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Overstrike screenshot
Overstrike screenshot

Insomniac may be planning on re-revealing Overstrike at Gamescom this August, according to hints dropped by EA Labels head Frank Gibeau.

"We're very excited about Overstrike", Gibeau said when asked by CVG why Insomniac's upcoming FPS missed E3.

"It's a new IP and we want to make it the right game, so they're taking some extra time to nail the gameplay and the quality.

"It felt like we would stand out better later in the summer once we've hit some key milestones and we're able to show off more," he added.

Insomniac officially announced Overstrike during last year's E3, but the game has been in hiding ever since.

The game is said to be a four-player co-operative shooter set in the near future, following a team of agents known as the Overstrike 9 as they crack into secret enemy organisations.

All we've seen of it, though, is a CGI teaser trailer, which you can catch below.

Overstrike's release - whenever it might be - will mark the first time Insomniac has launched a multi-platform game.

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