Resident Evil 4 HD screenshot
Resident Evil 4 HD screenshot

A leaked Achievement list reveals that the HD remakes of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil: Code Veronica will both have 1000G worth of achievements.

XBLA games, of course, only have 200G. This means that rumours earlier in the year that Resident Evil 4 would be for 360 Games on Demand turned out to be true. As the pair are retail releases in Japan, Capcom is able to sidestep the usual 200G restrictions.

The remakes are heading to both Xbox Games on Demand and the PlayStation Store this autumn, complete with spruced up HD visuals and Achievement/Trophy support. Resident Evil 4 will also launch with the Separate Ways bonus content, which was originally included in the PlayStation 2 and Wii versions of the game.

The full list of achievements can be seen over at Xbox360Achievements.

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liltman's Avatar


Great, never really played this or code veronica so the HD remake will be good. I was going to buy them and play them then I found out they were being redone in HD so I decided to wait a bit :D
Posted 00:55 on 20 September 2011
K3RT's Avatar


Resi 4 is a must for me I loved that game just hope its not a rip off price.
Posted 09:31 on 11 July 2011
Woffls's Avatar


Does RE4 on PS3 have Move support? Because it worked really on Wii, and it would be a shame to miss the opportunity. Not that I'd buy it again, or buy Move, but it'd be worth implementing.
Posted 18:26 on 08 July 2011

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