Grand Theft Auto IV Screenshot for PS3

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yo does gta:iv: exist on ps2.
Posted 14:13 on 13 March 2011
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gta has always rocked our consoles
rockstar u rock!!
Posted 14:27 on 23 February 2011
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Grand Theft Auto 4 is a good
game every 10/10.
Posted 01:10 on 29 January 2009
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this is a vary good game every.
Posted 01:06 on 29 January 2009
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Gift box

?? erm i think saints row 2 is as good as gta4 tooo!!
(Ps: i have saints row 2 at home)
Posted 22:21 on 25 December 2008
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i go it the game
Posted 03:24 on 13 December 2008
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Bad i need GTA IV Demo on pc aim whont were play him and look his bad or coool ;)
Posted 10:47 on 02 August 2008
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he is not a RUSSIAN he is serb who was fought in bosnian war!
Posted 23:58 on 29 July 2008
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gta is the best
Posted 08:48 on 05 July 2008
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best game ever
Posted 11:47 on 29 June 2008
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boston dave

GTA SINCITY should be tha next title, going back in vegas or MIAMi, car customs lowriders peds callin a towe truck when a no parking zone, cars going to tha gas station when on empty, ordering things on line to be sent to your pad.
Posted 21:32 on 25 June 2008
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Posted 12:14 on 20 June 2008
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the king

pleas dawnloud the game
Posted 22:54 on 10 June 2008
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Playboy X

this game is bad ass if u dips**ts disagree than ur a dumbass
Posted 17:30 on 04 June 2008
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this game looks good but i havnt playd it and i would like to play the game
Posted 12:55 on 15 May 2008

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Release Date: 29/04/2008
Developer: Rockstar
Publisher: Rockstar
Genre: Action
No. Players: 1-16
Rating: BBFC 18
Site Rank: 528 10
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