Rayman Legends screenshot
Rayman Legends screenshot

Rayman Legends, originally planned for release at the launch of the Wii U will now be released in early September, Ubisoft has announced.

In addition, the game is no longer a Wii U exclusive and is to be released for Xbox 360 and PS3. All versions will be released in early September.

The new versions are being developed by Ubisoft Montpellier, the same team behind the Wii U version.

"We heard from many Xbox & PlayStation owners and Rayman fans who told us they really wanted to play Rayman Legends on their current system," said Geoffroy Sardin, EMEA chief marketing & sales officer. "We decided to give the fans what they wanted while at the same time broadening the audience exposed to this innovative and memorable game."

VideoGamer.com Analysis

This is not only a kick in the teeth for Wii U owners who may have purchased the console on the understanding Legends was a Wii U only game, but it also shows a major lack of confidence in Nintendo's new console by Ubisoft.

Source: Press release

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dav2612's Avatar


Sounds like this decision makes as much sense as thje decisions managers in my company make.

Hopefully the game comes to the Vita at some point too.
Posted 10:35 on 08 February 2013


The developers have come out and said the game was already completed and ready to launch. They're upset by the decision.

So are a lot of gamers by the looks of the Ubisoft Facebook page. It doesn't make for comfortable reading.

Ubi have said that they wanted to launch all versions together as staggered releases rarely do well, but they should have released the Wii U version, waited for reviews and good sales, THEN announced the other formats.
Posted 10:17 on 08 February 2013
Wido's Avatar


Like I said in the Ninja Gaiden news article. The Wii U has been hit hard with this title and NG, because of turning into a multi-platform release. You would easily guess Razors Edge to end up on the PS3 and Xbox, but so quickly is what has surprised me.

I wonder if the Rayman Legends demo will be taken off the eShop? I bet it was near completion for the Wii U, though I suppose it will give them extra time to polish the game as best as possible. GTA V will easily dwarf its sale figs, so I guess a late push come this Christmas for better sales.
Posted 08:04 on 08 February 2013


Yep, not a great plan. It's a shame, Ubi have done so well over the last year and have brought out some really good games recently (maybe not as good as some people hoped they would be, but still AAA titles).

Having played the demo, I don't think that it's down to having a bad title on their hands, just that they got greedy when they saw the demand from 360 and PS3 gamers.
Posted 20:56 on 07 February 2013
Marink's Avatar


Instead of releasing a pretty entertaining looking game in a time when the Wii U needs games, Ubisoft decides to release it in the same month as GTA V, with other big titles around that time of the year. Not such a bright move guys.
Posted 20:49 on 07 February 2013
CheekyLee's Avatar

CheekyLee@ MJTH

This doesn't bode well for the game at all, to be honest. If it was any good, they would surely just release now, maximising sales on a system where owners are quite desperate for new titles. Collect 6 months worth of great review quotes for the XBox and PS3 release, and possibly even sell 2nd copies to owners of multiple systems. Games always sell best in week 1, and they have just denied themselves what would effectively be a second week 1.

Instead, this smacks of damage limitation by Ubi. They have a pig on their hands, and want to stop negative word-of-mouth from destroying any chance of profitability.
Posted 19:52 on 07 February 2013
MJTH's Avatar


Couldn't they just release this game on it's March release date and then give the 360 and PS3 ports time later. I don't even care it's no longer exclusive. It's the fact that's been delayed 6 months, when the Wii U version is, most likely, near enough complete already. That extra 6 months is to facilitate the other platform releases, not a Wii U release...
Posted 17:07 on 07 February 2013

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