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Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots screenshot
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots screenshot

Free London newspaper Metro has given critically acclaimed PS3 exclusive Metal Gear Solid 4 a paltry three stars out of five, slamming the "utterly overblown" plot and gameplay that "somehow manages to be both rubbish and exceptional at the same time".

Metro, which is given out free to mainly London-based commuters every morning, said of Kojima's epic: "Solid Snake is back, older, wiser but unfortunately, if gameplay is anything to go by, more arthritic and boring."

We can't imagine Konami will be pleased by the review. Equating each star out of five to two points on an out of 10 scale, Metro has awarded the game a six out of 10, which is the lowest MGS4 review score we've seen so far. According to certified distribution figures from ABC, Metro is read by 1.3 million readers across the UK every day.

The review, which isn't on Metro's website at the time of writing, says in full: "Solid Snake is back, older, wiser, but unfortunately, if gameplay is anything to go by, more arthritic and boring. In truth, the MGS series has always been rather unfathomable - a fanboy favourite that mystifies and inspires in equal measure. The plot is so utterly overblown that it's pointless delving too deep - imagine an art house remake of a Jean Claude Van Damme movie (there's a twin brother, global conspiracy, genetic engineering and, erm, a laughing octopus).

"The core of gameplay is stealthy third-person action but there are so many twists in the standard formula, it's breathtaking. It's a whirlwind of unevenness that somehow manages to be both rubbish and exceptional at the same time."

You can find out why Metro's review of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is wrong by reading our review, in which we give the game a nine out of 10 score, right here.

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FimShady's Avatar
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Yeah, some homeless guy told me that it sucks too. Why not write a story about that?
Posted 15:23 on 23 June 2008
RGB's Avatar
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where is 360 version, images, video & confirmation. no!!!, no 360 version so stop talking ****.
Posted 15:18 on 23 June 2008
El-Dev's Avatar


Why is there a need to publicise this stupidity on There's enough fanboy articles on this site as is.
Posted 15:09 on 23 June 2008
Anonymous's Avatar
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i highly doubt this is a fanboy reviewer. if anything, it sounds like the guy just jumped into the 4th mgs game without even bothering with the previous ones, then declaring that the story sucks because he cant understand whats happening.
Posted 15:00 on 23 June 2008
will's Avatar
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thats microdoft that did this, cos they know thta they are starting to loose the console war and not many people are buying the 360 than before, they have already lost in japan, not even a million sold yet, in europe t is loosing ground fast, all thats left is america. never trust microshaft.
Posted 14:53 on 23 June 2008
RGB's Avatar
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okay, were is the 360 version. oh there isn't one and they will never be a 360 too. furthermore metro is last weeks news. all metro articles are days off.
Posted 14:52 on 23 June 2008
Mornelithe's Avatar
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Actually, us PS3 owners aren't boohooing at all. We've got one of the best games ever created exclusive. As Clintos said, go back and play Halo 3.

As for this newspaper...well, guess that's what you get w/ a Free paper...crappy reviewers for free!

Posted 14:42 on 23 June 2008
Flintos's Avatar
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Buhurt PS3 fanboys am cry. Reviews are opinions, this guy has a point, it doesn't matter if you agree or not. This is nothing to do with Halo 3 either, you stupid fanboy.
Posted 14:35 on 23 June 2008
Clintos's Avatar
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Never hear of this idiotic paper and we all know its a damn fanboy reviewer. Go back and play halo 3, such an overrated game. These guys, and eurogamer must of made love and decided to write off MGS4. Lousy credability is all I say, and one more thing for these idiots. MGS4 will still be Game of The Year. :)
Posted 14:26 on 23 June 2008

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