inFamous 2 screenshot
inFamous 2 screenshot

Forums started crackling with angry comments when it turned out Sucker Punch was re-designing inFamous' Cole MacGrath. Soon enough pictures began surfacing that confirmed our Cole's makeover from the Cole we had come to know into what the Internet dubbed Nathan Drake Cole - a scruffy, tattooed brunette with what seemed to be total facial reconstruction. But Drake Cole was back under the knife as Sucker Punch quickly bowed to fan pressure to create what was then dubbed New Old Cole, the happy medium between old and new. And the game follows a similar enough path, taking inFamous' origin story and extending it, bringing in a slightly more polished combat system and sense of morality than we saw the first time around.

The original inFamous plotline performed one function: to create a modern-day take on becoming a super hero. And with its release we were introduced to Cole, a bike messenger who found himself caught in a city-levelling Ray Sphere explosion, giving him electricity-based super powers in the process.

Director Nate Fox had said of the original that the DC Comics series' DMZ and the 90's Batman arc No Man's Land provided some of the main influences for the game. In fact the first glimpse I get of inFamous 2 is through the same style of comic motifs we saw in the original title. Cutscenes continue to make use of the 2D panel-styled animation to give the game context and it soon becomes clear that Cole's origin story in Empire City has moved on. I'm now taken to the New Orleans-inspired New Marais, which Cole has headed to in order to flee the game's antagonist, the Beast, and enhance his electrical powers.

It's another bustling open-world. I've been left at the top of a building and given an Ezio Auditore-like view of the new town you'll inevitably spend a good portion of the game free-running through, but before I start climbing down nine-storey buildings I'm presented with my first in-game choice. And it's one that Sucker Punch seems most excited to show off.

inFamous offered up a rudimentary in-game morality system, where the drama would grind to a halt and you'd be informed you've reached a kind of moral intersection, at which point you would be forced to decide whether or not to perform a certain action. But morality in this game has been personified. This time around moral decisions are rooted in interactions between Cole and two NPCs who function as stand-ins for the angel and devil on his shoulder. So after you're done scoping out New Marais' skyline you're faced with a decision to follow the moral or immoral path, as designated by two different objectives on your mini-map.

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Just look at this awesome move!
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Posted 20:20 on 12 February 2011

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IndoorHeroes's Avatar


RecoN that gif is ace, I've posted it on the VG facebook. Good find.
Posted 14:03 on 13 February 2011
IamBugged's Avatar

IamBugged@ RecoN

This just became nr.1 on my to buy list.
Posted 11:54 on 13 February 2011
Clockpunk's Avatar


I just hope wire fences won't prove impenetrable walls of razor steel mesh this time around! ;)
Posted 23:12 on 12 February 2011
Mr_Ninjutsu's Avatar

Mr_Ninjutsu@ RecoN

Holy crap. This is on my list to buys now just from that. Wow.
Posted 20:28 on 12 February 2011
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Just look at this awesome move!
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Posted 20:20 on 12 February 2011
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Seems Emily is getting all of the awesome PS3 exclusive previews. I really enjoy your style, so its actually very welcome.

Now this is probably my most anticipated game of 2011, maybe just behind Mass Effect 3 and level with Uncharted 3. Nonetheless, I am hugely looking forward to this game.

Your preview was absolutely fantastic to read, and I'm eager to find out just how visceral the new melee gameplay is. In my own opinion the parkour/climbing in this game is just as enjoyable as Assassin's Creed but in a different style obviously.

P.S. The screen capture fronting this preview is god damn ugly. Cole looks like he's been pulled out of a PS1 game.
Posted 10:50 on 08 February 2011
Gollum_85's Avatar


I'll need to finish the first one before i get this. Too many games to play...
Posted 21:12 on 07 February 2011
guyderman's Avatar


Nice Preview, (especially for a girl), I can't wait to get my grubbies on this - It took me half of the first game before I got into it but by the end I was hooked - the story and twists made it - I'm hoping we get a better playing game with another great story on this one!
Posted 15:51 on 07 February 2011
IndoorHeroes's Avatar


This game can't come soon enough as far as I'm concerned. This, Batman AC, Brink and LA Noire. I want them now.
Posted 15:34 on 07 February 2011

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