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Killzone returns in a third-dimension.

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Killzone 3 screenshot
Killzone 3 screenshot

Things are far more fun on the Helghast side of the fence, where Guerrilla has ensnared the services of Malcolm McDowell and Ray Winstone to voice the primary antagonists. Winstone is curiously unrecognisable (but still rather good) as the gruff Admiral Orlock, but it's McDowell who really shines, sinking into the villainous role of Jorhan Stahl with typical glee. Stahl is by far the most engaging character in Killzone 3, a slippery bastard who towers over the macho meatheads who make up the good guys. It's just a shame that almost all of his appearances are confined to cutscenes - but then that's also true of most of the interesting parts in the story as a whole.

For all its fancy appearance, the single-player campaign is a letdown. It's a good thing for all concerned, then, that the multiplayer side of proceedings is far more successful. The most immediate thing to note here is that the game has ditched its predecessor's levelling-up scheme. In Killzone 2 players were forced to start out as a Rifleman - a lowly grunt equipped with an assault rifle, a sidearm and very little else. As you gathered XP and slowly climbed the ranks you'd gain access to the other classes, but while support-driven options like the Medic and Engineer arrived relatively swiftly, a hefty grind was required to reach the Scout and his sniper-based tomfoolery.

In Killzone 3, you're allowed to use any of the five available classes from the word go. The humble Rifleman is nowhere to be found, leaving you instead with the choice of Medic, Engineer, Marksman, Infiltrator and Tactician. The first two classes retain their team-centric roles, respectively focusing on resurrecting and buffing allies, and littering the battlefield with AI turrets and ammo boxes. The Marksman snipes and hides himself with a cloak, while the Infiltrator plays a bit like the Spy from Team Fortress - disguising himself as one of the opposition and then stabbing them in the back. Finally, we have the Tactician. While he's lost his Killzone 2 knack for generating custom spawn points, he's able to capture key control zones of the map - allowing team-mates to call in mortar strikes and other toys.

At the start of your ascension through the ranks, each of these classes is limited to their basic loadout - leaving them to just a primary weapon, and a watered-down version of their main skill. As you earn XP from matches you'll earn unlock points that can be invested in upgrading your skills and switching your loadout. While some of these boosts have rank-based entry requirements, the upshot of this structure is that it takes far less time to improve your class of choice - provided that you're not scattering your points across all five.

Killzone 3 screenshot

You could argue that the absence of a grunt-like class means that newcomers are effectively dropped in at the deep end, since there's little in the way of guidance with regard to class-specific tactics, or even how each skill should be used. All the same, this sink-or-swim approach forces new players to adapt quickly, embracing the easier ways to earn XP - like resurrecting fallen comrades as a Medic, or repairing ammo crates as an Engineer. These also encourage a team-centric mentality, which is really how the game is "supposed" to be played.

At the moment, one of the notable problems with Killzone 3's multiplayer is that few people are actually bothering to embrace this utilitarian mindset. Or, to put it in less pretentious terms: a lot of players are just out for kills, rather than achieving the goal at hand. This is hardly the game's fault - it's a frequent problem in Black Ops and other popular FPS titles - but the issue feels particularly aggravating in the returning Warzone mode. Here two teams of 12 compete to fulfil mission objectives that change every few minutes. One moment you're protecting a designated team-mate from assassination; the next you're struggling to retrieve a blaring propaganda speaker with the help of your chums... or at least you would be, if they weren't busy kill-whoring.

It's an annoying situation, particularly given that there's now a dedicated team deathmatch mode, Guerrilla Warfare. Initially I wrote this off as being less interesting than the dynamic Warzone, but with time I've come to appreciate its comparative simplicity - particularly given that a Warzone match can easily last for half an hour at a time. Guerrilla matches are a solid pick when you're in the mood for a quick shot of action without so much tactical emphasis, although obviously the class powers still have their role to play.

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Woffls's Avatar

Woffls@ duggi

They reviewed as much of the game as they possibly could thanks to Sony only giving them half an hour with the multiplayer. Other UK sites had the same problem, but they obviously don't care much for integrity. I guess you'll miss this kind of information if you only look at the number at the end.

Lazy reading FTW
Posted 19:57 on 03 February 2011

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ghostdog25's Avatar


look at this... "multiplayer is deep and accessible". But they gave the multiplayer a 7 in it's review. Hmmmmm? Things that make you go hmmmmm
Posted 01:00 on 09 March 2011
SexyJams's Avatar


Enjoyed the revision. You've worked extremely hard on the various reviews you have done for this game, well done Neon. They're of fantastic quality as well.
Posted 21:17 on 07 March 2011
Gollum_85's Avatar


Good to see the score getting bumped up a bit.
Posted 19:00 on 07 March 2011


Sounds about right. 8 is still a good score and, from what I've played, Killzone 3 is a good game.

I'll still be getting it at some point after playing it with Move and on MP in the beta/demo
Posted 15:05 on 07 March 2011
dudester's Avatar


Omg it got an 8 Neon's in trouble :p
Posted 13:16 on 07 March 2011
mydeaddog's Avatar


Funnily enough I'm working on something at the moment. It'll be up this week, not entriely sure when yet...
Posted 13:47 on 02 March 2011
sammy636's Avatar

sammy636@ mydeaddog

its the 2nd of March old boy.. still no thoughts?
Posted 13:31 on 02 March 2011


I just played the Demo (Single player) no offence but that small section makes this review look, well wrong.

Also the MP is crazy
Posted 18:52 on 09 February 2011
guyderman's Avatar


mon nom est la tĂȘte de fromage!

Sorry wrong language!
Posted 09:24 on 08 February 2011
altaranga's Avatar

altaranga@ SieteNabbi

lasen sie den bericht oder gerade die kerbe?
Posted 08:30 on 08 February 2011
SieteNabbi's Avatar


ma siete nabbi o cosa? un 7???? si merita un 10 cazzo! non sapete un cazzo di videogame!
Posted 08:18 on 08 February 2011
IamBugged's Avatar

IamBugged@ The1Dude

I'm cooling off on KZ3 as time goes by. I think there are other games I would rather buy and will wait for a price drop to get this.
Posted 14:27 on 05 February 2011
The1Dude's Avatar

The1Dude@ Ghost_Dog

What about douche bag

What was the 3D like? Seems to be pretty similer to kz2 might waot for it to go down in price
Posted 13:40 on 05 February 2011
SexyJams's Avatar


Haha, not as good as Dorito's Crash Course,
you little troll Martin.
Posted 10:51 on 05 February 2011
Clockpunk's Avatar

Clockpunk@ Stegosaurus-Guy-II

Oh, I agree that multiplayer has been a presence for a very long time indeed, but the priority of development studios, at least to me, seems to be shifting primarily towards it in an increasing fashion. It's not a terribly bad thing, but... some people do like single player campaigns. My point is that I don't think it would be a terrible idea to consider looking at the two playing fields according to their own scales of fun. Even going by other KZ3 reviews, the multiplayer component seems to be the aspect raising the score substantially - and although you and a great many others are interested in this, equally so, many others may not care, and be more interested in just quick information regarding the single player mode.
Posted 23:58 on 04 February 2011

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Killzone 3
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Killzone 3
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