Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Ultimate Edition Articles for PS3

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Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances now live

EA has officially launched Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances, a free-to-play MMO spin-off of the long-running (and now rather troubled) RTS series.

5 Publish date May 25 2012

Command & Conquer given a new digital model

Plans in place to 're-ignite the fan base' for the franchise.

Publish date Nov 18 2009

RA3 demo incoming for PS3

Development director says gamers won't be disappointed.

Publish date Mar 10 2009

RA3 on PS3 gets better water

The power of the PS3 has afforded some 'extra luxuries'.

11 Publish date Feb 4 2009

EA confirms Red Alert 3 for PS3

Ultimate Edition to be released with bonus content in March.

7 Publish date Jan 21 2009

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Ultimate Edition Preview

Piracy, console controls and what's going on with the PS3 version.

Publish date Nov 6 2008

PC piracy is a 'huge concern' warns Red Alert 3 dev

'If gamers have a reason to buy a game, they'll buy it', says producer.

18 Publish date Nov 5 2008

EA talks Red Alert 3 expansion plans

Looking at providing 'portions' of content instead of a 'traditional, massive' expansion pack.

28 Publish date Nov 4 2008

EA: PS3 Red Alert 3 back on

Promises to 'do some really cool things' with 1080p resolution and extra Blu-Ray space.

14 Publish date Nov 4 2008

Gemma Atkinson: I'd do a Hollyoaks game

Wants zombies to invade Hollyoaks Community College with Max and O.B. as baddies.

20 Publish date Oct 31 2008

Command & Conquer FPS Tiberium axed

Wasn't coming together well enough to meet quality expectations.

1 Publish date Oct 1 2008

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Developer: EALA
Publisher: Electronic Arts
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Rating: BBFC 12
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