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Niko sits perched atop a high-rise building in the financial district of Liberty City, the wind swirling around him. He is crouched, poised, surveying everything. He can see hundreds of buildings in the distance - houses, skyscrapers, shops, towers, all in glorious detail. He can see cars driving below, oblivious to the chaos that is about to ensue. He can see a blinding blue sky, almost cloudless, and an aeroplane casually gliding overhead. He can see a river, one that dissects the city, glistening below. The Liberty City skyline is busy to say the least. But it is not the skyline or the beautiful view that Niko is interested in. Oh no. He is interested in the three unsuspecting Mafia henchmen whose job it is to keep people like Niko out of the building site they are protecting.

This is the third mission we've been shown during our behind closed doors super secret showing of a brand new hot off the press build of GTAIV on the Xbox 360 (the game will also be coming out on PS3), a title that's sure to bust the gaming world wide open when it's released on April 29. Hyped isn't the word. We'd say anticipation for GTAIV is beyond a level our mere mortal minds can truly comprehend. Is it unfair to expect Rockstar to fulfil those expectations? Nah.

What follows is a tentative claim, considering we haven't actually got our hands on the game yet, but from what we've seen (the game is all there, Rockstar is currently polishing and ironing out bugs) GTAIV looks like it's going to make happy even the most stingy of GTA fans. In fact, we'd go as far as to say it'll delight them. And, if you're not a GTA fan, GTAIV might just turn out to be the one that changes your mind.

Back to the rooftops and the mafia problem. Niko has been given this job by a Liberty City gangster called PlayboyX, who Niko has already spent some time with on a mission earlier in the game. Just before Niko set out, he enjoyed a cutscene where he met up with PlayboyX at his ridiculously plush pad in Algonquin (Manhattan). PlayboyX is your typical rude boy US gangster, all bling and guns - "this is my town!" he explains. We're scared to argue.

Niko, however, takes it all in his stride - his military background back in Eastern Europe has provided him with a steady, non-fussed air. PlayboyX needs someone like Niko, someone hard as nails and with a death wish, for this particular job, and Niko needs the money, although he makes a point of telling PlayboyX "I'm not low budget". So off you trot, ready to cause some chaos.

Niko and PlayboyX get in a car and drive. You're in control of the car of course, weaving in and out of traffic towards your destination, clearly marked on the mini-map. It's during these more laid-back sequences that you really get a sense of the graphical detail of Liberty City, an area smaller than in previous GTA games but packed to a much higher density and with a much greater sense of verticality. Mere streets are wonderfully detailed, with bright neon signs, loads of cars, intriguing shops and rolling poster advertisements demanding attention as you cruise around. While we're not convinced by GTAIV's water (in which you can swim) at night window lights impressively reflect in it. There's some noticeable texture pop-up, too (the game is still being worked on and a consistent level of 60 frames per second isn't confirmed), but Liberty City certainly has a next-gen, heavily populated feel to it. The streets are literally teeming with life - people are everywhere. Lifting the lid on Liberty City is like lifting a boulder and finding millions of ants underneath. The people certainly look as if they're minding their own business and getting on with their daily lives, drawing out money from cash machines, jogging, smoking and chatting. We'll reserve ultimate judgement for the hands-on of course, but it all looks mightily impressive.

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User Comments

VeNoM's Avatar


looks amazing
Posted 00:11 on 24 April 2008
max's Avatar
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It should be the same, if anything, better on the xbox cause xbox live is awesome :D
Posted 00:03 on 24 April 2008
Dave's Avatar
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to ps3ftw(sad eluded dimwit person ftwbtwlol)
the 360 discs can hold 8.5Gb of data, which btw is absoloutely plenty, also since u are reading this you have probably read alot about this game, also discovering that the game is identical on both consoles...

Also u clearly display a profound lack of knowledge regarding game technology, if it fits on both discs technologies fine (which it does) why would it be better on the ps3 because it has 50Gb discs?? Oh dear, some people are very very stupid indeed..

Yes, the game is indeed going to be absoloutely awesome, and it will be so on both consoles. end of.
Posted 12:31 on 16 April 2008
Superstormj's Avatar
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This game is going to be so darn awesome...
I'm going to buy a PS3 specifically for GTAIV :D
Posted 00:43 on 16 April 2008
ps3ftw's Avatar
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ps3 has blu-ray (50gb) and so technically it should be better than xbox 360(5 gb disks) but i thinkit will be the same. by the way how is microsoft going to put such a large game onto a 5gb stabdard disk or will they have multiple. and even some people say they will downlo0ad it from xbox live?!?!
Posted 15:01 on 13 April 2008
RaZoR_GTX's Avatar


I havent pre oredered it but im going to keep to mu tradition...bunking a day off work and wait 1st at the queue at asda 8.30am when the dvd section opens!:drool: :drool: :drool: Thats how i got san andreas! The funny thing bout that release day was the amount of under age kids with there parents! PMSL! :lol: :lol:
Posted 20:23 on 05 April 2008
-Jazz-123's Avatar


i cant w8 only 20 odd more days1
Posted 17:27 on 05 April 2008
bob's Avatar
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san andreas is better? Are you crazy? Yes you care
Posted 02:04 on 02 April 2008
Anonymous's Avatar
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there should be one were you can go around the whole world and do millons off missions for deiffernt gangs then if it dos not fit in one disk tere could be several off differant countrys now that is somin to think about
Posted 18:55 on 20 March 2008
ray's Avatar
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san andreas is better
Posted 18:52 on 20 March 2008
gta crazy's Avatar
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gta crazy

the bad thing is that you cant pilot planes only helicopter rocketstar say that it will make the game more interesting i think san andreas is be better because its bigger you can fly planes and helicopter you can ahve big foot in it and many other gllitchs and cheats so san andreas is better except for graphics off course
Posted 18:51 on 20 March 2008
michael's Avatar
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cnt wait 2 play dat game it will b amazing wat gangs r there?
Posted 16:41 on 03 March 2008
MaCkO's Avatar
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dey r gonna be da sme on both consoles rockstar confirmed nun is gonna b better den da other tnx!!!!
Posted 14:06 on 27 February 2008
Razor's Avatar
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If GTA 4 comes in PS3 in Indonesia, I will buy PS3 and GTA 4 game no matter how much should i pay for it.
Posted 03:00 on 25 February 2008
Nick's Avatar
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It will run better on Xbox 360, they have been the bigger input with licenses etc and creating the game, the only reason there has been a wait for the game is because Sony didnt want it released on just the Xbox as the PS3 version was still being developed, hence more sales for the 360. Can't wait :)
Posted 17:02 on 19 February 2008

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