supernatural powers. For the record, I didn't like that in condemned 2 either. While I appreciate the creative decision to do this, it seemed more original without this particular mechanic; and that specific ability didn't seem to be telegraphed story wise either, so it didn't seem to fit in with the mythology.

I did like the story twist at the end of R2 though- I think that was pretty ballsy to end it like that, and I will absolutely be back to check out what you do with the next installment on ps3.
Posted 16:42 on 24 October 2009


I say try to go more with real looking graphics and less cartoon like graphics.

I loved the games 1&2, but they need to take a look at KILLZONE 2, go with that engine for Resistance 3, INSOMNIAC and GURELLA GAMES are both major devs for Sony, its time for them to pull together.
Posted 14:21 on 24 October 2009
asapco's Avatar


I thought the game was fantastic. Loved the co-op. One of the few games I've played til platinum.

Don't beat yourself up James. You'll never make everyone happy.
Posted 13:56 on 24 October 2009
dudester's Avatar


Wido am not saying I didn't enjoy 2 I did but theres parts I loved from the 1st that went missing basically put the best parts of both games together and you prob have yourself a massive hit.
Posted 12:10 on 24 October 2009
vrc's Avatar


The sequel was a watered-down, casual-friendly version of the first. It also lost most of the grim atmosphere. That's really all it comes down to.
Posted 11:58 on 24 October 2009
Wido's Avatar


What a load of bollocks. Sorry but Resistance 2 was good. A lot better than the first Resistance and it has lefted me with some memorable piece of gaming.

Taking on the massive monster up on the city skycsrapers. Running through the towns from the folk which have turned chimera-fied with just your flashlight and choice of weapon.

I don't know who would compared this to Fall Of Man is a failure. Take the multiplayer side for example. Could you do a 8 man co-op, 60 man deathmatches? No you couldn't = major improvement and wasn't a failure in my eyes. I do agree that the narration of the game some what lacked potential and the planning on how they structured the game on how to set it out is questionable.

Im interested to see on what Insomniac do with R3 if there is ever going to be one.
Posted 11:00 on 24 October 2009
vciad's Avatar


I'd like to repeat what everyone else is saying. I was saddened that Resistance 2 ignored it successes and instead tried to copy the mechanics of CoD4. Admittedly, that's a good game and worthy of emulation, but I feel like Resistance was good enough that it didn't need to do that.

So, our fantastic weapon wheel, great health system etc, got replaced with lazy clones of the CoD systems. Not cool.

I would also like to say that they ruined the standard issue rifle in the game. It's hard to describe but in R1, the rifle was great, it left almost a vapor trail so you could really see where you were shooting. It was much more accurate and enjoyable to use. I have no idea why they changed it in R2, but now it's mostly useless. Please release a patch that gives us the weapon wheel and the good rifle back. Thanks!
Posted 06:22 on 24 October 2009
chaosbladez201's Avatar


They tried to make it something that it wasnt. Bad development choices led this game too fail in many fan's eyes. First of all getting rid of the weapon wheel and having a regenerating health system was a big failure. They should of just kept the health system from Resistance 1,because that was really a great health system that many other shooters should have. I am one of those who forked over $600 just to play resistance 1 and I loved every second of it. Me and my buddy played co-op and had a blast! Once again making the co-op in resistance 2 different from the single player campaign was also another fail.

I could go on and on, listing things that insomniac did wrong on resistance 2, but i rather have them listen to their fans for resistance 3. So that means bring back the weapon wheel, have resistance 1 health system, and make the single player campaign fully play able with another person in offline and online co-op.

PS: oh and please dont use resistance 2's graphics....they were pretty awful compared to the first game.

Posted 02:07 on 24 October 2009
George157's Avatar


I'm glad this subject finally came up. I got a bunch of flack from people posting for saying R2 was a little disappointing compared to the first one. I enjoyed R2 but it just seemed like just another average FPS except with very excellent graphics. I sold it right when I finished it. I don't have any plans to sell R1. The British narrative was great and hope they bring back the weapon wheel and health bars for R3.
Posted 00:39 on 24 October 2009
davidbanner's Avatar


I love the game and i think that it had quite a few things going for it like
1 story
2 gameplay
3 gunplay

These made the game work better than some of the other games out there i guess Insomniac have there bar raised high which is good but you cant dispelled that it a good game.
Posted 00:20 on 24 October 2009
djtek184's Avatar


change the frame rate to 60 fps!!!!!
Posted 22:02 on 23 October 2009
jakeistheman's Avatar


i loved the game but there were a few things missing, i hope R3 turns out good ill be getting it as soon as it comes out.(next year?)
Posted 21:58 on 23 October 2009
SWANN's Avatar


The only thing that I wished was that Nathan Hale would've continued the story. The story doesn't have to be in europe if the invasion is becoming a worldwide predicament. All & all the game was fine for me.
Posted 21:24 on 23 October 2009

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