Grand Theft Auto IV screenshot
Grand Theft Auto IV screenshot

Rockstar is working "around the clock" to fix freezing issues with GTA 4, Take-Two customer support has told

Following the news that some fans have experienced pausing and freezing issues with the game, we called up Take-Two UK customer support to ask if a solution was in sight.

We were told: "A patch is being worked on around the clock to address the issues. It's bound to be. That's how they address this sort of thing. It is being worked on. We're looking into it. You will hear from us if a patch is released. A patch is usually the way it's been done."

We were also given some tips on how to combat the freezing experienced on the PS3 version of the game, including:

Completely remove the game from the system but leave saves behind.

Turn the console off for 15 minutes without any cables plugged in, then turn it on and try again.

Play without access to the Internet.

Turn off the auto save function and the controller vibration setting.

According to Take 2 customer support, "a few cases have resolved themselves" by following these instructions.

When we asked whether we should return our PS3 copy of the game for an Xbox 360 version, we were advised: "That's a decision that's completely up to you."

We were told Take 2 had received calls regarding the technical performance of the 360 version in "a few instances" but "not quite the same amount" as the PS3 version.

He added: "We're trying to remain diplomatic about how we answer those questions. We're just trying to discuss problems on an individual basis."

While the confirmation that Rockstar is looking into the issue will reassure PS3-owning GTA 4 fans, we still have no idea when the fix might become available, or what is causing the freezing issues.

"We don't get that kind of information," said Take 2 customer support. "I'd like to know myself so we could advise people who call us up. We're devoid of information at the moment."

Are you experiencing problems with GTA 4? Has Take 2's advice helped? Let us know in the comments section below.

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User Comments

LeighP's Avatar
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Just plugged in the game on the Xbox 360, its unplayable, freezes every 30 seconds or so. NOT AMUSED!
Posted 13:37 on 06 May 2008
SuicidalBanana's Avatar
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I havent had it hanging on me yet, but while their at writing a patch, theres a sh*tload of missing ends,
- for example phone numbers, ive found like 50 on buildings/signs/in cab so far, none work.
- The hang-onto-trucks-minigame we all wanted badlly and wich was promised only 2 months before release isnt there, please for f*cks sake give us!
- I thought you could climb electricity/telephone poles? ive tried a bunch, no cookie
- This game needs more stuff to spend money on, either make stuff like the car-buy-site work, or add something like real estate, or maybe more clothes
- Why hello thar obviouslly polished up gta3 engine? please fix the things that annoyed us for the past few gtas, like when your driving a exclusive car its suddenlly beeing driven (around u in the streets) by loads of people
Posted 10:01 on 06 May 2008
dznut88's Avatar
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I returned my gta4 copy to EBgames and traded it in for tiger woods 08 golf, lol but at least it works, lol , I will buy another gta4 only when the patch is made and you guys out here say its working..
Posted 03:28 on 06 May 2008
Peter's Avatar
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The stuff they give is bulls**t it's a glitch. I want to play online.
Posted 22:16 on 05 May 2008
360william's Avatar
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i bought the game for my 360 and i played it for five minutes then it froze. i took it 2 gamestation to get them to "un-scratch it" using there machine but it just completely fried my disc so it dont work at all so im sending it back. i bought a copy from pc world the other day which also freezes so either im rely unlucky with faulty discs or it its a bug in the game which is not compatible in some 360's. my friend tried it on his 360 and no freezes after 2 hours of play. so i think it might have something 2 do with older models of the 360. so hopfuly if there is a patch it will work and be here soon!!!!
Posted 19:26 on 05 May 2008
Anonymous's Avatar
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i had some freezing on my 60GB ps3... signed out of PSN and erased game data(not save files) and have had no more freezing issues as of yet.
Posted 04:29 on 05 May 2008
mbigboy420's Avatar
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my 80 gb system is having problems with gts4 it loads for a long time at the begining and it freezes at know certain time and i can get in a online game lobby but is says i lost connection to 1 or ore players this sucks
Posted 02:08 on 05 May 2008
047gaboca's Avatar


Well, i'm about 20 hours of play so far with NO freezing at all. I read all comments on this freez-subject you people sent in, and i think 90% of the problem has to do with cable / internet connection. I only have a 40 gig PS3, working far. Guys i hope that Sony fix it SOON because it's not the and we want THE GAME and not our money back huh ?
Posted 01:36 on 05 May 2008
Gary Tahmasbi's Avatar
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Gary Tahmasbi

Well I am 15 hours through it and not one freeze to speak of. Playing on a launch 60 gig and it's the tits. Also playing it on my free 46" Bravia Sony gave me at launch which may have something to do with it. The PS3 can detect class so change your TV's and wash your hands before abusing your Six Axis and she'll treat you right. I have a 360 too unfortunatly
Posted 00:59 on 05 May 2008
fanboyeekiller's Avatar
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I have a 360 and a ps3, if ya ask me witch i think is cooler, in my mind i think of the ps3 first, but i will say that when it comes to playing with your friends online, xbox live is where its at, we watch movies in the bedroom on the ps3, but i bet my actual gaming controler prob.. has dust on it, i did finaly get the 3 red lights on the xbox, but they sent me a new one no charge not even for shipping, it did take bout 2 weeks though, but they did give me a free month of xbox live, the ps3 bette piece of hardware i think, there is just more fun with the 360, at walmart there is two full sections of games for the xbox,.. compared the ps3 has only one and there is usualy ps2 titles mixed in there with it, but the ps3 just looks like one sexy bitch
Posted 16:09 on 04 May 2008
Alex's Avatar
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I guess I'm one of the unlucky PS3 80 gig customers who is experiencing a huge amount of freezing during loading screens and while hope the patch gets released soon!
Posted 15:52 on 04 May 2008
judas's Avatar
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i have the gta 4 in xbox 360. it freezes always and the main character speaks chinese for no reason.
Posted 05:51 on 04 May 2008
dznut88's Avatar
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P.s xbox 360 really blows when it comes to quality. Gaming is good only and when it works... For such a large company , what a stupid problem, ring of fire, lol
Posted 04:51 on 04 May 2008
dznut88's Avatar
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I have had 5 xbox 360 consoles and all of them had ring of death. I will never invest in 360 software because it just collects dust... I currently have my 360 out for yet another repair, free ofcourse, but I just bought ps3. A far superior system. Alittle slow at times but much smarter. My gta4 froze while trying to connect online but only then . I have the 40 gb system..
Posted 04:47 on 04 May 2008
Frazz-'s Avatar
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I freeze at loading screen, so i did sign out of PSN and it works. But now when i try sign in through the multiplayer option i freeze and CANT exit even pressing the middle button i cant quit. And then my PS3 gives out a little buzzing sound.
Posted 01:58 on 04 May 2008

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