Heavy Rain screenshot
Heavy Rain screenshot

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced that the PS3 exclusive thriller Heavy Rain has now sold over a million units worldwide, just five weeks after its release.

"It has been hugely gratifying to see the positive response that Heavy Rain has received from gamers," said David Cage, the writer and director of Heavy Rain and CEO of Quantic Dream. "It shows that it is possible to create games that break with convention, games that seek to tell complex stories, and games that can inspire unexpected emotions in players - and that such games can be commercial as well as critical successes. I hope that this success will continue to help pave the way for new, groundbreaking experiences."

Mark Hardy, European Product Marketing Director at SCEE added: "It's a stunning achievement - not least because Heavy Rain is not a traditional blockbuster game."

Heavy Rain is out now only on PS3.

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It deserves it, glad something new did so well.
Posted 14:07 on 13 April 2010

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