Heavenly Sword for PS3

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Heavenly Sword

Sony's fast paced action title for the PlayStation 3.

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Our Verdict: If you want a thrilling and cinematic adventure that will give you ample opportunity to show off the muscle of your PlayStation 3, you could do far worse than pick up this big-budget epic.

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Ninja Theory boss: AAA is 'crushing innovation'

Ninja Theory co-founder Tameem Antoniades, developer of Enslaved and Heavenly Sword, has said that he thinks the "AAA retail model" is "crushing innovation and access to creative content."

Publish date Sep 6 2011

Heavenly Sword 2 in development, to be shown at E3?

Rumoured to be an open world game set ten years after the original.

1 Publish date May 9 2011

Heavenly Sword didn't make a profit

One and a half million copies not enough to break even.

10 Publish date Mar 30 2010

Top 10: Essential Leipzig PS3 announcements

The 10 announcements and events that gamers everywhere want to see.

21 Publish date Aug 13 2008

Ninja Theory talks up new multiplatform title

Heavenly Sword dev will 'break cut scene conventions' and promises 'much bigger appreciation of gameplay and story'.

Publish date Jul 31 2008

PS3 Platinum range announced for Europe

Cheaper, £19.99 / €29.99 range of games to hit PS3 on August 1st.

Publish date Jul 17 2008

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Heavenly Sword 2 in development, to be shown at E3? in Article Comments

dudester's Avatar

I would hope its santa monica and the god of war team anything else I would think would kill heavenly sword completely.

Heavenly Sword didn't make a profit in Article Comments

noisetank101's Avatar

Enslaved...amazing. Better than HS. but it did even worse. only 1/2 mil sold

Heavenly Sword Cheats for PS3 in Cheat Comments

's Avatar

This game is HARD AS ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the advice on Shen's escape though, I've been trying that sh*t on and off for like a year now.lmao

by pullahdcoops

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Release Date: 14/09/2007
Developer: Ninja Theory
Publisher: SCEE
Genre: Action
Rating: PEGI 16+
Site Rank: 2,529 321
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