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Killzone Trilogy Cheats for PS3

On: PS3

The box set includes the two PS3 Killzone titles, complete with all map pack DLC, plus an HD version of the PS2 original which started the franchise.

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1 v 50 (Bronze)

Objective: Kill 50 Helghast soldiers without dying

2 For The Price Of 1 (Bronze)

Objective: Kill 2 Helghast with 1 shot from the BP-02 Pup launcher

3 Birds With One Stone (Bronze)

Objective: Kill 3 Helghast with 1 cooked M194 Percussion Grenade

Abridged Bridge (Bronze)

Objective: Collapse the Helghast bridge in the Jungle Valley

Anti-Air Specialist (Bronze)

Objective: Bring 2 Dropships crashing down in the Mist Waters Firebase

Artillery Artist (Bronze)

Objective: Kill a Helghast from 100m+ away with the Pnv-3 Siska

Backstabber (Bronze)

Objective: Get 20 kills with the FSK-7 Fury

Beep Beep Beeeep (Bronze)

Objective: Kill 10 Helghast with the secondary fire on the M327 Grenade Launcher

Bounty Hunted (Bronze)

Objective: Kill the IFO Bounty Hunter

Brouhaha (Bronze)

Objective: Kill 30 Helghast soldiers in under a minute

Bullheaded (Bronze)

Objective: Get 20 headshots with the M4 Semi-Automatic Pistol

Burn Baby Burn (Bronze)

Objective: Destroy your first enemy APC

Call Of The Siren (Bronze)

Objective: Kill 25 Helghast soldiers with the VnD-10M Siren

Captain (Bronze)

Objective: Complete all levels on the easy difficulty

Covering Fire (Bronze)

Objective: Kill 10 Helghast with the M224 Mounted Machine Gun

Designation: Demolition (Bronze)

Objective: Destroy 3 Towers using the BDL-23 Dohvat

Disproportionate Force (Bronze)

Objective: Kill 1 unfortunate Helghast soldier with 3 rockets from the BLR-06 Hadra

Eco-Warrior (Bronze)

Objective: Hit 15 Helghast soldiers without reloading, using the secondary fire on the M66 SD Submachine gun

Economical Soldier (Bronze)

Objective: Finish a level above 75% hit efficiency

Elite? HA! (Bronze)

Objective: Take down your first 2 Helghast Elite

Escape (Bronze)

Objective: Complete Chapter 5

Explosive Consequences (Bronze)

Objective: Kill 5 Helghast soldiers with 1 grenade using the attachment on the M82-G Assault Rifle

Field Operative (Bronze)

Objective: Complete Chapter 5 to 11 playing as Hakha

Forging a Path (Bronze)

Objective: Complete Chapter 8

Generally Better (Bronze)

Objective: Kill General Lente and his bodyguards

Get Out Of My Comfort Zone! (Bronze)

Objective: Kill a Helghast within 1m with the M404-MAW M. Anti Tank Weapon ...and don't die

Helghast Assault (Bronze)

Objective: Complete Chapter 1

Helghast Champion (Bronze)

Objective: Win a battlefields game playing on the Helghast's side with the enemy AI set to hard

Hidden Pasts (Bronze)

Objective: Complete Chapter 9

Hope (Bronze)

Objective: Complete Chapter 11

Hunting the Traitor (Bronze)

Objective: Complete Chapter 7

ISA Regulator (Bronze)

Objective: Complete Chapter 4 to 11 playing as Rico

ISA Saviour (Bronze)

Objective: Win a battlefields game playing on the ISA's side with the enemy AI set to hard

Misty Waters (Bronze)

Objective: Complete Chapter 6

New Allies (Bronze)

Objective: Complete Chapter 3

One For You And One For You (Bronze)

Objective: Kill 2 Helghast with 1 Double Shot from the M13 Semi-Automatic Shotgun

Onwards and Upwards (Bronze)

Objective: Complete Chapter 10

Orbital Strike (Bronze)

Objective: Take down General Adams with a grenade

Rapid Reaction Force (Bronze)

Objective: Complete Chapter 1 to 11 playing as Templar

Right in the Jewels (Bronze)

Objective: Use the M224-A3 Heavy Support Weapon to melee 20 Helghast soldiers

Shadow Marshal (Bronze)

Objective: Complete Chapter 3 to 11 playing as Luger

Short Controlled Bursts (Bronze)

Objective: Finish a level above 50% hit efficiency

Something Borrowed (Bronze)

Objective: Kill 20 Helghast soldiers with the VnS-10 Scylla Mounted Machine Gun

Strange Company (Bronze)

Objective: Complete Chapter 4

Supply and Demand (Bronze)

Objective: Blow up the ammo dumps in the Forward Logistics Base

Tanks For The Good Times (Bronze)

Objective: Destroy 2 Helghast Tanks attacking the Industrial level

That Got Their Attention (Bronze)

Objective: Destroy the Missile launching APCs in the Misty Waters Firebase

The Reds Of Their Eyes (Bronze)

Objective: Get 10 headshots with the STA-52 SLAR Sniper Rifle

They're On Our Side Now (Bronze)

Objective: Switch allegiance of Helghast Sentry bots as Hakha

Toothpick Master (Bronze)

Objective: Get 20 kills with the M32 combat knife

Tripletapper (Bronze)

Objective: Get 3 headshots with 1 magazine, using the secondary fire on the IvP-18 Tropov pistol

Two's Company (Bronze)

Objective: Win a battlefields game with another player in split screen

Vekta Evacuates (Bronze)

Objective: Complete Chapter 2

4 X 4 X 4 (Silver)

Objective: Kill 4 Helghast in under 4 seconds with the EAW-25/4 Chimera

Colonel (Silver)

Objective: Complete all levels on the normal difficulty

Nobody Hides From Me (Silver)

Objective: Finish a level above 90% hit efficiency

Scavenger (Silver)

Objective: Pick up 10,000 rounds for the STA-52 LAR rifle

General (Gold)

Objective: Complete all levels on the hard difficulty

Platinum (Platinum)

Objective: Collect all trophies in Killzone

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