inFamous 2 screenshot
inFamous 2 screenshot

PS3-exclusive developer Sucker Punch will only create inFamous 3 if it can come up with "good ideas".

That's according to Sucker Punch co-founder Brian Fleming, who revealed to at E310 that he doesn't know whether a third game is on the cards.

"At the point we finish this game we'll probably have been working on it for five-and-a-half years - the two games together - so I don't know," Fleming said when asked whether work will begin on infamous 3 after inFamous 2 is wrapped up.

"It will depend on us having some good ideas. We'll have to have good ideas. We knew what we wanted to do. We knew that we could do this and present it really well. The key is we have to have good ideas. If we have good ideas, then it'll make more sense. Right now, we are trying to cash the cheque. We have a huge amount of work to do to make the game we really feel like we can make."

Although Sucker Punch created the two-million-selling PS3-exclusive inFamous only "hoping" to make a sequel, publisher Sony told the developer "to begin planning" for inFamous 2 before the game had even been released.

"We knew we were going to make a sequel the last couple months of infamous," he said.

"We and Sony felt like it was strong and it was going to be successful, so we should begin planning for that. But the truth is, we went on vacation after inFamous. It was a three-and-a-half year project non-stop. We were crispy. I went to Paris. I forget where Nate went. We went away for a while; we were tired. But we knew, I think, that at that point, by two months before we were confident and had had conversations with Sony about that."

Be sure to check out our E310 interview with Brian Fleming. InFamous 2 is due out in 2011.

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Bloodstorm's Avatar


So much sperg.
Posted 23:39 on 26 November 2012
Ilikepie's Avatar


Hey Sucker Punch!
Try it like this. Have the beginning of inFamous 3 say if you want to be good or evil.
But, this can change by your actions during the game. And at the end restate that.
And read other peoples ideas for more.
Posted 23:15 on 26 November 2012
zanburr's Avatar


