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Grand Theft Auto V focuses on the pursuit of the almighty dollar in a re-imagined, present-day Southern California. Score:


Our Verdict: The best GTA game ever made.

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GTA 5 has not been delayed to 2015 on PS4, Xbox One or PC, Rockstar confirms

Delay rumours shot down by Rockstar support.

Publish date Yesterday, 14:22pm

GTA 5's radio stations are being updated for PS4, Xbox One & PC

New soundtrack planned for next-gen versions?

4 Publish date Yesterday, 13:29pm Plays August 30, 2014

Have you not heard? Jim has a new PC!

1 Publish date Yesterday, 10:00am

GTA 5 PS4 & Xbox One has a 'provisional release date' of November 1, says GAME

UPDATE: Store apologises, says it doesn't have a confirmed date.

10 Publish date Thu 28

GTA Online will soon be unplayable on 12GB PS3s – unless you upgrade your HDD

And GTA 5's Story mode will be limited to offline play, too.

2 Publish date Wed 27

GTA 5 doesn't feature a character based on Lindsay Lohan, argues Rockstar

Claims the actress used the blockbuster game for attention and wants the case dismissed and legal fees paid.

1 Publish date Wed 27

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gonzalobot's Avatar

I remember when Jim said he'd spend 200 pounds on a next-gen release of Skyrim, and wondering why he didn't put that 200 pounds towards a PC to play whatever version of Skyrim his heart could ever...

GTA 5's radio stations are being updated for PS4, Xbox One & PC in Article Comments

Ephidel's Avatar

I'd even be happy to pay for my music, seeing as it's the soundtrack to the game. Would make the Online less boring.

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