Mortal Kombat screenshot
Mortal Kombat screenshot

Warner Bros. has announced that Rain will be coming to Mortal Kombat via DLC on July 19. The purple-dressed ninja originally appeared in the console version of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3.

According to Mortal Kombat lore, Rain is half god, and as such is able to control rain and lightning. This gives him a series of distinctive special moves that use these weather conditions.

Rain will set you back 400 Microsoft Points on Xbox 360 and £3.19 on PS3. If you've bought the Mortal Kombat season pass for Xbox 360 (priced 1200 Microsoft Points) Rain will be yours at no extra cost and you'll get the other three DLC characters: Skarlet and Kenshi are already out, while the final character is still to be revealed.

We rather liked Mortal Kombat on its release in April, awarding it 8/10 in our Mortal Kombat review.

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Clockpunk's Avatar

Clockpunk@ Bloodstorm

Aye - a mandatory download, separate the online community accordingly, or allow a greater degre of flexibility in choosing opponents. You would have thought funky free new skins would encourage all who own the game to get them, but I forget how stupid 'people' are... :p

Hopefully NetherRealm Studios will learn for future MK titles.
Posted 10:13 on 13 July 2011
Bloodstorm's Avatar


I wish they'd make the compatibility packs mandatory, not optional, it's rare to find anyone who owns one never mind them all.
Posted 02:04 on 13 July 2011
Clockpunk's Avatar

Clockpunk@ Wido

Those klassic skins (2 per compatability update/new character, NOT the preorder bonuses) are free anyways, though...
Posted 23:41 on 12 July 2011
Wido's Avatar

Wido@ pblive

Including Klassic Skins which are free. You add it up, you are saving with the Mortal Kombat pass.
Posted 23:38 on 12 July 2011


But that's 1200 points for just 4 characters.
Posted 23:24 on 12 July 2011
Wido's Avatar

Wido@ pblive

Always get the Mortal Kombat pass for 360, as all the DLC comes free in a sense. It's only available for a short while as well on the 360, so it's worth it.
Posted 23:13 on 12 July 2011


The one thing that bothers me is the price. Seems like an awful lot for characters, great as they are.
Posted 21:31 on 12 July 2011
Clockpunk's Avatar


Very happy with every addition to the roster thus far - can't wait to see what the future holds!

Also, regarding the Classic Costumes to be released with Rain, Boon has hinted with the cryptic 'blueberry and lime'. Thus far, a few clued up afficienados of the series take this to possibly mean Cage/Stryker (with backwards cap!) and Green Leotard wearing Sonja.

Posted 17:15 on 12 July 2011
Wido's Avatar


After watching Rain's debut trailer. I'm completely looking forward to be using the character, as the trailer shows just how menacing he his!
Posted 10:55 on 12 July 2011

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