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If you're a fan of both Mortal Kombat and the Nightmare on Elm St franchise, today your dream is about to come true: Freddy Krueger has been announced as the latest DLC character for NetherRealm Studios' fighter.

The announcement trailer showcases Freddy's evil abilities. Unsurprisingly, many of his special attacks involve his claw hand. His Fatalities look particularly entertaining - one sees old burn-face tossing his opponent into a rusty old furnace.

Sadly there's no option to murder a young Johnny Depp by sucking him into a bed, however.

Freddy will be available on August 9 and is the fourth DLC character for the game. Expect him to cost £3.19 or 400 Microsoft Points, depending on your platform.

I scored Mortal Kombat an 8 in my review earlier this year. "Mortal Kombat feels like the return of an old friend - a thoroughly unhinged friend, but one we're delighted to have back."

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reynoldio's Avatar


Pinhead would be amazing! I know there are mixed opinions but this has guaranteed my purchase - been tempted by MK for a while and Kratos was one of the reasons. I think it's exciting to see what they can do with new characters and Freddy's glove (ONE GLOVE!) and maybe Jason's machete could be very well used.

Nightmare on Elm Street is a great film. The first two sequels have some merit but are nowhere near as good as the original. After that? Rather poor, but the first is genuinely excellent.
Posted 09:23 on 23 July 2011
87Sarah's Avatar


ha ha! i shan't be watching it any time soon anyway. :)
Posted 06:46 on 23 July 2011
guyderman's Avatar

guyderman@ Bloodstorm

Difference of opinion my friend..... but it is a great film! :p
Posted 15:15 on 22 July 2011
Bloodstorm's Avatar


It really isn't...unless you count it as "so bad it's good".
Posted 15:07 on 22 July 2011
guyderman's Avatar

guyderman@ Wido

The first one is a GREAT film!
Posted 14:57 on 22 July 2011
Wido's Avatar

Wido@ 87Sarah

:D No worries, they aren't the greatest of films to be honest, so you isn't missing out on much!
Posted 14:42 on 22 July 2011
87Sarah's Avatar


Oh :s I've never seen Halloween, my bad. :)
Posted 14:38 on 22 July 2011
Wido's Avatar

Wido@ 87Sarah

Mike Myers as in Halloween.
Posted 14:36 on 22 July 2011
87Sarah's Avatar


oooh Chucky...
Mike Myers was a villain? (Oh yeah of course, he was Dr Evil!) It would be funny to have a bit if Austin Powers throwing some shapes... I mean moves in MK.
Posted 14:27 on 22 July 2011
Clockpunk's Avatar


I'll reserve judgement until I've played him - his moves look interesting. But those fatalities don't, from what the teaser trailer shows.

As I discuss on the other thread in General, I can see why NR might be saving most of their character roster for the next game in the series, which has been confirmed as being worked on, but... I don't know. If it uses the same engine and netcode, I would be happy. But then one could justify the cross-compatability of games, which I am sure would open up a whoooole lot of trouble.

I half wish Boon et al would have created an extension of the story, with a couple new stages included and 4-6 MK characters released as one big package, as a side-story. That would have been a good piece of additional content.
Posted 12:36 on 22 July 2011
guyderman's Avatar


I think he looks pretty cool - just a good bit of fun which is part of the purpose of DLC. I want to see a little bad ass Chucky next!
Posted 11:58 on 22 July 2011
Wido's Avatar


A dream come true?! Bloody disaster if you ask me. I do have the MK Online pass, so I will be getting Krueger. I just wanted more MK characters to enter the game, but with Krueger... You might as well throw in Jason, Mike Myers and a load more horror villians to the game.

Rather disappointed.
Posted 10:32 on 22 July 2011

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