Sony is giving one lucky person the chance to win a trip to E3 by taking part in web-based Killzone training. Your objectives are simple:


- Sign up for ISA Marine training on the Killzone website
- Collect Helghast symbols
- Complete ISA training missions
- Earn a place on the Live Fire range

To win the opportunity to fire a Helghast weapon over the Internet on the Live Fire Range you'll need to be amongst the first 500 recruits to complete theory training.

Other prizes:

- Complete theory missions to Silver - chance to win custom KZ theme
- Complete theory missions to Gold - chance to win in-game unlock points
- Be the first to collect all 20 symbols - win Helghast Edition KZ3
- Secret prize - win a PS3, Helghast Edition KZ3 and signed KZ artwork

Killzone 3 is due for release on PS3 on Friday February 25.

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Corinth symbol on PSU.


Overlord on IGN
Posted 12:34 on 16 February 2011
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Originally Posted by @ChrisVideoGamer
VideoGamer does not comment on rumour or speculation.

Click for Image

It sure is hard to find. Good luck all.

Edit: I have signed up for this but I doubt very much if I'll have the time and patience to go looking for these things in the media. If I do find anything I'll post it on this thread.
Posted 11:34 on 16 February 2011
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I've heard a rumour that one of the symbols you need to collect may or may not be on this very site. Just a rumour though ;)
Posted 10:42 on 16 February 2011

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