The Helghast is an intimidating enemy and improved AI makes them pretty challenging
The Helghast is an intimidating enemy and improved AI makes them pretty challenging

The Helghast is an intimidating enemy and improved AI makes them pretty challenging

All this visual and audio splendour would count for nothing if the game behind it wasn't up to scratch, but thankfully the levels we've played suggest this won't be a repeat of Guerrilla's first effort. The FPS action feels like a cross between the intense shoot outs seen in Call of Duty and Battlefield and the cover-based gameplay of Gears of War and Rainbow Six. The result is an in your face shooter that is deceptively difficult, requiring more thought than onlookers might expect. Charging in is an option that can work, but do so against too many enemies and you'll be dead almost instantly. Taking cover (while remaining in first person) gives you some respite from the enemy onslaught, but don't think this is Gears of War - you don't feel nearly as nimble as Marcus and co.

So far there's definitely a good mix between corridor shooting, more open battlefields and the varying number of enemies those situations throw at you. The Helghast don't mess around either, running straight at you if you're messing about behind cover for too long. The AI in the original Killzone became quite laughable at times with enemies seemingly drawn to bullets like ducks to water, so seeing them take cover, react as you'd expect to an impending grenade explosion and generally try to flush you out with a degree of intelligence comes as a pleasant surprise. The intensity of battles in what we've played so far certainly means the AI can get away with a few slip ups, so we don't know if this will reach Halo levels of excellence, but it probably doesn't have to - we were often too busy running for cover to notice what enemies were doing.

If there are any criticisms to be made at this stage, the frame rate certainly needs some optimising (but with a few months of development time remaining this shouldn't be a problem) and the tight field of view does from time to time make things feel a little overly constricted. It might just be us, but the main character's view point appears to be very low - so much so that we thought we might be accidentally crouching. A few other things rubbed us the wrong way too, such as not being able to have the iron-sight view on a press/depress toggle like in CoD and the way the cover system feels slightly laboured - we're not sure remaining in first-person works in the game's favour and currently feel switching to third-person as in Rainbow Six would work better. Some Sixaxis motion control elements also feel rather tacked on, despite at least being well thought out.

The architecture is stunning and gives the game a unique look

The architecture is stunning and gives the game a unique look

Something we've yet to get a good handle on is the story, which to be honest we couldn't get much of a feel for during our time with the preview build. Say what you like about Halo, but millions of people know the ins and outs of Bungie's storyline, and despite Killzone 2 being the third game in the series, most people are likely to be unsure if the Helghast are aliens or just an opposing human army. Geurrilla needs to make sure that Killzone newcomers aren't struggling to get to grips with what's going on. Equally important is the 32-player online multiplayer, which we're happy to report is shaping up extremely well, as our previous hands-on reports testify to.

It's fair to say that we're impressed by Killzone 2. Hype can work in two ways. A good game on the back of years of hype can change the industry forever (Halo), whereas a bad game on the back of a wave of hype can tarnish a brand. Two bad games in a row can end it forever. From what we've seen Killzone 2 not only has a chance of becoming the leading PS3 FPS, but also the leading FPS on all platforms, both on and offline. If Guerrilla can even come close to achieving such greatness PS3 gamers will be in for a hell of a treat in February.

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ryan's Avatar
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thank you facelessentity
Posted 08:47 on 21 December 2008
Faithxin_Cha0s's Avatar


The multiplayer for this game is insane. I disagree about the "tacked on" siaxis controls. I think it's genious. Definitly going to be the best FPS of '09, unless Modern Warfare 2 does better.
Posted 22:02 on 20 December 2008
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Posted 15:07 on 10 December 2008
FacelessEntity's Avatar
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I hate the fact that every time this game gets previews/hands-on/discussions someone has to compare it to some shooter that in their book equals "excellence". I'm sorry, but Halo is nowhere near excellent, and if the FPS genre doesn't need any more of is simplistic run/jump/shoot shooters like Halo.

What this game tries to do is innovate, but that mentality of evaluating the new and evolutionary with what came years ago simply defeats the whole purpose of innovating. The groundings for a good FPS are already set in stone, it doesn't need to things the way other shooters do to be considered GOOD.

The game has that heavy, slow, and hectic feel of a real war. It's a challenge, not a rail of predominantly stationary enemies that shoot at you until you put some bullets into their polygon mesh to advance. (a la Call of Duty) It even gives you the option of mapping the controls around the controller for comfort, not ease of play.

It's a different perspective that I think should be appreciated. A real, genuinely engaging experience like no other. Don't beat on it for trying to be different. Open your minds, critics.
Posted 22:47 on 09 December 2008
dylantalon's Avatar
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this game is the best game ive seen on any platform. i'm also in the beta so if anyone wants to play online, my xbl and psn - dylantalon.
Posted 19:52 on 09 December 2008
Wido's Avatar


I'm looking forward to Killzone 2 as Killzone 1 was good but not a halo beater, but still it was a good game.

Anyway moving on from the past installment, this preview has wet my appetite for Killzone 2 even more. The multiplayer looks good from the videos on what you put up, and now I'm waiting for some gameplay footage of the main game.
Posted 19:37 on 09 December 2008
Ivan_PSP's Avatar
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I'm so excited to get this game i will never stop playing it it just looks amazing.
Posted 16:38 on 09 December 2008
Chris77A's Avatar


This is the one game im really excited for, especially after the partial let down Resistance 2 turned out to be.
Posted 15:28 on 09 December 2008
Netmind's Avatar


I'm thinking bout becoming l33t in console FPS just for this game - Seems awesome.
Posted 15:12 on 09 December 2008

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