Before we knew it, December was upon us and all the games had arrived in stores in time for everyone to buy them as presents. We've got the reveal of our Game of the Year coming after Christmas, but for 24 days starting December 1 we'll bring you a new contender for the title. Please note that these games are in no particular order, but feel free to speculate on where they might appear in our final list.

Tom Orry, Editor

Journey isn't the kind of game I'd typically enjoy. It definitely falls into the "Are games art?" category, which is something I usually steer well clear of. I'm glad I didn't though, as Journey is one of my most memorable gaming experiences of 2012 and a game everyone should play. It is absolutely beautiful, not only in the way it looks and sounds, but also in how it plays. While this isn't your standard game, you are still very much in control of your actions, and this helps establish a real connection with your character. This is a wonderful game.

I'm amazed that no one else here played Journey or feels it worthy of a place in our Top 24. I'd put Journey inside my Top 10 and encourage anyone with a PS3 to buy it immediately.

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reynoldio's Avatar


I didn't manage to get my GOTY list sent in time (and I think I only had seven on it anyway) but this was almost certainly my no. 1 - just amazing, a fun game, simply the greatest multiplayer experience I've ever had playing any video game, truly wonderful. Pretty too :)
Posted 19:21 on 21 December 2012
rbevanx's Avatar


It is arty farty...but it is very good

I have a gut feeling Martin will agree.
Posted 20:19 on 20 December 2012


Beautiful visuals, beautiful soundtrack and a great sense of exploration - plus it's less than a tenner.

I'm off to buy an exceedingly long scarf.
Posted 19:41 on 20 December 2012
CharleSketch's Avatar


Journey is something else. It's, mechanically, such a simple game with so much to offer in the storytelling department. I even got my dad (who hasn't played a single video game since the original Super Mario Bros., maybe once or twice) to play and enjoy this. Thatgamecompany deserves ever bit of praise they get from this game, it truly is a wonderful and unique experience in the video game world.

This and The Walking Dead are my personal games of the year, they both tell a touching, memorable story in vary different ways. While a lot of people are cynical about this year when it comes to gaming, I think it was a joy.
Posted 18:22 on 20 December 2012


Journey is amazing and I've played it through 10 times now to find all the extra bits. You'd think that it would only appeal as a one off game, but every time you play you notice something new.
Posted 15:41 on 20 December 2012
MJTH's Avatar


Journey is not just a game, it's a true experience. It's a game that I would actually go out and recommend to people who do not usually play games, in the same way people recommend movies for other to see. It's like a pixar movie, it can appeal to so many whilst looking gorgeous.

If it was anounced as game of the year, I'd certainly agree with the choice!
Posted 12:37 on 20 December 2012

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Release Date: 14/03/2012
Developer: thatgamecompany
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Genre: Adventure
No. Players: 1-2
Rating: PEGI 3+
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