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MAG: Massive Action Game screenshot
MAG: Massive Action Game screenshot

MAG producer Elliott Martin has announced that the Escalation Add-on Pack will be released via PSN on November 3, 2010.

Escalation supports up to 96 players, or one 32-man platoon for each PMC, as a separate in-game mode that pits the forces of Raven, SVER, and Valor against each other at the same time. The goal for each PMC is to earn the requisite number of points before time runs out or, if time does expire, to have the most points overall. Whichever team meets this goal wins the map and additional Shadow War points.

Escalation gameplay is set up in two phases: For phase one, all three teams battle to hold the map's A, B and C objectives - but when any of the three PMCs gains control of two of the three objectives, phase two begins. In this second phase, the original three objectives are locked and a new fourth objective (D) opens up. Now, the PMC that forced the phase shift must defend objective D against both attacking groups as long as possible; if D is lost, then play reverts back to phase one again and the war continues on until we have a winner or time runs out.

Escalation also offers three completely different environments to the MAG universe, including the volcanic beaches "Isla de Magma," the mountainous "Silverback Ridge," and the desert wasteland of "Radiant Barrens".

The DLC also adds nine new weapons:

Raven: Gotha Elite (Assault Rifle) | KP21 (Machine Gun) | Kinmark SRS (Sniper Rifle)

SVER: Tamsen MK2 (Assault Rifle | Ariet SFW (Machine Gun) | Rubakho SVR (Sniper Rifle)

Valor: M31 CIR (Assault Rifle) | M245 (Machine Gun) | Sentinel M421 (Sniper Rifle)

Escalation Pack is priced £6.29. Analysis

A new game mode, three new maps and a bunch of new weapons sounds like pretty good value for £6.29 when compared to rival DLC packs.

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User Comments

extravagantnonsense's Avatar

extravagantnonsense@ draytone

understood. :-)

if you like tactical, technical hardcore shooters, you cannot beat MAG. the review of it on here, for example, points to a few issues that have been addressed.

once you take a look at it in a different way, it's a very rewarding game.

there is certainly a place for it amongst the CODs and BFBC:2s of this world.
Posted 13:45 on 03 November 2010
draytone's Avatar


Point taken, only read the end of the article. I was bored at the MAG bit.
Posted 13:30 on 03 November 2010
extravagantnonsense's Avatar

extravagantnonsense@ draytone

no way. £6 for a few extra weapons is a complete rip-off.

£6 for a few extra weapons, a few extra maps and an entirely different way of playing the game? well, that's different.

and what with that actually being what's on offer, i'm not sure what you point is.

but it was well made. (rolls eyes)
Posted 13:27 on 03 November 2010
draytone's Avatar


You would really pay £6 for a few extra weapons?
Posted 12:45 on 03 November 2010
extravagantnonsense's Avatar


MAG is ace. i think it's very mis-understood by journos and other gamers alike.

this DLC sounds great, but i would much rather they brought out an EU version of the pack they are getting in the states with both bits of DLC.

this would surely help the numbers playing interdiction as well as boost escalation.

i must say, i am not sure there is a game with a higher players : support ratio on any console.
Posted 12:42 on 03 November 2010
mikejosh1978's Avatar


I'm glad Zipper support a good idea for a game even if charging for extra game saves a mth is absurd . MAG was fun but i always felt it is a tester to see what is possible through Psn & the next game will be much better . This pack sounds cool but up against blops does it really have that much popularity ?
The interdiction pack has less than 200 players all the time . The podcast that Zipper do has in the past said that RAM usage limited what they could do & the next game all the things folk want will hopefully be able to brought to life . I hope that is true as MAG set a good base but some maps are terrible & the 1 faction usage seemed daft , alienates half your mates .
Posted 07:35 on 01 November 2010
RecoN's Avatar


1 word..... successful!
Posted 12:57 on 29 October 2010


People are still playing this!?
Posted 12:06 on 29 October 2010
RecoN's Avatar


WOW Im getting this bugger :D Im loving the support for this game, Thanks Zipper!!
Posted 10:40 on 29 October 2010

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