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Sony's FPS is coming to the PlayStation 3. Despite a lukewarm reception on PlayStation 2, this is one of the most hyped games for the system.

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Killzone 2 has a sluggish control scheme and low, narrow perspective.
Killzone 2 has a sluggish control scheme and low, narrow perspective.

Killzone 2 has a sluggish control scheme and low, narrow perspective.

The point though, is that you do get used to Killzone 2's unique controls. Eventually your brain starts to catch up with the game, and you find yourself compensating for the delay in movement and accurate targeting. You come to know that Sev takes a while to turn corners when you're clicking in the right thumb stick to sprint. After a while, perhaps by the second or third mission, it all starts to come together.

Perhaps Guerrilla Games' greatest achievement is that the Amsterdam development studio has somehow managed to make a game that, at times, not only reaches the graphical fidelity of that E3 2005 trailer, but even surpasses it. A debate has raged in the office in the last month: are Killzone 2's graphics better than Crysis'? In many ways, it's an unfair comparison, since Crysis is open world, but it's fun to argue about that sort of thing.

Killzone 2 has been called many things: Sony's Halo killer, better than Gears of War 2, that sort of nonsense. Why Halo? Because it's a first-party FPS, a system seller, a reason to fork out £299 on a PS3. Why Gears of War 2? Because it's grey. Comparisons with Halo are silly, so different are the experiences. Comparisons with Gears of War 2 are equally pointless. Killzone 2 has this perception of being grey, like, some people reckon, Gears of War. Yes, it's dank and gritty and war torn and depressing, but that's only telling half the story. After mission five Killzone 2 moves from the urban street battles of the Helghan capital city to more expansive, colourful environments that not only add variety to the scenery, but add much needed changes in pace and gameplay. There are ridiculously fun turret-centred levels, tanks to play with and, get this, even a mech level.

Really, Killzone 2 is more like Sony's answer to Call of Duty 4: Modern Combat, without the invisible enemy spawn-ending barriers. The single-player campaign has that same visceral, in your face, fast-paced feel to it. Each fire fight pits a set number of Helghast against you that need to be killed before the saving symbol flashes in the top-left corner of the screen and relief washes over you. Defend an area against waves of enemies; attack a heavily defended position until there's no-one left, that sort of thing. Then auto-save, move forward and repeat.

Comparisons have been made with Halo 3 and Gears 2, but it's got more in common with CoD4.

Comparisons have been made with Halo 3 and Gears 2, but it's got more in common with CoD4.

There's a moment towards the end of the game when this gameplay technique reaches its fun-filled peak. Sev and the rest of the ISA invasion force are storming a heavily guarded structure. At the start you think, there's absolutely no way I'm going to do this - there's just too many of them, and they're too dug into cover. But you inch forward, suppressing, flanking, taking out Helghast one at a time. As bullets whiz by your head and cover gets torn apart by mini-guns, as grenade explosions rock the earth, as the whole world seems to be coming down around you, you slowly but surely gain ground until suddenly there's no-one left to kill and the game saves. Sit back, inhale, exhale, notice your heart racing, a ringing in your ears, your palms sweating, your fingers shaking. This is what you bought your PS3 for.

The graphics, then, are what make Killzone 2. They're what make it the triple-A title it is. They're what made forum goers across the internet salivate over animated gifs torn from snippets of gameplay footage. And they're what make the game great despite its obvious failings.

You retry after every frustrating death because every single Helghast kill feels as if it's too good to be true. You soldier through the repetitive mission objectives because what you're looking at feels as if it's being beamed in from a console from the future. You ignore the linear design because the levels slap you in the face and refuse to let you think about anything else. The graphics, the sheer technical monstrosity that is Killzone 2, unequivocally make up for its failings.

