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Twenty-five years in the future. Governments have outsourced military operations to private multinational corporations. As Jake Carpenter, a newly enlisted soldier in the Mantel army, you are seeking fulfillment and thrills by fighting for a good cause.

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Haze feels a few years late to the party
Haze feels a few years late to the party

Haze feels a few years late to the party

Some games rise to the occasion, managing to ride the wave of hype into gaming history, but others crumble. Haze, from TimeSplitters developer Free Radical, feels like a game crushed under the weight of expectation, a game that appears to have been frozen in time from four years ago. As solid as certain parts of the game are, no amount of nectar coursing through your veins will disguise the ugly truth that Haze is one of the most disappointing releases of the year.

Haze begins with you, Shane Carpenter, fighting as part of the Mantel Global Industries' army, an army tanked up on a yellow liquid known as Nectar. This is administered to every soldier while out in the battlefield and paints a very different view of war compared to reality. While high on the yellow stuff you can't see dead bodies, the world is brighter, enemies stick out as if they're on fire and threats are seen before they happen. Essentially Nectar turns normal soldiers into super soldiers, able to take on pretty much whatever stands in their way.

Your Nectar high is lost fairly quickly though. Although you can tap L2 to administer another dose (assuming you haven't used your supply) it's far better to keep the high going by taking down enemies. Each successful kill replenishes your meter slightly, allowing you to remain a super soldier for as long as there are enemies to kill.

Things aren't quite as clear cut as they sound. As with all drugs, an overdose isn't recommended. Take too much and your vision will blur and your view of the world will change for the worst. Worst still, you'll start shooting uncontrollably. While you can just about control this, when it happens to a team-mate you better find a safe place very quickly. The inconsistent AI soldiers have a habit of running in the line of fire, so you'll frequently hit their Nectar dispensers causing an OD - very annoying.

Vehicle sections simply aren't much fun

Vehicle sections simply aren't much fun

It's fair to say that the opening few levels of Haze are interesting, if not spectacular. The Nectar system makes for a game that feels different to the rest of first-person shooters on offer, and the banter between characters gives a good insight into the lives of soldiers and the politics going on. Sadly the game changes rather drastically quite early on, with you seeing the truth behind the Nectar. Seeing the error of your ways you switch sides, opting to help out the rebels of the Promise Hand in their fight against Mantel.

From here on you don't have access to the ability enhancing Nectar, meaning what plays out is simply a rather generic, bland FPS. Instead of using Nectar to enhance your own abilities you use it against the Mantel soldiers. Lob a Nectar grenade into a group of soldiers and they'll OD on the gas. Losing all control, they'll turn on their own team mates, leaving you to mop up the remaining soldiers. The same goes for a knife dipped in the yellow liquid, which is deadly in the right hands. Aside from these offensive weapons, as a rebel you can also double tap jump to dodge incoming fire and press L2 to play dead - making you invisible to Mantel soldiers. You don't really need to use the Nectar weapons, as the enemies aren't too smart, but playing dead comes in handy every once in a while and means you'll rarely die on the game's standard difficulty setting.

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haze rulz

i think its a really goodgame and i hope there be a 1,2 and 3 more hazes i think the snipers are better than call of dutys and halo sucks eggs and so does cod4 haze rulz ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 09:40 on 14 September 2008
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graphics are crap ps2 in semi hd cheapo bin game 70 euros no way more like 20euros
Posted 21:22 on 18 June 2008
fish's Avatar
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p:s ther not good a reviews i could do better im just a kid
Posted 13:06 on 07 June 2008
fish's Avatar
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this is rite now the best game i have on ps3 i have 8 wich is ok because they cost $100 a game but i think this game rocks all you losers you say some thing als its because you dont have a ps3 or this game you just say what the people say and to tell the truth the people suck at that
Posted 13:02 on 07 June 2008
hmm's Avatar
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well has to be said this game is a complete waste of money. i got it hoping for a true next gen game that (given the hype) was gona b outstanding. what i did get was cheesy soldiers, sh*t AI, lame graphics, appauling textures, uncontrollable vehicles, grahpics dissappearing in places and 'sebeen there done that bought hte tshirt' gameplay. this review gives it a bit to much credit. ive since traded mine back in, seriously not worth the cash tho. im PS3 all the way but theres no hiding it guys this one looses big time :(
Posted 23:29 on 03 June 2008
Genghis_Kant's Avatar


The game seems adequte, just not great.However I have heard the online and co-op are top notch. That should count for something in the review. So maybe a 7 is fairer.
Still, I feel Haze has suffered from the backlash that comes from high expectation and hype. If the game could'nt quite deliver it gets a right kicking. If it had'nt shouted as much as it did for months and months I'm sure there would've been a little less acid in the reviews.
That said, from Free Radical I was expecting better.
Posted 11:56 on 28 May 2008

pblive@ Handwipe

Originally Posted by Handwipe
I've been saying Haze would turn out like this ever since I heard about this shameless Halo knock-off. Next year KZ2 will also be an epic failure.

