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MotoGP 09/10 Review for PS3

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Official game based on the MotoGP championship.

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7Out of 10
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Online racing for up to 20 players is a great feature
Online racing for up to 20 players is a great feature

Online racing for up to 20 players is a great feature

The career mode, and MotoGP 09/10 in general suffers from being a bit bland. There's a real lack of spark here, and it's not until you unlock the lighting fast 800cc series that things really start to take off. Initially the sense of speed on the track isn't that great, and the out of race menus (not helped by a terrible voice over) are dull in the extreme. The game just lacks the cool quality of games like Forza 3, GRID and DIRT 2, and doesn't have the involving, thrilling racing of Need for Speed: Shift. This is somewhat alleviated once you're screaming around Donington, holding onto your controller for dear life, but there's no denying the game needed something more to make it less po-faced.

What we have here is a game that ticks the right boxes, but doesn't add any new ones. The second chance, rewind and try that corner again feature is present and correct, but the implementation here isn't anything we haven't seen before. Mid-race on the fly objectives might seem a neat addition, but don't add as much to the experience as you might think, especially when you're already focussed 100 per cent on making your way through the pack.

The Arcade mode, which returns to the classic time counting down mechanic seen in the likes of Ridge Racer and SEGA Rally, is by far the best extra feature the game has to offer. Here you're challenged you to finish races while earning extra time for impressive riding, but it's not a mode that will appeal to anyone who doesn't already like the standard career mode. It's a fun alternative, but not something that will bring in casual bike fans. Had the arcade mode featured a selection of fantasy tracks (similar to what the THQ/Climax series included), the entire package would have suddenly had a much broader appeal.

Elsewhere there's the expected time trial mode, compete with downloadable ghost laps for the best riders, online leaderboards so you can see how well you're doing compared to the best in the world, and multiplayer support via two-player split-screen and online. Online races, playable in both standard and arcade varieties, can handle up to 20 players, which is pretty impressive. I wasn't able to get online, but if 20-player online racing is lag-free, bike fans have something to be excited about. Assuming you can get together a similar group of players there's no reason MotoGP 09/10 couldn't be great fun online, and if you're worried about griefers, collisions can be turned off.

Weather effects are quite smart

Weather effects are quite smart

In-game visuals are pretty solid, but the lighting gives the game a washed out appearance at times, and collisions and crashes aren't at all believable. It all runs at a smooth frame rate though, the sense of speed is great in the 800cc bikes, and the weather effects are fairly impressive. There's just nothing to get all that excited about. Bikes sound a bit underpowered, and the soundtrack is suitably adrenaline pumping with some recognisable tunes, but no one's going to spot you playing MotoGP 09/10 and hang around to watch for a while.

If you don't have a big interest in bikes or MotoGP, this isn't for you. There's nothing here for casual bike fans or anyone who might be on the look out for something accessible in the bike racing genre. It's an incredibly solid package, though, and one that fans will get a lot out of. The career mode is perfectly functional and offers more than just racing for championship points, while the online functionality allows for mammoth 20-player races. And remember, you're getting next season's data too, which Capcom deserves a pat on the back for.

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TJP75's Avatar


Excellent review and a score indicative of the game.

Nailed the lack of decent bike physics as MotoGP should appeal to the "hardcore" fan and not the casual market! Casual gamers couldn't care less about motorcycling games, no matter how easy they might be to play.

It should be pointed out the gameplay problem lay with Capcom and not Monumental. Milestone made MotoGP '08, which was heavily based on the SBK 08 game, with dumbed down bike setup options and easier physics model (although simulation was just as hard as SBK '08). '08 sold in greater numbers than either of the Black Rock (aka Climax) made MotoGP '06 and '07 and Milestone got the boot and were replaced with Monumental who've made an even more arcade game and sales have been less than stellar.

Reading the comments on Capcom Europe and Capcom-Unity forums, it is clear most gamers aren't overly enamoured with '09/'10 - the developers fled to the easier going XBL Addicts forum.

Dorna should do to Capcom what Codemasters have been made to do by Bernie nand his F1 minions and that is make a decent GP simulation.
Posted 06:55 on 12 May 2010

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MotoGP 09/10
Out of 10
MotoGP 09/10
  • Two seasons in one game
  • Career mode is decent
  • Lacks spark
  • Not a proper sim but still no casual appeal
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Release Date: 19/03/2010
Platforms: PS3 , Xbox 360
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Publisher: Capcom
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Rating: PEGI 3+
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