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Mar27w's Avatar


played this game at my mates,slight delay in the controls and movement?slight:its like your moving in treacle,its a nightmare,unresponsive controls in a 1st person shooter is about the worst thing imaginable,if werent for the graphics this game would have got a much lower score,buy COD4 instead
Posted 11:22 on 01 June 2009
clangod's Avatar


It's a f***** awesome game. Just play it!!!
Posted 03:07 on 18 March 2009
jakeistheman's Avatar


this game is great buy it now if u havent already. they could ev made online ranking system better though got general rank in 3 days
Posted 22:45 on 17 March 2009
chambers's Avatar
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The consoles couldn't handle this game @ 60fps and 1280x720, but they could always drop the resolution like cod4 and many other games. I prefer a game to be 720P at least, so I say leave it alone.
Posted 02:56 on 04 March 2009
Black_Douglas's Avatar


Zadam , i thought it did..............................!?
Posted 17:18 on 02 March 2009
Zadam's Avatar
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Why can't this game run at 60fps? Cod 4 runs beautifully and KZ2 just looks choppy. I think its time for all games to hit the 60fps mark.
Posted 16:47 on 02 March 2009
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Posted 16:17 on 27 February 2009
magichater's Avatar

magichater@ Black_Douglas

Just got my Killzone 2 through the post I am dying to play it but if I put it on mnow chances are I will be late for work :blushsmile:
Posted 09:51 on 27 February 2009
Black_Douglas's Avatar


Hello Zadam, all I can add to your comment above is it looks to me you were playing a demo but it doesn't seem to me it was Killzone2 , you must be mistaken.............................say gooodbye to your xbox360 now! today!
Posted 09:30 on 27 February 2009
Zadam's Avatar
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I just played the demo tonight... I don't see what all the hype is about the graphics! Sure the physics look great but the textures and other things don't look any better than whats out there now. Yes and everything was very grey. And I wonder what native resolution they were using? I don't know about this review, sounds like a fanboy rant to me. As for me I own all 3 consoles this generation and I like them all. I just wish the PS3 could deliver something that truly blows the 360 outta the water.
Posted 01:12 on 27 February 2009
Sarpadon's Avatar
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I think the review is well written with good style and valid points. I bought my PS3 for lots of reasons; a full media centre, not just game-play, but the graphics capability, when used well in a game, is what really blows me away. Odd...I still get a buzz out of playing DOOM.
I downloaded the demo and will now be getting the game. As for the AI, I just had a Helghast decide that sticking his head round the doorframe for me to take pot-shots at wasn't so bright and started to just push the gun round the doorframe to shoot at me. That is kinda impressive.
Posted 19:29 on 26 February 2009
Come on's Avatar
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Come on

this was legitametly the stupidest article ever, first is the fact you can take away points for an additonal feature like co-op cod 4didnt have it and its better than cod 5 which has it, and second of all ps3 users had cod 4 along killzone tow is a gears of war killer thats what it was made to be
Posted 03:18 on 11 February 2009
Black_Douglas's Avatar


coder-oktay , I don't know what on earth you are talking about, and neither will anyone else i suspect, and out of all these positive posts regarding killzone2 , you are being very very negative, but plese feel free to enjoy killzone 3 when it might appear on the xbox 720 in about 4years.
Posted 16:48 on 10 February 2009
clangod's Avatar


Well well coder-oktay,

It seems that you can do nothing but launch flak at the graphics by comparing them to your own knowledge of "maya" program. What have you developed lately???

Whether the technical/ graphical aspects of KZ2 meet your irrelevant tech-talk in your second to last post, you cannot simply discredit this games' obvious graphical acheivements.

KZ2 looks nothing short of brilliant. While you sit there and whinge about it's textures and dated graphics, accept that what Geurilla have done has been done exceptionally well.
Posted 04:38 on 10 February 2009
icosotc1's Avatar
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didn't like the controls at first....... but after playing the demo a load, im not sure this isnt the best game ive ever played. it kinda reminds me of the first time i played mario 64. controls were difficult to grasp but once i was in the sweet spot it was very hard to put it down.
Posted 07:01 on 08 February 2009

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