Grand Theft Auto IV screenshot
Grand Theft Auto IV screenshot

Rockstar is working "around the clock" to fix freezing issues with GTA 4, Take-Two customer support has told

Following the news that some fans have experienced pausing and freezing issues with the game, we called up Take-Two UK customer support to ask if a solution was in sight.

We were told: "A patch is being worked on around the clock to address the issues. It's bound to be. That's how they address this sort of thing. It is being worked on. We're looking into it. You will hear from us if a patch is released. A patch is usually the way it's been done."

We were also given some tips on how to combat the freezing experienced on the PS3 version of the game, including:

Completely remove the game from the system but leave saves behind.

Turn the console off for 15 minutes without any cables plugged in, then turn it on and try again.

Play without access to the Internet.

Turn off the auto save function and the controller vibration setting.

According to Take 2 customer support, "a few cases have resolved themselves" by following these instructions.

When we asked whether we should return our PS3 copy of the game for an Xbox 360 version, we were advised: "That's a decision that's completely up to you."

We were told Take 2 had received calls regarding the technical performance of the 360 version in "a few instances" but "not quite the same amount" as the PS3 version.

He added: "We're trying to remain diplomatic about how we answer those questions. We're just trying to discuss problems on an individual basis."

While the confirmation that Rockstar is looking into the issue will reassure PS3-owning GTA 4 fans, we still have no idea when the fix might become available, or what is causing the freezing issues.

"We don't get that kind of information," said Take 2 customer support. "I'd like to know myself so we could advise people who call us up. We're devoid of information at the moment."

Are you experiencing problems with GTA 4? Has Take 2's advice helped? Let us know in the comments section below.

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User Comments

Justin's Avatar
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ive called rockstar they have no idea what this freezing issue is, however it happens to me all the time
Posted 09:32 on 08 June 2008
xboxBrick's Avatar
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What about the 360 freezing issue, are they "looking into that" as well? The game is totally useless for me after 25 hours of playing time. Must be a really serious issue if they've been working "around the clock" and still haven't fixed it. That's kinda sad actually.

I knew I should have held off on buying this POS until they got the bugs fixed. Course the 360 is one huge bug itself. Console systems are crap!
Posted 15:48 on 05 June 2008
sweetchild's Avatar
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Press the select button butthead. Try reading the manual next time.
Posted 14:48 on 02 June 2008
Mike's Avatar
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I just bought GTA IV not too long ago and ive been playing it alot lately for my ps3. I was driving in cinematic mode and now it is completely stuck that way. I cant get it to go back to normal driving. what do i do? can some one please email me or something thank u...

Posted 13:57 on 02 June 2008


Well, a single game cannot damage your PS3, so I think you'll find that your issues are unrelated to the game.

GTA3 has been crashing PS3s and 360s, but only within the game itself, causing no lasting damage to the console. Unless the game disc came with protruding spikes on it or was laced with some strange blue laser attacking acid, I can't see how it could...
Posted 21:18 on 27 May 2008
sonysux's Avatar
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my (fully patched) 60gb launch ps3 locks at initial cutscenes, 10 sec of gameplay. Sony tech support reads me a corporate/legal bs statement and offers to send a refurb unit. such a shame no one is reporting more on this!!!
Posted 20:37 on 27 May 2008
Erik's Avatar
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My ps3 60GB froze after a few days of perfect gameplay. Now I send my PS3 back to Sony for repairing, because it doesn't read any cd/dvd's anymore... GTA4 gets a guiness world record for selling the most games the fastest ever... Maybe they only deserve this record if it also gets the record for crashing the most CONSOLES in the world.
Posted 12:42 on 18 May 2008
johnson's Avatar
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Nope! ps3! but wait, shouldn`t the almighty "cell" take care of this??? shame!
Posted 17:41 on 16 May 2008
DBoy's Avatar
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Crashed my 360 90 minutes in, now it won't load past the credits screen. Being promised patches sometime in the future (no one knows when) is rubbish. If everyone sends it back and reclaims their money just see how quickly things get sorted in future!
Posted 13:10 on 14 May 2008
timmyc's Avatar
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no problems with my copy on my ps3 80gb. played it 3-4 hrs each day no problems
Posted 04:22 on 07 May 2008
Army's Avatar
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I have a Canadian Launch PS3 60gig, and cannot play for more than 10 mins with ALL changes R* and Sony have suggested. I have 55 gigs of free space on my HDD... I own a $65cad frisbee.....
Posted 19:08 on 06 May 2008
matt's Avatar
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I have a 360 elite. froze up in the first 15 minutes. I also have a ps3 launcg system, and it froze up on me in the same amount of time (borrowed a friend's copy that worked on his 40 gig). Then I just flashed it in front of my wii and it started cowering and melted (oka, that was fabricated). I just wanna play the friggin game.
Posted 18:47 on 06 May 2008
Sketch99's Avatar
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I have a copy for the XBOX360 and the game played fine for two days, then the game started to freeze, now my xbox is giving me the RROD (Red Ring of Death) and will no longer start.
Posted 17:41 on 06 May 2008
hoggboyy's Avatar


I have called them 3 times same thing every time.( they dont know.) So I dont get to play.I dont know what a patch is? but i need one. My 60g freez first 2 min. I tried all that BS. IT DOES NOT WORK!!!!! All my other games work. So, if its a real fix please let me know
Posted 17:21 on 06 May 2008
Wonkstar's Avatar
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I had the freezing on loading the last save. Deleted my saves and that didn't help so i removed everything and reinstalled. That didn't help so i removed the internet connection and the game started up fine.
How this got through testing i don't know. Guess when you're spending millions to develop a game you've got to cut corners somewhere to save ca$h.
Posted 15:54 on 06 May 2008

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