PS3 owners might finally have their must-own FPS
PS3 owners might finally have their must-own FPS

PS3 owners might finally have their must-own FPS

PlayStation 2 owners had great hopes for Killzone in late 2004. Whether or not Sony ever mentioned Killzone in the same breath as Halo doesn't matter. For PS2 gamers this was to be the game that ended Bungie's reign as console FPS king, so when the game was released on a wave of disappointing review scores there was an industry wide sigh. Sony, the dominant force in console gaming, simply couldn't produce a must-own FPS. Resistance has filled the gap on the PS3, even if we weren't exactly blown away by the recent sequel, but ever since that famous E3 video in May 2005 there's only been one FPS PS3 gamers wanted to see: Killzone 2 is riding on a wave of hype that would flatten the original game, so a let down this time will probably end the series for good.

That might seem overly negative, but Guerrilla, the Dutch developer that's become a key part of Sony's European development, really has to deliver this time. So far the only game of note to come from the studio is the PSP game Killzone: Liberation, so there's a definite sense that Killzone 2 is far from a guaranteed triple-A title. The pressure must be immense, and with the game coming out in February, it's likely to set the tone for 2009. So, after spending a whole afternoon with a work in progress build, just how is it shaping up?

First things first. You've probably seen screenshots and online videos of the game in action, but nothing prepares you for how good Killzone 2 looks. We got a glimpse of what Guerrilla was capable of with its frame-rate challenged PS2 original, but here it seems it's had the time to show just what the PS3 can do. Compared to other PS3 heavy hitters, like Resistance 2, it's as if we've entered a new generation. Whereas Insomniac's fun shooter at times felt rather run of the mill in design and quality, Killzone 2 drips with detail and depth. No matter where you look there's something to marvel at - be it a subtle smoke effect, realistically subdued lighting or a near photo realistic expanse of water.

The visuals in Killzone 2 really are a league above almost every other console game

The visuals in Killzone 2 really are a league above almost every other console game

We reckon Gears of War 2 is easily the best looking shooter currently available for consoles, but Killzone 2 has that beaten from what we've seen. Apart from what can only be described as a slight softness, this is the closest we've come to any game matching the wow factor we got from playing Crysis and its semi-sequel Warhead. Incredible blur effects are a key component, bathing the game in a CGI quality varnish that will take some beating.

A special mention must also go to the audio, with the game including some of the meatiest sounding weapons ever to grace a shooter. Having played Killzone 2 for hours we loaded up a few old favourites for comparison, and weapons that had felt solid now felt disappointingly feeble. The guns in Killzone 2 have a kick that will give your eardrums a battering if you've got an impressive sound setup. Voice work for your squad mates is apparently placeholder, but on the whole it's still impressive, with plenty of profanities flying across the battlefield.

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thank you facelessentity
Posted 08:47 on 21 December 2008
Faithxin_Cha0s's Avatar


The multiplayer for this game is insane. I disagree about the "tacked on" siaxis controls. I think it's genious. Definitly going to be the best FPS of '09, unless Modern Warfare 2 does better.
Posted 22:02 on 20 December 2008
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Posted 15:07 on 10 December 2008
FacelessEntity's Avatar
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I hate the fact that every time this game gets previews/hands-on/discussions someone has to compare it to some shooter that in their book equals "excellence". I'm sorry, but Halo is nowhere near excellent, and if the FPS genre doesn't need any more of is simplistic run/jump/shoot shooters like Halo.

What this game tries to do is innovate, but that mentality of evaluating the new and evolutionary with what came years ago simply defeats the whole purpose of innovating. The groundings for a good FPS are already set in stone, it doesn't need to things the way other shooters do to be considered GOOD.

The game has that heavy, slow, and hectic feel of a real war. It's a challenge, not a rail of predominantly stationary enemies that shoot at you until you put some bullets into their polygon mesh to advance. (a la Call of Duty) It even gives you the option of mapping the controls around the controller for comfort, not ease of play.

It's a different perspective that I think should be appreciated. A real, genuinely engaging experience like no other. Don't beat on it for trying to be different. Open your minds, critics.
Posted 22:47 on 09 December 2008
dylantalon's Avatar
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this game is the best game ive seen on any platform. i'm also in the beta so if anyone wants to play online, my xbl and psn - dylantalon.
Posted 19:52 on 09 December 2008
Wido's Avatar


I'm looking forward to Killzone 2 as Killzone 1 was good but not a halo beater, but still it was a good game.

Anyway moving on from the past installment, this preview has wet my appetite for Killzone 2 even more. The multiplayer looks good from the videos on what you put up, and now I'm waiting for some gameplay footage of the main game.
Posted 19:37 on 09 December 2008
Ivan_PSP's Avatar
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I'm so excited to get this game i will never stop playing it it just looks amazing.
Posted 16:38 on 09 December 2008
Chris77A's Avatar


This is the one game im really excited for, especially after the partial let down Resistance 2 turned out to be.
Posted 15:28 on 09 December 2008
Netmind's Avatar


I'm thinking bout becoming l33t in console FPS just for this game - Seems awesome.
Posted 15:12 on 09 December 2008

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