Grand Theft Auto IV screenshot
Grand Theft Auto IV screenshot

GTA 4 won't have a sex mini-game, Rockstar has told

Speaking during a visit to Rockstar's London HQ to get some hands-on with what promises to be 2008's biggest game, we were told there won't be any "Hot Coffee" style sex mini-games buried deep within the game's code.

The game's main character, Niko, will, however, be able to go on dates, arranged via his mobile phone, in clubs and bars dotted around Liberty City. The player needs to develop his or hers relationship with these women by taking them to trendy Liberty City hotspots. Impress them enough, and Niko will be able to take them back to his or her place and do the dirty deed - off camera.

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damm it,, no hot coffee in gta 4 i am not playing this game any more.
Posted 09:44 on 14 January 2009
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Posted 07:13 on 11 January 2009
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hot coffee mod should be available in the way if u guys wnt to enjoy only sex in the game then it would better playing 3dsexvilla....though gta4 should also include hot coffee for 18above gamers.. :P
Posted 10:40 on 31 December 2008
jack's Avatar
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If there is no hot coffee i think i will not buy GTA 4 because it suck to waste money on gta 4.the release real not good if they put hot coffee mod i will buy this game.
Posted 16:30 on 17 December 2008
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Posted 21:36 on 16 December 2008
mac's Avatar
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Go to the strip club and get a strip from the same girl 3 times
Posted 20:47 on 10 December 2008
zanaxx's Avatar
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Well its dec and well the PC version is out and just to say as far as what ppl say "hot coffee" its vary lame IMO. u take the girl back to her place and hardly moans of the dirty deed. but however the prostitute parts are pretty graphic just no nudity some major action going on there lol. so well just have to deal with that :P
Posted 14:10 on 08 December 2008
NikoBellic's Avatar
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Well, there is a hot coffee, but u can't see anything, damn
Posted 13:05 on 03 October 2008
sypher22's Avatar
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it would b interessting to see a hotcoffee on GTA 4 especially in HD...anyone got it?lol
Posted 14:01 on 18 September 2008
shadowds's Avatar
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that might be ture but mostly no one knows if it is that or not but all i can say is that it's going to be along time before someone is able to find out what the cheat is for GTA 4 if not then i guess we were worng but hoping were not lol
Posted 03:20 on 03 September 2008
hi's Avatar
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smart idea right
Posted 03:50 on 30 July 2008
hi's Avatar
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wait are you sure there isn't a cheat because rockstar i think they did install a cheat for the design of the invitation where you don't see them having sex it just shows the screen moving and you here them moaning and stuff so i think there is a cheat for it but rockstar doesn't want anyone to know there is so they don't get into any trouble but because of that reason i think there is one.
Posted 03:49 on 30 July 2008
hi's Avatar
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i agree they need a non-xbox live 2 player
Posted 03:42 on 30 July 2008
jet li's Avatar
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jet li

that game sucks ass bro
Posted 02:53 on 28 July 2008
icp666's Avatar
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stop lying u didnt find a hot coffee in gta 4
Posted 04:53 on 28 June 2008

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