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The imminent Mass Effect 2 on PS3 is much more than a "simple port" of the Xbox 360 game, BioWare community coordinator Chris Priestly has said on the official PlayStation Blog.

The game first appeared on Xbox 360 and PC in January 2010, but Priestly says the team has used the time to ensure PS3 gamers get a great version of Mass Effect 2.

"What I think Mass Effect fans on the PS3 will be most appreciative of is that this is not a simple port," explained Priestly. "The Mass Effect team has taken the time to utilize the PS3 hardware to the fullest in order to maximize your gameplay experience."

He added; "It was also extremely important for the team to make sure playing with the PS3 controller worked and felt good. You will also see that the in-game graphics and cinematics are clearer and more vibrant on the PS3."

The PS3 game also features previously released DLC missions: Overlord, Lair of the Shadow Broker and Kasumi.

PlayStation gamers worried that they won't know what's going on - Mass Effect was never available on PS3 - can also look forward to a newly produced digital comic from Dark Horse Comics. The interactive experience not only allows players new to the franchise to experience Mass Effect 1, but also to make story choices that have repercussions in the sequel.

Mass Effect 2 will be available for PS3 on January 21. Analysis

Mass Effect 2 shipped over two million units to retailers in its first week, but the game had a ready made audience after the success of the first in the series. It will therefore be interesting to see how the sequel performs on PS3, given the console's installed-base is likely to be new to the franchise.

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User Comments

Woffls's Avatar

Woffls@ Stegosaurus-Guy-II

This is your first Mass Effect experience?

If you enjoyed reading the lore - like I did - then I strongly advise that you find a means of playing ME1. I get the impression you'll get a lot more out of that than ME2, given that the first one was actually an RPG.
Posted 14:49 on 13 January 2011
Ghost_Dog's Avatar


I've still to play the demo, which has been sitting on my PS3 since it came out.

Never played a Mass Effect game before, so not sure what to expect, which in-itself is quite exciting.
Posted 14:20 on 13 January 2011
guyderman's Avatar

guyderman@ thompo555

Trust me mate - a game of ME2 magnitude cannot be done justice in a demo - it can't even be done justice within your first few hours of playing it.
Posted 14:16 on 13 January 2011
Stegosaurus-Guy-II's Avatar


I played the demo for almost 3 hours reading through all the lore.

I enjoyed it.
Posted 14:14 on 13 January 2011
thompo555's Avatar


Maybe I'm a game-aphobe, but I didn't like the demo, apart from the bit out in space. I felt that it was clunky and generally not what I expected a "godly" game like this to be like. I think I might have hyped myself up about it a little too much...

I hope they did a "Visceral Games" (Dead Space demo) and chose a boring section. I really want to like this!
Posted 14:09 on 13 January 2011
Mr_Ninjutsu's Avatar

Mr_Ninjutsu@ guyderman

I think i'm going to get it, even though my initial impression wasm't wowsers. Although, when going through the cockpit to save that guy and you see outside into space, my jaw dropped to the floor that was an awesome scene. Truly cinematic. Okay i'm getting this now.
Posted 13:44 on 13 January 2011
guyderman's Avatar


Cannot wait for thuis next week - loved it on the 360 and am gonna love it on the PS3!
Posted 12:39 on 13 January 2011
Rickitis's Avatar


I never played this on 360 and with me using my PS3 more I will certainly pick this up in the next few months, the demo blew me away :)
Posted 11:26 on 13 January 2011

renegade@ mikejosh1978

I would agree as a Pc gamer :) this is one game you cant avoid, and with Mass Effect 3 coming later in the year, their is no better time :)
Posted 11:11 on 13 January 2011
mikejosh1978's Avatar


I own the 360 versions & i would hotly recommend this to any Ps3 user & I will be buying this version later in the yr just to play the dlc lol. Need a new HDTV 1st after it died last wk.
Posted 10:14 on 13 January 2011

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