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Warhawk screenshot

Semi-official Sony blog Three Speech has got wind of release dates for a number of Sony's high-profile first-party titles. The dates aren't absolutely set in stone, but don't expect them to change dramatically.

Warhawk is currently on track for August 28 via the PSN and will be on sale for only £19.99. Those wanting the retail boxed version complete with a Jabra Bluetooth headset will have to hold out until September 21. This set will retail at £39.99.

Heavenly Sword is next in line, set to arrive in European stores on September 14. This will be followed by Folklore on October 12 and Lair on October 26. Sony hasn't offered a date for Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction which has been confirmed for October 23 in North America.

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Kim Naroz

Lair has received very poor ratings. Reliable sources such as EGM rated Lair with a score of only 5.5 out of 10.


And most people don't seem to understand that Warhawk is a game that REQUIRES two people to play!

Unless you have someone to play online with, you won't even be able to play Warhawk.

Originally, Warhawk was supposed to be played in a Single-Player way, but the PS3 developer who was showing the game at the 2006 E3 could NOT play the game without crashing...and he was LITERALLY laughed off of the stage.

As a result of that poor experience with Warhawk, USA Today called the Playstation 3, "The Biggest Disappointment of the Year."

And I don't mean to sound like a complainer, but I am just being a realist...

But, the game called Heavenly Sword has been available on a playble demo for the PS3 for a while now.

Ever since the Heavenly Sword demo became available, the game has been called, "Heavenly Flop," because the game has disappointing "In-Game" graphics when you are playing it...and the game has "Button Mashing," gameplay that isn't based on true skill.

On the PS2, I did enjoy the Ratchet & Clank games, but I agree with all the people who say that the Playstation 3 version simply looks like a "high-definition," version of the PS2 version. It doesn't have impressive graphics at all...it is almost as if the game was built using a PS2, but when the game was finished it was allowed to run in 720p rather than 480p.

Seriously, I'm quite disappointed with the game library--or lack therof--of the Playstation 3.

Posted 01:49 on 22 August 2007

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