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Open-world superhero action from the creator of Sly Cooper.

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All you really need to know, then, is that inFamous 2 is built on an excellent bedrock of navigation and superpowers but is mired in unsatisfying combat and weary exposition. If you're the kind of person who considers a successful open world game to be one where you spend most of your time ignoring the narrative, inFamous 2 should be right up your street. I happily plodded around the city for hours, seeking out each of the 305 blast shards before resigning myself to the sad reality that I needed to progress through the unsatisfying late-game missions to reach the conclusion.

Sucker Punch, however, is seeking out the assistance of the community with its User Generated Content (UGC) features. Despite an excellent toolkit and a surprising amount of freedom and versatility in the editor itself, most featured UGC levels, even a week after release, are still authored by Sucker Punch. I imagine the intention is to slowly filter these away with community-helmed creations, though it's a real shame that some of the more noteworthy results from the UGC beta couldn't have been folded into the retail launch.

Undeterred in my efforts to see what the community was creating, however, I flicked the filter to 'newest' and got swamped with a forest of green blobs on the mini-map. My first venture into the foggy world of genuine UGC was a level where Cole had to track down and murder the manager of a local Subway (yes, the popular chain of sandwich vendors - I imagine the brand was used without permission) because he had hooked up with one of Zeke's ex-girlfriends. The mission consisted of me running down the street and blasting some dude in the face. Next!

There's no ability to get voice work into UGC levels, so on-screen text has to suffice. Another UGC creation flooded an area with a hundred grenade-wielding foes and said that only Cole could stop New Marais from being invaded by a race of Call of Duty noob tubers, and one level wanted you to destroy a bespoke construction it labelled the 'Minecraft tank' by moving a ball from one location to another.

While Sucker Punch should be applauded for its efforts (and successes) in adding user-generated content to an open world game, there's a real sense that the developer should have sorted out the foundations of its own house before inviting others to come over and redecorate. UGC is certainly not the killer feature this series needed to emerge from its slightly ropey footing, and while inFamous 2 is a mostly entertaining game that manages to succeed over its predecessor, Sucker Punch is still yet to make an experience that's genuinely electrifying.

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User Comments

p0rtalthinker's Avatar


Hahaha this is amazing stuff guys ^_^. Thanks for the laughs
Posted 00:08 on 22 June 2011
thegreatODEN's Avatar


Some of these puns are actually funny, and clever.
Posted 23:46 on 21 June 2011
87Sarah's Avatar


Personally I'm -shocked- at this re-volt-ing behaviour... I shall not be -frequency-ing this topic again...
Posted 14:19 on 21 June 2011
Clockpunk's Avatar

Clockpunk@ dav2612

And not in a positive way, either...
Posted 13:59 on 21 June 2011
dav2612's Avatar

dav2612@ pblive

According to the police updates, you will be charged.
Posted 12:24 on 21 June 2011


only when they lock me in a cell for battery
Posted 12:14 on 21 June 2011
dav2612's Avatar


Is it not time to pull the plug on the jokes?
Posted 11:56 on 21 June 2011
MrGloomy's Avatar

MrGloomy@ mydeaddog

'Watt' are you saying? I am 'shocked' by all the pun-ery. How could you 'conduct' yourself in this manner. Ohm,M,G
Posted 11:56 on 21 June 2011


I -volted- over to the score before being -illuminated- by the text. -Watt- is Gaston thinking giving it a 7? That's- shocking- and, in -short-, I don't know how he could -generate- a score like that, whether -positive- or -negative-. still, there was a -spark- of truth in it and I'm not going to shout -atom- for it.
Posted 11:27 on 21 June 2011
Jamin's Avatar


It didn't take long for these jokes to lose their spark, did it?
Posted 10:21 on 21 June 2011
scaz2244's Avatar

scaz2244@ guyderman

personally i thought the first one was pretty good not great but good. but will be picking it up but the reason why im so shocked is games like dungeons siege ( although havent played) seems just as repetitive as infamous but instead just another dungeon etc.

still be picking it up....
Posted 01:03 on 21 June 2011
CheekyLee's Avatar

CheekyLee@ altaranga

This is very much Martin's current way of rating games. The way he actually uses the entirety of the 10-point scale should be applauded. Clearly, he is part of the Resistance.
Posted 00:55 on 21 June 2011
guyderman's Avatar

guyderman@ scaz2244

I'm playing it at the moment and tbh if you liked the first on then you'll like this one. I've got to the point that I want it to end now though, not sure how much further I have to go, but it's repetitive-ness is starting to take it's toll on me a little bit now. I think it's worth a 7 or possibly an 8/10 depending on just how much you liked the original!
Posted 21:09 on 20 June 2011
scaz2244's Avatar


very disappointed that it got a 7!! tbh thought it was heading for more of a 8 at least.

real shame still porbz get it as the first was brilliant.
Posted 19:57 on 20 June 2011
altaranga's Avatar


OHMG. Only 7 out of 10!!
Posted 19:54 on 20 June 2011

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inFamous 2
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