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Mirror's Edge screenshot

A ‘small team’ is working on Mirror’s Edge 2, EA has confirmed.

Speaking to VideoGamer.com at E3, the outspoken Patrick Soderlund, who as senior vice president at EA Games Europe oversees all European game development, said he was “excited” by what developer DICE, where he is based, will do with the game.

Mirror’s Edge divided opinion on its release in November 2008. While fans applauded the innovative Parkour-inspired first-person action, critics slammed the game for its short length and poor storyline.

When asked for an update on the future of the IP, Soderlund told us: “Mirror’s Edge was a risky move. It was a bold move, a very innovative and inspiring move. The game wasn’t perfect by any means. We would have liked the game to sell better even though the game has sold better than most people think.”

He added: “You will see another Mirror’s Edge for sure. It’s just a matter of when that time is and what we do with it. We have a small team on it and I’m excited about what we do.”

Soderlund’s comments are the first confirmation that a sequel is in development. Up to this point the game had only been mentioned by EA as a title in consideration. During a December 2008 conference call EA CEO John Riccitiello assured fans that the company wasn’t giving up on the IP, despite less than stellar sales.

As reported by Edge, Riccitiello said: "Mirror's Edge is one that was very strongly reviewed, that one's going to go forward. We're probably going to look into some issues around the design to make sure strong IP is married with strong business."

Unfortunately Soderlund couldn't offer any other details or a possible release date on the game.

What would you like to see from Mirror’s Edge 2? Let us know in the comments section below.

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FR3SHGamer's Avatar


What I would want to see in Mirror's Edge 2 is Co-op, and multiplayer, and a different story for co-op. And for the other person playing, it should be Faith AND a guy. Also I would like to free roam. That you can see the whole city. And I would also want to see a LONGER story. Because most people and ME (I mean ME not Mirror's Edge) think that the story is short. Besides I've beat the game less then 9 hours. (6 hours to be exact)
Posted 23:59 on 29 June 2009

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Whitehead's Avatar

Whitehead@ LoggleO_O

I like the idea of adding vehicles. because that would give the developers more of a reason for making it an open world game. But I'm worried that may take away from the experience. maybe if they made it to where vehicles isolated your location to the bad guys so there is more of an incentive for free running (like in gta5 when you get 5 stars) but for the most part I think adding them would take away from the free running.
Posted 02:45 on 09 December 2013
Whitehead's Avatar


I think they should focus on the Diversity that the original game brings when considering multiplayer. Infact I had an Idea for a multiplayer mode. Think of capture the flag but instead of a flag your obtaining an objective. There are 7 other players and you are all set in a small open world map. you each are pinned with the task of getting to the the objective first, however there are enemy AI just like those in the campaign. You don't have to fight other players but you are rewarded for putting up a fight. the goal of this game mode is to simply outlast the other players while collecting the objective whether it be intel or some sort of package. Players will be allowed to carry one pistol with one magazine and can collect ammo and weapons off of eachother. each round will last about 10-15 minutes. Feedback?
Posted 02:39 on 09 December 2013
KMcCaffrey's Avatar


I would like to see a character creation and customization, the story line can form around the choices the player makes ( sparring lives, siding with people etc.). I would also like to see, and i'm sure many others would, a longer and better quality storyline. Also a co-op storyline aswell as the single player one. Multiplayer game modes such as: capture the bag, rooftop race, run and gun etc. Also, enviromental interaction. Alternate routes and a free roam would be a sweet bonus.
Posted 05:50 on 10 July 2012
LoggleO_O's Avatar


I would like to see 100% of improvements :
+ Better Story
+ Better visual looking and graphic designs
+ Faith will not the only option to be protagonist :3 (characters selection)
+ More cooler parkour moves and more actions like a stunt man.
+ Able to drive vehicles like cars or bikes and or even air vehicles. (not always, but needs)
+ Able to use tools or gadgets for break-in, hacking, fixing, etc.
----------Thats all I can share----------
Posted 09:24 on 19 March 2012
Aleafe's Avatar


Free mode
map creator
multplayer races
ability to get to the ground
Posted 00:12 on 16 May 2011
alexwoolums1234's Avatar


i would like to see races and battles from police and runners online. With new maps and levels to add on for later usage! :)
Posted 22:02 on 20 April 2011
thespeedtapper4's Avatar


i hope that mirrors edge 2 is when you beat the game you get to go free roaming the world free running style and not like the other one where you beat the game and thats it but im not saying that i dont like the first one i just think you should of put free roam at the end kinda like grand theft auto but keep the first person view if you do decide to make it free roam thank you.
Posted 03:24 on 20 April 2011
rime187's Avatar


me 2 has been canceled :(
Posted 18:47 on 17 February 2011
doomed89's Avatar


any news yet
Posted 02:00 on 05 February 2011
Blackreaper's Avatar


I would like it if I could creat my own character you know. Like character custimization and all. But make him/her look like I want 'em to. And 3rd person and 1st person should be options. Maybe you could have a choice of make your own character or play as Faith. If you make your own character you work under Faith, if you play as Faith, well I think you know. Anyways that's what I think should be in there, if not it's ok, I will still play the game, oh and have like a online free roam type thing like in red dead redemtion or GTA4 you know. That would be cool, have it like were you can do missions with people during free roam as well. Just a thought.
Posted 07:52 on 30 January 2011
divinedeath's Avatar


It would be sick if when your in a time trial and was able to do a play back like in a movie or a youtube video.(that's how the play back should be if they decide to do it)
Posted 17:16 on 04 January 2011
rime187's Avatar


i would like to see the release date
Posted 22:28 on 03 January 2011
GeNeCyDe1993's Avatar

GeNeCyDe1993@ thompo555

Posted 21:03 on 30 December 2010
thompo555's Avatar


Is this thread still going?!
Posted 20:32 on 30 December 2010
mafyoc's Avatar


I think the thing i would like to see the most is free roam, and not on just the roof tops but also through the streets as well, and then take that further by making the free roam multiplayer, then i would definatly by mirrors edge 2.
Posted 20:11 on 30 December 2010

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