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Heavy Rain screenshot
Heavy Rain screenshot

Heavy Rain-like games could be an area of "huge potential growth" for Sony, according to two of the company's most senior executives.

"I think with Heavy Rain we really did create a different type of experience, and something that even non-gamers - members of my family who don't play games - really got immersed in," said John Rostron, senior director of SCE XDev Studio Europe, speaking at today's Develop Liverpool conference.

"Yes, mobile and all those sorts of things will be around for a long time. But I also think there's a huge potential growth in that area as well, where you do have this sort of crossover [between games and films]. At last you can really see that happening with future consoles. I think it's a really interesting time for us."

Rostron's comments were further echoed by Michael Denny, senior vice president of SCE Worldwide Studios.

"I agree with John, I think that's going to be a massive area for us - to keep pushing forward with performance capture, crossing the uncanny valley, as it were," he said.

"I think there's so much potential for those sorts of games. Our companies are trying to get emotion into gaming as well, to take us forward."

Heavy Rain creator David Cage is working on two unannounced projects in the same "genre" as his crime drama, though expect different subject matter.

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User Comments

guyderman's Avatar


I really enjoyed Heavy Rain, and I didn't think it would be my cupa tea. Great characters and atmosphere - obviously much better the first time round and I destroyed it a bit for myself going for the Plat as I was sick of it by the end, but I would certainly welcome more of this types of game!
Posted 09:34 on 01 April 2012
ThrillersRAwe's Avatar


Heavy Rain like games... Awesome. As u can tell by my name I love this game

I got bored of mw3 pretty quick.
Posted 04:35 on 31 March 2012
BC_Animus's Avatar


More Heavy Rain-like games... Just had a scary thought... imagine a game with 13 levels of you screaming Jason...
Posted 14:58 on 25 November 2011
clangod's Avatar


Can only be a good thing I think. Heavy Rain was a rather brief outing for me though. Played through once and a half. The illusion was gone, but it was good while it lasted.

I'm also pleased to hear that they are moving away from any Heavy Rain continuity. Depending on exactly what that entails, I'm interested to see if they could create a more fluid environment. Movement became a bit bothersome after a while.

Heavy Rain definitely set an interesting precedent in the modern QTE movie genre. Definitely worth keeping an eye on.
Posted 12:25 on 25 November 2011
Clockpunk's Avatar


That is extremely fuzzy reasoning - after all, Move-based Kart games could offer 'huge potential returns', Move-based erotic games with the dildo-waggle control could offer the very same.

Sounds like Sony just wanted to make a headline with specious semantics... ('hook, line and sinker' springs to mind... sorry guys)
Posted 11:19 on 25 November 2011
BC_Animus's Avatar


I loved Cages previous two games, and I look forward to his new games... I have to wonder though if he'd be able to break his mold and create something more unique and different. As much as I loved 'Heavy Rain', I must say it played very much like a more refined version of 'Indigo Prophecy'. Having said that, you know the old saying - "if it ain't broke..."
Posted 10:14 on 25 November 2011

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