well i have my own opinion about the game it will consist of two games one from the ending of the evil and the other from the good ending the first one is the evil ending
Infamous 3 part 1 this is the spinoff of the evil ending in infamous 2. This game starts 5 years after he gained the beasts powers so now everyone is a conduit, but most people don’t have very strong powers so they would be the civilians walking the streets and driving the cars as you see in infamous one and two. the game would start out with Cole on his new roof top house with his new best friend Fred who has the power to condense his atomic structure or make it more lose which allows something to go through him or be destroyed off his skin. You see them talking about Cole’s girl friend Lucy Kuo and in which Cole is saying he is planning on marrying her and he pulls out a ring to show Fred. But then Kuo comes out of nowhere with her ice flying power and Cole quickly hides it in his pocket. Then Kuo says there doing it again Cole says who and she said the gangsters. Cole looks aggravated and then he jumps of the side of the building and runs toward the gangsters. He sees them capturing some of the weaker conduits so Cole goes to beat them up but just then he gets knocked upside the head and it goes blank then you see him in a large cage surrounded by men with orange jumpsuits on, Cole is naturally pissed he demands what’s going on than a man comes out he is buff with a buzz cut and he is also wearing an orange jumpsuit that has been cut up like he has been in a couple fights. The man says hello Cole Macgrath or should I say …the beast. Cole goes what the hell do you want . the man says that his name is scorch and tells him about this new group called chaos legion 1 and they are under his command he also says that there goal is to rid the world of these powers that everyone has Cole is angry about this and he trys to electrify him but the cage won’t let him the man laughs and says that chaos legion one isn’t the only one and they consist of fire conduits he says he had captured Cole to extract his powers first and Cole asked how is that some kind of fire thing the man chuckles and says o no it is my masters witch I will not tell you about because in 10 second it won’t matter to you then right then Cole cloches his head like he is in pain and falls to the ground and is unconscious the last thing he sees is a blurred image of one of the chaos members picking him up. He wakes up on his couch next to Kuo. he tells her about what happened and how he doesn’t have powers anymore and Kuo looks sad but then Cole shoots a bolt out of his hand but it is the old fashioned one he had before he got the beats powers and he figured out that they only took the beasts powers. Outside he hears a bang and goes to find it it’s the chaos group around a giant mark on the ground and they are screaming where are the blast shards and they were scattered around the city with the blast so Cole can now go around and collect them Then Cole goes around doing missions and killing these members of chaos just like he did with the reapers in infamous 1 and the militia in infamous 2 and during this they turn off the power in places around the city and Cole goes to the nuclear power plants where they turned off the power and when he turns it back on he gains new powers like he does in both infamous 1 and 2 and he can buy upgrades with his xp he gains by killing the chaos groups and after he does missions more powerful members of chaos legion one come out and these members of chaos have the power over fire Cole keeps collecting data about scorch the general of chaos legion one And ends up fighting him and when Cole wins scorch tells Cole a little about his boss and then he just disintegrates into fire and he is gone. Now the members of chaos legion one is gone to but now there is chaos legion two that now Cole is fighting and scorch had also told him about legion 2 and they have the powers over ice and Cole does the whole thing again and collects data about the general of legion 2 which is called glacier witch is a girl and Cole fights her and wins she tells him a little more about her boss and legion 3 of chaos which have the power over earth. Then she turns into frost and disappears and Cole goes throw it again with the third legion and then fights quake the general of the third legion of chaos and when Cole beats him he tells him the rest about his boss and witch calls himself master mind. Cole goes out searching for him and when he finds him he is sitting on a large chair with the generals at his feet Cole says you master mind he says yes and then Cole attacks and the fight begins master mind has powers that use his mind so he can lift objects like cars with his mind he can teleport he is very strong and his best powers is he can drain the powers of a conduit and he can use them for a short time witch drain’s the conduit and they fall asleep but they get there powers back when they wake up and master mind cant use the other conduits power again unless he takes it again and he does this with the generals and he uses the powers during the fight but when Cole defeats him mastermind shows his true face under his mask and it is the face of Zeke his former best friend which he thought he had killed but Zeke explains that he survived and when Cole shot him with the bolt it activated I new form of the conduit gene which gave him powers and he could also take away powers from people without killing them and he was going to do it to everyone with this machine he invented called the RFE which stands for ray field extractor and he asks Cole if he wanted to join him and take everyone’s powers away and start new and in the evil ending he says yes and they take the powers but in the good ending he destroys the machine and Zeke escapes.
now this one is for the good ending
Infamous 3 part 2 this is the spinoff of the good ending in infamous 2. this starts out with Zeke on the boat that you see in the ending of infamous 2 while they are heading back to empire city that is now being rebuilt after the beast destroyed it. But it is now called new empire city. And Zeke is over Cole’s casket and its open, Zeke has faint tears on his face he says half as long and looks at Cole as if waiting for a reply but Zeke just looks up at the sky and a member on the boat walks up and says looks like there is going to be one hell of a storm but Zeke just walks away and keeps looking up. Right after that lightning strikes’ the casket where Cole is lying and Zeke gets blown off the ship when he gets back on he see’s the casket destroyed and he just looks astonished but then he hears someone say how long have I been out with a very weak voice. And to Zeke’s surprise its Cole just lying 10ft from him Zeke stands up and gives Cole a big bear huge and Cole says how am I alive did the rfi work and Zeke says ya and you died for like 5 days Cole goes then how am I alive and Zeke explains about the lightning and Cole is just astonished and sits down then it shows 6 days later and they are in new empire city in there new roof top house and Zeke is telling Cole about what he saw today when he was out that there were a couple of guys with guns out there who are trying to take over town so Cole goes out to find them and he gets surrounded buy a lot of guys with guns and before Cole starts to attack this man somewhere says hold your fire and the group members lower their guns so this man walks out and he is an African American man in a tuxedo and he says well well well if it isn’t Cole Macgrath the saint of new Marias Cole says who are you and what are you doing here and the man says well i am not that important but I did come here to give you a massage from my master he said that this new force is called chaos and was created to kill you and your loved ones and Cole says and who is your master and the man says he was married to a conduit and you had killed her when you used the rfi and now he wanted revenge but you wont meet him you are going to die and right then everyone opens fire but Cole escapes he tells Zeke the story and now Cole is going around killing these guys and doing missions like he did with the reapers in infamous 1 and the militia in infamous 2 and you can chose to either be good or evil and every time Cole finishes certain missions new and stronger chaos members come out and since they don’t have powers they have armor and metal suits that imitates certain powers like some are fire and some are ice that kind of thing and the members of chaos have lost blast shards and they were scattered around the city and Cole gains new powers buy going in the sewers and turning on the power like in infamous 1 and he can get different forms of those powers buy using them in special ways like in infamous 2 and he buys them with ex like in both and in the game after days of fighting he finds this group of people who have powers and cole cant believe it one is a girl her name is scorch and she has powers over fire one is a guy with powers over ice his name is frost and one is a guy with powers over earth his name is quake they tell cole that they had a different form of the conduit gene so when cole activated the rfi and kill many conduits they gained powers instead and during the game they would show up randomly and help cole in fights and decisions like kuo and nix did in infamous 2 later Cole finds the tuxedo man and fights with him and the man has this suit on that lets him shot fire and bullets and missiles from it but Cole beats him and the man tells Cole about his master so Cole goes out to find him and when he does the man has this giant robotic suit kind of like a snake with its head in the air and on the giants chest is three capsules which contain the captured scorch frost and quake and the man tells cole that the giant robotic suit can drain the powers of one of them at a time and it can use those powers but it takes a bit of time to charge it up and it will lose the powers and go back to them after a certain amount of time when he isn’t using one of the powers he shots guns and he starts and missiles, fighting Cole and during the fight he tells Cole of his wife and how he formed chaos out of people who lost loved ones who were conduits who wanted revenge but Cole beats him and sets the people free from the suit detains the man in a prison in new empire city and the group chaos just fades away and that was the good ending of infamous 3 this is the evil ending after beating the man he kills him by destroying the suit not realizing the others are still in there and they also die and the rest of the members of chaos just disappear and Cole goes back to what it was before chaos.
Posted 01:36 on 16 November 2011
Mcgrathwrath0's Avatar


