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A blend of augmented reality and motion gaming.

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Start The Party screenshot
Start The Party screenshot

Animal lovers will want to save all the chicks then can in Blown Away. An electric fan must be used to blow falling chicks into the safety of nests on either side of the screen. Get too close to them, though, and those blades with give the cute creatures a nasty surprise. Finally there's Spooky Shootout. Here the screen is black apart from the light shining from your torch. Illuminate the ghosts and zap them to score points. Both work well.

These nine games are joined by a number of tiny micro games, such as bouncing a ball into a net, ringing a bell to wake up a bird and waving a white flag to surrender. None of these are as complex as the main nine, and are more similar in style to the type of games seen in the WarioWare series.

When played alone you can either tackle each of the main nine games or try to last as long as possible in Survival mode, but the game should be played with friends if possible. Up to four players can take it in turns to compete against each other, with the multiplayer party modes throwing in a variety of round types that hand out vital stars for the best performer or overall winner, and in one particularly nasty round, stars taken from rivals. A fun twist on the point scoring is that the earned stars translate into time for the final round, meaning whoever scores the most in the decider wins overall.

To add a bit of joking around into the mix, at various points you're given the opportunity to modify an opponent's picture or sound. Before the start of a multiplayer session you have a picture taken and record your player name, but by doodling over the picture and recording a new sound, you might end a game looking and sounding completely different. This definitely goes down well with kids, and adults keen to humiliate their friends.

Start the Party is a simplistic looking game, but the way your tool for each mini-game is mapped over the Move controller on the TV screen is extremely cool and something that will take a while to become blasé about. Looking at yourself carrying a torch or electric shaver on the screen, when you know you're not actually holding one is one of the neatest visual effects the game has going for it. If it weren't for the often annoying voice over man, Start the Party would have nailed the kind of presentation needed for a family title.

While the games on offer here aren't entirely original and seem like extensions of what we saw in EyeToy games over the years, there's no question that with the right crowd they're good fun. Start the Party's problem is that at £30 the content on offer feels too slight and the fun will start to run out a lot sooner than you'd like.

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Stegosaurus-Guy-II's Avatar


Lack of games

No surprise there seeing as it's on the PS3.
Posted 10:16 on 01 September 2010

renegade@ pblive

I guess it has to have something to launch with. It will be cool once the Heavy rain and Res 5 patch come out. Im going to hold out maybe a month or two see if any one announces any sweet games (looks at Red Steel and Madworld)
Posted 10:15 on 01 September 2010


Not really a brilliant start to Move's software line-up then? Hopefully some of the other titles will fare better.
Posted 10:11 on 01 September 2010

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Start The Party
Out of 10
Start The Party
  • Move controls work well
  • Easy to pick-up and play
  • Feels a bit too much like EyeToy
  • Lack of games
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Release Date: 17/09/2010
Platform: PS3
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Genre: Mini-game collection
Rating: PEGI 3+
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