When Sony Europe boss David Reeves said that we'd see some Sony announcements at Games Convention 2008 we imagined all kinds of things. After figuring out Sony announcing the PS4 isn't all that likely we put together our Top 10: Essential Leipzig PS3 announcements. Based on what Sony showed at E3 and what we know is coming, these are the 10 announcements that gamers everywhere want to see. The kind of announcements and events that will have people talking about Sony and the PS3 for weeks after the show is finished.

10. WipEout HD release date

For whatever reason WipEout HD has slipped off the release schedule. Having played a multi-track preview build a good few months back it shot to the top of our most wanted PSN titles, so news of problems came as a big disappointment. With E3 coming and going without even a sniff of a release date we're hoping Games Convention 2008 will be the event where Sony finally gives us the info we've all been waiting for. It doesn't even have to be arriving in the next few months. We just want to know that it's not stuck in some kind of development limbo that reports suggest. Some brand new gameplay footage showcasing the incredible HD visuals wouldn't go amiss either.

9. MAG Gameplay/info

This was Sony's big E3 reveal. A massive 256-player online modern warfare title. It sounded great, but the actual game was nowhere to be seen at E3. The CG trailer showed what kind of game we will eventually play, but it didn't show anything approaching a gameplay situation. If Sony wants to make a splash at Games Convention 2008 it'll need to do more than show the same games it's been showing for the last 12 months. We want an in-game MAG video demonstration, ideally on Sony's consumer stand so everyone can get a look.

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gamerknows's Avatar
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man this is all wrong their going 2 show the new PSP model with input mic for Skype and an anti-reflection screen ,a mini keyboard that is place on the sixaxis and Dualshock 3 controllers, the new 160 GB PS3, well thats all i remember
Posted 00:23 on 24 August 2008
porterd88's Avatar
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What's happened to life with playstation?
Posted 20:03 on 19 August 2008
Panipal2005's Avatar


The BBC reporter said flat out the game he saw WASN'T Heavy Rain so yes, new IP
Posted 05:11 on 15 August 2008
ig's Avatar
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From the latest comments from team Ico I doubt there is anything there to show now never mind a few months back when those comments where made from someone from the BBC. I don't think this persom has been to Team Ico in Japan and seen a new game by this dev behind closed doors. Its most probably be Heavy Rain, or some new IP?
Posted 01:19 on 15 August 2008
RecoN's Avatar


Nads wtf are you on about? "I'd like them to announce anything that makes me want to go out and buy a PS3"

Hmmm how about 2008 :D
Posted 20:43 on 14 August 2008
Nads's Avatar
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I'd like them to announce anything that makes me want to go out and buy a PS3. LittleBigPlanet? Why is everyone so excited about this game? Sounds sh*te! Ooh you can create and share your own levels! What!
Posted 19:47 on 14 August 2008
Panipal2005's Avatar


@ Dieubussy

"But I think Leipzig is just a little TOO soon."

WHAT?!? Are you mental? It's WAY past time for them to announce what they've been doing.

I just don't believe what you posted. You WANT to wait longer than you should? That's just staggering.
Posted 17:22 on 14 August 2008
PhantomXIII's Avatar
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I wanna see some PS2 classics hit PSN.
Also Kingdom Hearts 3 anouncement!!
Posted 11:13 on 14 August 2008
Dieubussy's Avatar
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That's pretty much the feeling we're after with the new game from Team ICO - fainting after a few seconds of presentation.

I mean, it didn't get any better than Ico and Shadow of the Colossus in the last years, so the only studio existing in the world that can handle these contents is this Sony division.

But I think Leipzig is just a little TOO soon. I'm hoping, for a long time now, that they show the first sketches of their new game in TGS later this year.
Posted 09:54 on 14 August 2008
me's Avatar
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Do ya know what would be amazing a legend of zelda on ps3 think of the visuals ..... Pity thats never going to happen sigh
Posted 20:20 on 13 August 2008
Zhivko Galchev's Avatar
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Zhivko Galchev

Well, you are idiots if you think that this is not Heavy Rain. Please, you already have grown up...what is this tragic article?
Posted 19:49 on 13 August 2008
RecoN's Avatar


Why is it when they write top10 lists for PS3, they kinda twist it to slander rather than boost the achievements of Sony. Instead of saying wheres MAG gameplay, try saying we are looking forward to the gameplay. See the difference.

I hope they reveal more on Home, and also id like to see more information on Killzone 2, perhaps realtime gameplay. Looks good.
Posted 18:24 on 13 August 2008
Confused's Avatar
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Tom Orry How do you Announce Gameplay ? Wouldn't you present or Show Gameplay ? Let's try it !!! I am pleased to Announce gameplay footage of God of War 3, It doesn't make sense but If you put Present or Show is Announces place it makes sense.

Your Top 10 is actually 3 maybe 4
Posted 18:07 on 13 August 2008
meh's Avatar
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more on white knight story, or dark cloud 3. ps3 really blows when it comes to jrpgs, something ps2 was known for
Posted 17:10 on 13 August 2008
OnceSony's Avatar
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I worked for Sony i did it for teh lulz!!!
Posted 16:51 on 13 August 2008

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