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Madden NFL 15 screenshot
Madden NFL 15 screenshot

EA Access members will be able to download the full version of Madden NFL 15 five days ahead of release later this week – but access will be restricted to 6 hours.

"That's six hours of the real game," EA says, "so you can explore Franchise mode, trash talk in online multiplayer, build your dream team with Madden Ultimate Team and more."

You'll be able to spread those six hours out across all five days or use them all at once, with any progress carried over to the full game should you decide to purchase it.

However, the time limit hasn't gone down well with some fans who believed they would receive unlimited access to the game five days ahead of release.

"How can they even get away with this? Numerous people signed up for the 1 week early access," said one NeoGAF user. "I knew there would be a catch, It's EA!" added another.

Others, though, understood the need for the restriction.

"I think it is a reasonable amount of time and I still think EA Access offers a good value," said another user. "As long as they keep adding some games to the Vault, I'm glad I paid for it for one year."

Not all titles in the early access program will adhere to the same 6-hour limit, however. "Trial length and timing for other EA Access titles will vary," EA says, "with details announced closer to launch".

"I hope there's a clock with the time remaining so players can watch it tick down," added another GAF member. "In fact, it would be a great advertising opportunity:

"Madden 15 EA Access Time Remaining: 0:12:28

"Sponsored by Geico"


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User Comments

chris9's Avatar

chris9@ Karlius

a fool and their money are soon parted
Posted 09:34 on 24 August 2014
chris9's Avatar


BlHAHAHAHAHA so glad i didnt fall for EAs BS lol hahahaha 6 hours? lol hahaha is it any wonder why gamers hate EA their games dont work and they nickel and dime you to death lol haha promise one thing AND ALWAYS DELIVERY SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT LOL must be following MS lead with they way the xbox one was promoted.....hahaha
Posted 09:33 on 24 August 2014
dav2612's Avatar


6 hours with an American football game sounds like a punishment to me but other than that, I think the concept is a fine idea.
Posted 14:45 on 19 August 2014
Karlius's Avatar


Wait I get to play Madden 15 for 6 hours unrestricted 5 days before release before making my mind up as to whether to make a purchase? Are there other games that will use this model? This is an addition to access to the vault etc right? If so and you get all that for £19.99 per year that amazing!
Posted 14:40 on 19 August 2014
mralexhead's Avatar


Posted 13:25 on 19 August 2014

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