spoiler alert. ok, sucker punch congrats on infamous 2 but if you want to make an Infamous 3 here is a good idea. Ok we know from Infamous 2 that Cole has a brother so Infamous should start out with him either way you go. lets with the good ending, cole and all the other conduits are dead and Cole's brother (lets say his name is Trey or something like that) either ran away from home (if hes younger) or is just plain livin off the streets of some new city,like Pittsburgh, (if he's older) and one day he gets jumped and uses some kinda superpower that identifies him as a new breed of conduit. after that he meets Zeke and zeke tells Trey that cole is dead and that he is part of some new crazy organization and then takes him to meet some other conduit survivor (Alden maybe?) and then they figuring how come their still alive while fighting some other conduit survivors whove gone psycho and started killing everyone. Meanwhile the rest of the country is going nuts because somehow all the information about the beast, conduits, and the first sons is now public knowledge (wikileaks anyone?). Riots and terrorist attacks are spreading out of control and the way thecountry become stable again is if Trey can figure how to erase everyones memory and fast. that is the good side story i came up let me know wut u think.
Posted 22:46 on 28 August 2011
Puf's Avatar


Well i hope that they will make infamous 3 with or without our suggestion.
My personal idea about Infamous 3 would start with time traveling.Think of it.
Cole must be alive in 3 no matter the cost.After that he must think of Trish,he misses her he wants her back,what to do?
Travel back in time and try to undo what Kesler did,in fact try to stop yourself from becoming a conduit.Then rather your good or bad karma try to become normal and get Trish or try to take the city by force-you against all/no help/you already know what happened in 1 why not make 3 your way of choice whether to keep or give up your powers .Cheers !
Posted 23:18 on 08 August 2011
Reenogamer's Avatar


The only thing that makes sense is that they continue on the evil ending. A new conduit will rise up (hopefully some kind of reletive of coles) and tries either to stop cole (good) or join cole (bad). There has to be good and evil conduits over the world like two sides. the new conduit joins one. the good should of course have humanity on its side. when cole became the beast many new conduits where created so it makes perfect sense and it would make an awesome game with alot of different superpowers! Don´t you agree?
Posted 11:40 on 25 July 2011
Leomede's Avatar


The best start for bad karma would be that when the explosion that transfering the beasts powers to cole caused a conduit with the powers to time travel whent back in time landed in the street and got hit by a car when she/he woke up she saw kesler . Kesler asked her/him why did she/he appear out of no where she/he said she/he just remembered that she was walking when she/he saw cole mcgrath and the beast exploding and that a rock was going to fall over her/him and she/he closed her/his eyes and then got hit by a car kesler knew what happened the beast was giving cole his Powers and kesler said. " I told him to destroy it not to become it" and asked she/he whats the date today and she/he says (whatever is the day when cole becomes the beast) and kesler goes to the future to destroy cole so they fight and kesler wins and he absorbs all of coles powers but its to much power so kesler explotes and when cole wakes up he sees the ice men and the bad conduits( that absorbed the explotions energy) coming to help then he falls asleep again and when he wakes up again hes in saint beach (florida,miami) the conduits tell cole that the good conduits and kesler the new beast (but good) controled the swamp monsters and took over new marais and they had to retreat to saint beach .so when kesler and the good conduits get to saint beach there will be war between cole and bad conduits vs kesler( the new beast) good conduits and swamp monsters(bad karma story for infamous 3
Posted 03:32 on 25 July 2011
Leomede's Avatar


