When we reminisce about the best first-person-shooters, it's the weapons we usually gush about. When we talk about GoldenEye 007, we talk about dual-wielding RCP-90s. When we talk about Half-Life 2 we talk about the Gravity Gun. When we talk about Halo we talk about the Needler. What weapons will we talk about when we reminisce about Killzone 2? Only time will tell. For now though, enjoy our exclusive Weapons of Killzone 2 feature, where we give you the inside track on the tools of destruction you'll be using when the game launches next month. And don't forget to check out the videos, where you'll be treated to a kill and the gorgeous reload animations in glorious HD.


Probably the worst gun in the game. It's weak and difficult to aim accurately at speed. The only useful thing about the six-shooter M4 Revolver is that it comes with an infinite supply of ammo.


Standard issue ISA assault rifle - the best all-round gun you'll have for pretty much the first half of the game. Good power at short to mid distance, and, with an excellent green dot zoom function, about as accurate a weapon as you're going to get. Ammo is sparse, especially on the harder difficulties, and there aren't many bullets in a clip, so it's best fired in short bursts.


A press of R2 (on the default control scheme) will cook the grenade, and releasing the button will let fly. You're able to do this in and out of cover, but beware - it takes a good couple of seconds to throw a grenade in Killzone 2. Power is disappointing, and you'll often see Helghast unharmed by the explosion when you think they should have been blown to bits. Grenades are more useful for flushing the enemy out of cover.


You always have access to the knife in Killzone 2 - accessible by pressing right on the d-pad (using the default control scheme). It's a last resort weapon, but a deadly one - you can take a Helghast soldier down with one swipe, usually resulting in a spray of blood splattering on the HUD.

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User Comments

Wido's Avatar


Those weapsons look bloody great! Really am looking forward to use the flamethrower and of course the rifles are my favourite kind of weapons.
Posted 18:08 on 21 January 2009
RecoN's Avatar


This game looks sick with those weapons! They look like they could be real, even the animations look lke the real weight physics! :)
Posted 17:14 on 21 January 2009
Triggerhappytel's Avatar


All looking very nice indeed - some of these weapons remind me of Black, in that they all seem to sound excellent, they look the business and they really do proper, visual damage to the enemy. I also like the fact that they're all feasible weapons which fire hot lead, rather than made up guns which fire lasers or plasma. Although I have seen some sort of electricity gun in some videos, so there may be one or two exceptions.
Posted 15:49 on 21 January 2009
Chris77A's Avatar


O wow im impressed, i was thinking that there would only be 8-10 weapons, so im impressed.Btw is any body else impressed?
Posted 15:46 on 21 January 2009

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