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Prey 2 screenshot
Prey 2 screenshot

Word on the Internet street (okay, NeoGAF) is that Prey 2 has been cancelled by publisher Bethesda.

Dutch site PSFocus claims to have heard the news from an inside source, and says that Bethesda will make the cancellation official this week.

A GDC presentation for the game was cancelled last month.

"Yes, Zenimax forced us to pull all Prey 2 related talks from GDC. I'm pretty devastated by the news. This was to be my first [conference] talk," said lead programmer Brian Karis on Twitter.

The game was scheduled to be released in 2012 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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User Comments

Bloodstorm's Avatar


Yea, you know steam sales, notoriously cheap.
Posted 01:08 on 28 March 2012
p0rtalthinker's Avatar


Damn. I really hope this is just mere speculation. I was looking forward to this game! Have never played the original, but from the looks of it it didn't sound anything like the original anyways.

@bloodstorm: wasn't aware it was on Steam. Tried searching for it now and nothing shows up.
Posted 18:44 on 27 March 2012
dudester's Avatar

dudester@ Bloodstorm

Damn those key fairies not digitally quick enough!
Posted 17:57 on 27 March 2012
Bloodstorm's Avatar


It was really under-rated, it was......different from your generic FPS.

When Prey was on sale on Steam they sold out of keys in an hour, yes, something DOES sell out in Steam.
Posted 14:11 on 27 March 2012
CheekyLee's Avatar

CheekyLee@ draytone

I remember seeing it at 99p in Gamestation, with copies literally lining the shelves. It sold really poorly on 360, may have done a little better on PC. And it's a shame, because the game itself was actually better than its reputation led people to believe. Certainly one of the most under-rated titles of the last few years.
Posted 12:59 on 27 March 2012
draytone's Avatar


It looked pretty promising, the teaser trailer that I saw looked good. I didn't play the first one and not sure how well it sold.
Posted 12:51 on 27 March 2012
s_h_a_d_o's Avatar


Word is, Bethesda will be making an official statement sometime this week.
I'm hoping this is merely an early April Fool's joke (in very poor taste).
Posted 21:11 on 26 March 2012

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