The best start for good karma would be that when cole is activating the RFI a conduite with the power to time travel goes back in time without knowing and gets hit by a car then when she/he wakes up wolfe is there asking her/him why did she/he appear out of no where and he/she said that he/she was walking when she/he saw cole mcgrath activating some sphere thing and then wolfe knew she/he traveled in time because he wasnt done with the RFI and then she/he said that when cole was activating the sphere thing she/he felt like she/he was dying so without knowing she/he appeared in the street and then the car hit her/him and thats all she remembered so wolfe told her/him to take him back in time 2 years so he could build a thing that would revive cole without reviving all the bad guys so they whent back in time. When wolfe was finished he told her/himto go to the the futere and revive cole so she/he did and then she/he appered in a boat with zeke and coles tomb she/he opened coles tomb and puts the (lets call it ARC Artifact that Revives Conduits) in coles chest and she/he activates it and its working but then the ARC hets hit by lightning and explodes and it revives cole and other conduits some conduits bad and some good but it also kills zeke and she/he but they didnt find their bodies so cole didnt know what happened but when he wakes up he sees all the city destroyed but he also sees some ice men and other conduites coming to help him and then he falls asleep again when he wakes up hes in Saint beach (Florida) they tell him that the bad conduits and the beast controled the swamp monsters and took over new marais so they had to retreat to saint beach so when te bad conduites get to saint beach a new war is about to start between cole the good conduites and the ice men vs the beast the bad conduites and the swamp monsters (good karma story for infamous 3)
Posted 18:32 on 24 July 2011


If spoiling the ending of inFamous 2 then please use spoiler tags! [spoiler ] Then the spoiler [/spoiler].

Posted 11:18 on 03 July 2011
Alcatraz358's Avatar


in the good ending the lighnting bolt should have revied cole and then they go back to the destryoed empire city and when the beast blew it up he left like radiation and when cole got to close to it it exploded and revived all the dead conduits and they wanted revenge for cole using the RFI so all the conduits go after him and zeke. and it would be better if trish was a conduit and she like led the conduits against cole it would be fun battling your gilfreind. but in the bad ending cole and all the other conduits wuold battle the worlds army and military.Those are my ideas for infamous 3 I HOPE THEY MAKE IT PLZZZZ!!!:]
Posted 06:54 on 03 July 2011
xandmine's Avatar


I think due to the different endings of inFamous 2 which I liked but felt horrible doing as I didn't like the bromance dying off. That if indeed an inFamous 3 is made that from the good ending it would be cool to play as Zeke trying to right the wrongs made in the world and fight in memory of Cole and as for the bad ending carry on playing as Cole only have it that there is a riot of conduits disagreeing with you or something like that so its like Cole vs the world or the idea of playing as another conduit could work really well too showing the effects that Cole's good and or evil actions had on the world I do like the idea of Cole being brought back to life with a lighting bolt but don't think it works as it has a whole Frankenstein feel to it. But as long as they male another great inFamous game with a fun gameplay and great story line I'm be happy :D
Posted 22:52 on 01 July 2011
Chaza_snake's Avatar


(SPOILERS) with the ending of infamous 2 i think cole mcgrath is dead, or in the evil ending pretty much killing everyone. The great thing about infamous is that its known for it sense of power and karma moments. cole mcgrath doesnt need to be the central charracter, a different conduit with different powers could be interesting, or even better would be getting to play as kesler in a prequal to infamous 1,you could to see the family cole would have had, work with wolfe, see the start of the first sons and evenulty take control of them, this could give an added gameplay element by letting you control the first sons like how you control assassins in brotherhood, meaning they can help you out in big battles or send them off on missons to do good(protect important people of the town, such as the mayor) or do bad missions (such as mug people or create a mafia type empire) all to gain xp for u and build up a bigger army of the first sons
Posted 20:08 on 23 June 2011
walters's Avatar


in good ending the lightning bolt should revive his heart. and in infamous 3, if your evil, you should have your own kind of crew but instead be able to pick your own people for the crew =) thats just my little fantasy for number 3 IF it happens which it should because the way they made infamous 2 end...they cant just stop now...well i hope they dont =)
Posted 16:57 on 23 June 2011
87Sarah's Avatar


Spoiler tags people!!
Posted 11:12 on 23 June 2011
grantmatthys's Avatar


I really hope and am extremely confident that InFamous3 will be made, the infamous series, i think, the best game to come out in a long time. a very close second only to the infamous series. i dont even care if their is a co-op because i think lots of good single player games are ruined by a bad co-op. I think for the good ending the lightning bolt jump starting his heart is a good idea and would make sense, after i beat the good campaign i thought that was already a set up for infamous 3 and went searching for a release date. The evil campaign however would be more difficult, i could see since you are now the beast, that in the evil campaign you can make more conduits to help you out in the game. The only thing i think that both games lacked was a neutral based campaign. Something that is similar to the power set up after you beat both campaigns in InFamous 2. I think that depending on what good and evil missions you do you get a power from ever one so you can have a set up of both good and evil powers to maximize your power set up.
Posted 08:59 on 23 June 2011

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