Overlord II: Dev Diary 5

Making the game funny.

Publish date Jun 25 2009

Overlord II: Career in Overlording Trailer

Take a look at this if you fancy a career change.

Publish date Jun 8 2009

Overlord II: Controlling One's Minions Trailer

Browns, Reds, Greens and Blues explained.

Publish date Jun 3 2009

Overlord II: Dev Diary 2: Minions

An overview and background on the little helpers.

Publish date May 21 2009

Overlord II: Evil Creatures Trailer

Happy to kill just about anything.

Publish date May 21 2009

Overlord II: Minions Trailer

Little helpers to carry out your every desire.

Publish date May 1 2009

Overlord II: Dev Diary

Introducing the new Overlord.

Publish date Mar 18 2009

Overlord II Trailer

Even a loveable snow seal isn't safe from the Overlord.

Publish date Feb 20 2009

Game Stats

Release Date: 26/06/2009
Developer: Triumph Studios
Publisher: Codemasters
Genre: Adventure
No. Players: One
Rating: PEGI 16+
Site Rank: 1,605 126
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