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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Ultimate Edition screenshot
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Ultimate Edition screenshot

EA has announced that Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition will be released for PS3 in March 2009.

The PlayStation 3 missed out on the latest instalment in the award-winning RTS series last year, but EA is hoping to make up for this with a host of new content that will be packed onto the Blu-ray game disc.

The Ultimate Edition will feature everything from last year's game, plus the following content:

- Five exciting new multiplayer maps
- Behind the scenes videos and trailers, including Raising the Iron Curtain Documentary, From Pens to Pixels, the Girls of Red Alert 3, Bloopers & Outtakes, the Red Alert 3 Remix and many more!
- PS3 exclusive Command & Conquer TV programming, including PS3-dedicated BattleCast PrimeTime and a special episode of Command School focused on tips, tricks and strategies from the development team
- In-depth profiles on all the Red Alert 3 Units
- The official Red Alert 3 soundtrack

David Seeholzer, Development Director at EA Los Angeles noted that the extra development time has allowed the team to create the ultimate console RTS.

"The PS3 is a very powerful platform, and the extra time we have had in development has helped us create the ultimate console RTS experience, with better graphics, improved performance, a ton of extras and some nice exclusive perks that cannot be found on any other version of Red Alert 3," said Seeholzer.

Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition is scheduled for release in March 2009 for PS3.

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User Comments

dudester's Avatar


Yes they work, ut3 on ps3 has k n m support it just down to whether the developer wants to include it with their game.

Meh epic fail for me then I don't really like command and conquer games anyway. :)
Posted 21:48 on 21 January 2009
RecoN's Avatar


LOL I doubt it, but saying that usb keyborad does work in chat, so it could be possible if the devs think about multimedia support for players. As for a mouse, does a usb mouse wotk as i never thought to try?
Posted 21:26 on 21 January 2009
dudester's Avatar


1 question does it have mouse and key support?
Posted 18:32 on 21 January 2009


But you have a point when you say Sony could have paid, it's basically what MS are doing to secure some extra content and even full developers, so the only way for Sony to keep up (or catch up really) is to throw money at the developers for extra content and even exclusive titles.
Posted 18:27 on 21 January 2009
Triggerhappytel's Avatar

Triggerhappytel@ ghostdog13

But it's not down to Sony to include extra content with a game like this - it's EA's decision. The only way Sony would have a hand in this kind of thing is if they paid for exclusive content, which I doubt is the case here. Besides, C&C isn't really that big a franchise any more - especially on consoles - so I'll be surprised if sales figures of this are more than moderate.
Posted 16:51 on 21 January 2009
ghostdog13's Avatar


I think this is what Sony have to do, to increase the value of his games. If all the PS3 games are in Blue Ray Disc, that have more storage capacity that a standar DVD, they MUST have extra contents like videos, interviews, making of and sound track. With these extra features the multi plataform games will become more appealing in the PS3.
Posted 16:42 on 21 January 2009
Triggerhappytel's Avatar


Cool, I might check this out. I like a good strategy every now and then; have been meaning to pick one up for my PS3 for a while.
Posted 15:14 on 21 January 2009

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