MotorStorm for PS3

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Off-road racing on the PlayStation 3. Score:


Our Verdict: MotorStorm is a launch title in every sense of term, but it's still one of the deepest launch titles for the PlayStation 3 and a great game to show off the system's power.

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MotorStorm on PS4? 'Maybe in the future,' says Evolution

Studio's focus remains on DriveClub for the time being.

Publish date Jul 9

PS4 architect explains PS3's 'weak' launch and 'primitive development environment'

And how Sony revised its attitude for PlayStation 4.

Publish date Jun 27 2013

Evolution could return to MotorStorm in the future

Future MotorStorm sequels still possible, Evolution suggests, despite focus on DriveClub.

Publish date Feb 25 2013

Motorstorm developer teases new game reveal at PlayStation 4 event

Is Motorstorm set for a sequel or will Evolution bring a new IP to the next generation PlayStation?

1 Publish date Feb 11 2013

MotorStorm 3 has less jungle, more apocalypse?

Off-screen images of what's claimed to be the next title in the off-road racing franchise.

9 Publish date Jun 7 2010

Sony registers MotorStorm 3 domain

Currently redirects visitors to the official PlayStation website.

2 Publish date Feb 22 2010

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Motorstorm developer teases new game reveal at PlayStation 4 event in Article Comments

munkee's Avatar

Killzone and Motorstorm set for potential launch titles.. Nice. I hope there's a ultra-flashy Ridge Racer lined up, too

by munkee

MotorStorm 3 has less jungle, more apocalypse? in Article Comments

omfg-bbq's Avatar

I forgot motorstorm even existed a bit like a un-wanted child compared to GT5

Game Stats

Release Date: 23/03/2007
Developer: Evolution Studios
Publisher: Sony
Genre: Racing
No. Players: 1-12
Rating: PEGI 12+
Site Rank: 7,196 85
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