Developed at Rockstar North, Grand Theft Auto IV marks the first occasion that the series has been released simultaneously on an Xbox and PlayStation platforms. Previous games in the series (since it went 3D) have always debuted on a PlayStation console, with the Xbox eventually getting a port of the game.

"Few franchises have had the profound impact on our industry as 'Grand Theft Auto,'" said Peter Moore, corporate vice president of the Interactive Entertainment Business in the Entertainment and Devices Division at Microsoft. "Gamers can't wait to play "Grand Theft Auto IV" in high definition on Xbox 360, and we couldn't be more excited to have the title on our platform from day one."

To tie in with this announcement, Microsoft has announced a strategic alliance with Rockstar Games to provide episodic content for Xbox Live.

"Through Xbox Live, we have a unique opportunity to reach out to our audience in new ways," said Sam Houser, executive producer and founder of Rockstar Games. "This strategic alliance allows us to craft experiences that fully leverage the on-demand distribution power and sheer size of Xbox Live."

The official press release for Grand Theft Auto IV is scheduled for simultaneous release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on October 16, 2007 in North America, with the European releases a few days later on October 19.

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does it come out on ps2
Posted 18:25 on 28 April 2008
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my ps3 died it would just not recognise any discs rang up sony and there sending me a new one on friday yeaeaeaeaeaeaeah!
Posted 18:57 on 15 April 2008
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yada yada yada
Posted 18:52 on 15 April 2008
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Nathan@ Infected Chick

Thats great now just go look at all the caparisons of all the multiplatform games out for ps3 and the 360 and you'll notice your ps3 comes out dead beneath 360 each and every game.. being the ps3 cant even do 1080p in-game (due to memory banwindth) they can only do it in movies and CG.. aww dam thats good news! we all know the 360 version will be the beter looking version and have more value for money with exclusives and all. what did sony exspect? they are full of pride and aragance like allways.. putting a nvidia chip in there system that cant even do anti-aliasing as standard.. ROFL (for you sony fans that havnt a clue, tehre gpx card can do anti-aliasing but the developers have to get the resources from other areas of tehre console, but the 360 chip does it standard and does not need any system respources and because it was built with anti-aliasing as standard) rofl

blue ray sucks 1/4 slower than hd-dvd and worse picture (more storage for blue ray but thats it im affraid haha)
and hd-dvd is selling 10x the amount as blur ray.

the future is now the future is xbox 360 and wii
Posted 04:01 on 31 December 2006
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Jams@ G Funk a Dunk

Originally Posted by G Funk a Dunk
The original hit series started with GTA exclusively for PSX

Actually, not many people know this, but GTA1 was also in development for the sega saturn... until it became apparent that the saturn was taking a nosedive that is. Anyway the original plans were that GTA would be multi-platform. It only became a PSX exclusive because Sony threw a load of money at the company (DMA design at the time), now Microsoft are doing the same only with even *more* money...
Posted 16:07 on 20 November 2006
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ellis@ Infected Chick

if i bort a ps3 of ebay and tried playin it here in the uk could it be done or will it be a diffrent plug socket
Posted 13:14 on 20 November 2006
XxJ1NXxX's Avatar


Why should it be an exclusive to one console ?

I'm a 360 man myself and i'll prolly get a ps3 but not on launch but i wanna play GTA but you'd expect me and alot of other joe bloggs out there to be shelling out 600 quid to play one game ?

Do you have xbox LIVE ? by the sounds of it i'd say not and GTA being an awesome series and the fact that they could be doing something with a possible LIVE part of the game is very appealing to me
Posted 00:16 on 03 July 2006
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G Funk a Dunk@ Infected Chick

I guess you didn't take the time to read the whole forum through, you didn't see the fact that XBox has more content than PS3 will and it the new content available through Xbox live will be exclusive.
Posted 18:06 on 02 July 2006
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genius@ Infected Chick

all of u guys r idiots, what difference does it make if it comes out on xbox or not? its still coming out on playstation, its just that now xbox nerds can tlk 2 u bout the new game 2, whats ur problem wid tht?
Posted 17:25 on 21 June 2006
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G Funk a Dunk@ Infected Chick

The original hit series started with GTA exclusively for PSX, and stayed with Sony all the way up until money finally became a factor to the creators, haviong exclusive content only for XBOX Live is notorious especially when PS3 is soon to be released in November 06. The fact that PS3 will kick the sh*t out of XBOX 360 gives reason enough alone to make another exclusive offer on Sony's behalf....baaah money ruins everything good
Posted 20:49 on 10 June 2006
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FEC4@ Infected Chick

I think that ps3 should olny have the GTA series
Posted 23:32 on 28 May 2006
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yes. See here.
Posted 20:12 on 24 May 2006
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rat@ Infected Chick

is metal gear solid coming out on the psp
Posted 20:09 on 24 May 2006
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cesar@ Infected Chick

macrosoft stold, grand theft auto by buying it. with there billion dollars.
Rockstar can't do nothing about it.
Posted 18:46 on 14 May 2006
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Can't get the staff these days. ;)
Posted 01:28 on 10 May 2006

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