Because Halo was the first FPS?

Your posts always bring a smile to my face.
Posted 14:22 on 27 May 2008
stone's Avatar
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I bought this game today, I have played 3 levels and that is about enough for me, i will be swapping it at EB games tommorrow. Its not terrible but does feel dated. There are a few nice visuals but not many. I also own both consoles but still believe the PS3 to be superior. GT5 , motorstorm , Drakes fortune , call of duty 4 , heavenly sword. Xbox 360 tends to be more for teenagers weras the playstation tends to be more of an adult console.
Posted 12:39 on 27 May 2008
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That's quite possibly the most rediculous thing I've read on the Internet in a long time. And that's saying something.
Posted 12:33 on 27 May 2008
XC_WAY's Avatar
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I loved Haze, I don't know what the deal is with this review. I played on a 50" Plasma and the graphics were great. Resistance, on the other hand, looked like crap compared to Haze.

I work in the Apple/Mac industry and I know for a FACT that companies pay for good "editorial reviews", hell, I used to write them for money and/or product, so I know it happens. I'm getting the feeling that Free Radical didn't pay out because they knew this game was good. But, when you don't pay you get crap reviews. That's the way it is in the computer websites, probably the same here. That's sad because being a video game player (at 34 years old) for just a couple of years, I own both PS3 and Xbox360 and depend on reviews for good games. I bought this one before reading reviews because it looked good and I had just finished a great game the week before. That said, had I not pre-bought it and had read this review I might not have bought it.

If you decide not to buy because of this review you're cheating yourself out of a great, gorgeous, game.
Posted 01:37 on 27 May 2008
Handwipe's Avatar


I've been saying Haze would turn out like this ever since I heard about this shameless Halo knock-off. Next year KZ2 will also be an epic failure.
Posted 06:00 on 26 May 2008
anon's Avatar
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why is it relevant if this game is exclusive or not? end of the day a game with crap devlopment will still be crap, regardless of the power of the console. fanboys need to learn that any game can be good on any system if enough time and effort is put into it.

in the case of haze, it had time, but no thought or effort put into it.
Posted 03:55 on 24 May 2008
Devin's Avatar
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People who gives a crap about what system is better, in my opinion they are both decent in their own ways. own both xbox and ps3. to me this game looks like sh*t and i tend towards ps3 games. Halo in my opinion is sh*tty, i would have to say the killzone franchise is better but i havent played the new one. the ps3 does have more graphics power hands down, COD4 looks way better on ps3 than 360 and GTA4 looks better too. and i do play on HD. people argue live is better than psn but id say they are pretty close to the same. you also have to consider the ps3 is a much harder console to develope games on where as the 360 is very similar to the pc's development. Give it a break with 360 is better all ps3 exclusives suck. ps3 has been on the market less time than the 360 and does have some decent titles comming out in the near future. You also have to remember that the ps market has not always been shooters it is more of the rpg fantasy, sports family console where as the xbox 1 was a hard core m rated system with all the fps and hardcore games made for the teens and young adults (military guys) both systems have their goods and bads hardware wise ps3 better, gameplay xbox better . I prefer ps3 myself. this is just an opinion. psn Fuoman Xbox live Devin003
Posted 02:51 on 24 May 2008
Kiroquai's Avatar


It's... okay online. Nothing too special, but still good fun. Call of Duty 4's multiplayer is better, mind, That said, I completely agree with the review when it comes to the single player being a bit todge; it really isn't very good at all.

To avoid being called a Microsoft fanboy, I:

a) Work in the industry and can't be bothered what platform my games are for


b) Earn enough to own all three so don't have to justify my purchases by talking ********.
Posted 17:36 on 23 May 2008
cheese's Avatar
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still think it will be an okay game im sure it will be great online xbox fanboys are just jealous
Posted 16:33 on 23 May 2008

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