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HALO 2 GRAPHICS were not that great at the time of release, Doom3 was still better Halo 3 was ok!! Gears of war has better graphics than halo 3.... They could have done halo 3 better for the time of release. Kill zone 2 will be good.....
Posted 05:15 on 19 December 2008
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Rich wrote at 11:41 on 10 July 2007Re: PS3 Screenshots

"Oh dear. Looks worse than HL2, and thats years old now."

hahah!!! HL2 looks like sh*t compared to Killzone 2, are you a xbox fanboy? go play halo
Posted 17:31 on 10 December 2008
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It will be good either way :)
Posted 07:49 on 30 September 2008
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On second thoughts, I just looked at more of the screenies and to be fair, you're right a lot of them do look a bit sucky :(

But like i said, idc! :)
Posted 10:47 on 24 September 2008
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To be honest, I don't really care about the graphics... don't see why there's so many rants on it.

Seriously, think about it for a second... would you rather have a game with great graphics that sucks to play, or a game with sucky graphics that's awesome to play?

Anyways, I don't think they look to bad :P
Posted 10:43 on 24 September 2008
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The Truth

prince of persia 1-3 was a realy good series,so i hope they dont mess number 4 up.
Posted 17:54 on 28 July 2008
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The Truth

When a ps3 exclusive is released 360 Fanboys always say halo owns that game and crap like that.But if you think about it,thats the only good game the 360 has.Sure they have Gears of war 2 and Fable 2 on the way,but can you compare that to Resistance 2 and Killzone 2.Halo was released ages ago and its DEAD NOW ok,If you read this and disagree compare halo to Motorstorm 2,Mgs4,Gt5,Little big planet,Haze,Tekken6,Infamous,Heavy rain,Yakuza 3,White Knight Chronicles,Valkyria Chronicles,Agency,Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm,Africa,Flower,Home,ect.If you still disagree and you think halo will beat all of them ps3 exclusives,And if by a miracle halo does it will be crushed by GodOfWar3(1050 HD Resolution+Movie like gameplay),Resistance 2(60 online+huge graphic update),Killzone 2(Great Graphics+War like game play)and saving one of the best till last,M.A.G(256 online+Great Graphics+War like experience).
Posted 17:11 on 28 July 2008
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As long as this game doesn't have all the glitches in it like the first one, it'll be worth the wait. But I must say, they should have included a better screenshot, cause that looks crappy in my honest opinion. :P
Posted 04:11 on 12 May 2008
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Rich, your comment was idiotic.
Posted 22:03 on 26 March 2008
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Da kid

^What can I say but I'm a Lazy Gamer also I remember when people were say saying haze is coming to the xbox omg no way if this game was coming to the xbox do you think people would still be hating as much?
Posted 21:20 on 26 March 2008
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^I bet your English teacher hates you.
Posted 21:10 on 26 March 2008
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DA kid

halo was a epic fail this game has been in dev for soo long theirs no way it's not going to be good also if your going to compare it at least compare it to a better game then halo like I don't maybe the most played game on xbox live cod4 cough cough...
Posted 21:07 on 26 March 2008
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Halo beater?..........YES!

Heres the link if it dont show:
YouTube Video
Posted 08:37 on 05 March 2008
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Graphics look so much better than halo2. Hopefully it will dethrone halo.
Posted 04:31 on 29 October 2007
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this is way way better than any halo all u xbox fans are all pissed off cos its on the ps3 ha ha ha !!!
Posted 16:53 on 17 August 2007

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