Killzone 2 screenshot
Killzone 2 screenshot

According to a preview in Gamepro, Killzone 3 is very much in development and promises a host of new features over its predecessor.

The headline grabbing addition is 3D, suggesting Killzone 3 will form part of Sony's push into the 3D marketplace. As expected you'll need both a 3D TV and glasses, meaning the functionality will be optional, but according to the mag, very worthwhile.

If you're not 3D-enabled then there's still plenty to get excited about. Bungie's Halo: Reach isn't the only upcoming FPS to feature jet packs. Guerrilla's Killzone 3 will sport strap-on flying machines too.

There's loads more over on the GameSpot forums.

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fps_d0minat0r's Avatar

fps_d0minat0r@ Mr_Ninjutsu

but this isnt any ordinary jet pack........its a hhelllllghhhhannnnn jet pack
Posted 20:04 on 24 May 2010
Mr_Ninjutsu's Avatar

Mr_Ninjutsu@ El-Dev

"One of the most eye-catching is the new jet packs: first you must fight off three Jetpack Troopers, who are quick and heavily armed. Once you defeat them, you discover a spare jetpack that you can strap yourself into. It works like an exaggerated jump, allowing you to soar high into the air and use the forward thrust twice before having to land, and opens up the possibilities for platforming and aerial combat."

Quote taken from the PS3 UK Blog. I wouldn't really call it a jet-pack but more or less a jump thruster? As traditionally jet-packs enable the player to essentially fly.
Posted 19:50 on 24 May 2010
El-Dev's Avatar


Strap-on flying machines...

The mind does boggle.

Quite excited about KZ3, dunno bout the jet-packs though, will have to wait and see.
Posted 14:43 on 24 May 2010
IndoorHeroes's Avatar


"Guerrilla's Killzone 3 will sport strap-on"

Thats all I see O____o
Posted 10:25 on 24 May 2010
Mr_Ninjutsu's Avatar

Mr_Ninjutsu@ mikejosh1978

Only you could of changed the conversation from 3d to jetpacks.
Posted 10:21 on 24 May 2010
RecoN's Avatar


I really can't wait for this! I've being playing my pc games in stereoscopic 3D with the blue and red glasses to get a feel on how 3D will work with gaming.
I've currently been playing BFBC2 in 3d, although you loose some colour with this 3D method, the effect is great. The 3D effect makes the jungle and arctic enviroments look incredible.

When grenades are thrown at you and then you get shrapnel flying nearby and walls blowing up, the use of 3D is excellent for this. Even the smoke and mist feels like its drifting around your face.

Sony & Guerrilla are going to do a great job im sure. Im really excited now that a triple AAA game is going to support 3D. Now i really have to hope i find a 3D tv that is affordable. :)

Roll on 3D!
Posted 10:20 on 24 May 2010
mikejosh1978's Avatar


So the 3D is new i get that but why are jetpacks the addition of the industry atm. Cod will be next lol. Warhawk was one of the first games to have jetpacks & they are fun for about 5 mins . Red Faction had a backpack selection which had a fun focus but it died online very quickly . I would think the are more than jetpacks that players have asked for surely?
Posted 10:08 on 24 May 2010

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