Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor returns to the front lines, this time in today's war. Score:


Our Verdict: Neither Danger Close nor DICE are working to their full potential here, but underneath the hype and controversy there's a video game that's still worth a look.

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EA won't confirm whether Danger Close is still open

Is the Medal of Honor: Warfighter developer in trouble?

Publish date Apr 16 2013

Medal of Honor is being taken 'out of rotation'

EA kills off military shooter, but has plans to bring 'year-over-year continuity' to its shooter offerings.

2 Publish date Jan 31 2013

Only 50% of Medal of Honor players played Battlefield 3

Medal of Honor players prefer "more authentic shooters", says EA boss.

8 Publish date Jul 13 2012

The Sun reports that terrorists are using Call of Duty and other online games to plot attacks

The Sun's cover story today claims that terrorists are using online chat channels on PlayStation and Xbox to plot terrorist attacks.

16 Publish date Mar 20 2012

Mystery PS3 shooter sequel appears to be Medal of Honor 2

PSM reveal teaser and Medal of Honor event invite match up - both happening on March 6.

2 Publish date Feb 7 2012

Medal of Honor and Need for Speed 13 out this year

EA has today been showing off new instalments in the Medal of Honor and Need for Speed franchises, according to a quickly deleted Tweet by retailer GAME.

5 Publish date Jan 12 2012

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Medal of Honor is being taken 'out of rotation' in Article Comments

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See I liked MoH. Single player was ok but I do really like the online play. What does "out of the rotation" mean? is it over or will they just make BF a yearly franchise and MoH will take...

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