Grand Theft Auto IV screenshot
Grand Theft Auto IV screenshot

With such a massive amount of gamers playing GTA 4 there were bound to be some problems reported, the first being a freezing issue with the PS3 version of the game.

Numerous forum posters are reporting the game has frozen on them during a cut scene early on in the game, with technical support suggesting those experiencing problems erase the install files and the game save and start over. This fix, according to reports, does appear to remedy the problem.

There have also been reports of freezing in the Xbox 360 game, but with no hard drive install it could be that the problems there are just random occurrences.

We've had the Xbox 360 version on for well over 40 hours and had no problems and we're also crash-free after several hours with the PS3 game.

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Yeah not to continue a long lost thread but this is what they sent me.

Dear ,

There is some basic troubleshooting that you can try in order to resolve the issue. I have placed here blow a list of various steps that you can try on your console XBox 360:

Please try the following -

1. Restart the console.

2. Consider whether the issue has occurred more than one time. If this is the first time that you have experienced this behaviour, the issue may not occur again, and troubleshooting may be unnecessary.

3. Determine whether the Xbox 360 console is well-ventilated and is not near a heat source. * If the Xbox 360 console is in a poorly ventilated location, turn off the console, and then move it to a location that has sufficient ventilation, such as on top of a table or on an open shelf. If the issue is resolved, the previous location likely did not provide sufficient ventilation for the Xbox 360 console to function correctly.

* Heat sources include TVs, computers, monitors, and other electrical devices. Switch off the console and move it away from the heat source, or switch off the heat source and move it away from the console.
* View the Xbox 360 instruction manual for information about correct placement of the console.

4. Turn off the system, and then remove all the accessories that are attached. This includes the Xbox Hard Drive. Test to see whether the problem still occurs.

5. If the issue does not occur when the hard drive is detached, try clearing the Xbox 360 Hard Drive cache. With the Xbox 360 Hard Drive attached to the console, follow these steps:
a. Locate the System section of the Xbox 360 Dashboard.
b. Select Memory, select Hard Drive, and then press Y to view the device options screen.
c. On the Xbox 360 Controller, press the X button, press the X button again, press the left bumper, press the right bumper, press the X button, and then press the X button again.
d. You will be prompted to confirm system maintenance, select Yes by pressing A.

6. If this problem occurs with the hard drive attached and clearing the cache did not resolve the issue, create a new gamer profile, and then test to see whether the issue still occurs. If the issue does not occur when you use a new gamer profile, the issue may be related to the original gamer profile or saved game information for one or more games that are associated with the original gamer profile. To verify this, delete the saved games for all games that show this problem for the original gamer profile.

7. If the problem only occurs with games when you are play online with Xbox Live, this issue could be related to Internet connectivity. For more information, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
909817 ( You experience poor performance on Xbox Live whether you use an Xbox 360 console or an original Xbox console

8. If your console is a PAL console, try setting your PAL setting to PAL 60. For more information, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
917304 ( Xbox 360: Your Xbox 360 console is set to PAL 50 Hz and you cannot play an Xbox 360 game on your console

9. Determine whether the disc that you are using is the cause of the issue by testing several similar Xbox 360-compatible discs in the console. Use a disc of the same type, such as a game disc, a DVD movie, or a music CD, to test whether the problem is the specific disc.

10. For disc-specific issues, check the disc for any visible signs of damage or dirt. Hold the disc by the edges without touching the top or bottom surface with your fingers. Clean the disc by using a soft cloth. Lightly wipe from the centre outwards. Do not use solvents or chemicals to clean the disc.

If this problem occurs with only one disc and cleaning the disc did not resolve the issue, search the Microsoft Knowledge Base to determine whether the particular disc has any known issues, and then go to step

11. If there are no known issues, exchange the disc at a retail location.

If none of this has worked please collect the following information:

Which version of the XB360 do you have (Elite/ Premium / Core)?
When was the console purchased?
What type of storage media is being used (Memory Card / HDD)?
Which resolution are you playing the game at?
What type of AV cable is being used?
What was being done when the game froze?
Is your XB360 signed in to XBOX Live?

Kind regards

Rockstar Technical Support Team

Tried all of that and still nothing

Every other game works fine so it is definitely a Rockstar issue.

Yeah for Saints Row and Saints Row 2

Last Rockstar game I purchase unless I get fix
Posted 05:14 on 29 October 2008
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w.t.h? my GTA4 for 360 is always freezing w.t.f is oing on? there is a patch? my fiend told me he downloaded the patch and its working but were the f*** to donwload that patch?
Posted 06:07 on 30 August 2008
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mine copy of GTA 4 freezes whole xbox 360 few seconds after I insert the disc, the only thing I can see is the Rocstar Games information about privacy policy and then I have to turn the xbox off... Any ideas how to fix this???

Thanks in advance
Posted 18:32 on 26 August 2008
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and srry 2 double post but am i the only 1 who misses the old days of the ps2, no "system updates" no games not working properly/freezing 4 no dam reason and no 1 f***ed anything up this bad! RAWRRRRRR
Posted 17:28 on 09 July 2008
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Ok so i buy it and i LITERALLY PUT IT IN AND IT GOES STARTING NEW GAME and then freezes, THEN mi 360 gets the red rings! so not only can i impatiently w8 for gta iv i also got the same glitch [ i did the towel trick and t kept freezing] so now i hafta hope somehow mi xbox gets fixed in repair so i can play gta...
Posted 17:25 on 09 July 2008
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I can't believe that this "popular" game is so messed up. Mine won't play at all. Freezes within the first 5 seconds each time. This is after I erased all install/save content on my 360 and started all over fresh. I've unplugged it, blown in it, stood it up on it's side, returned the game and got new copies, changed resolution on my settings, pretty much have tried everything and nothing works. I don't care about the money, and getting cheated, but I just want to play this damn game! I was hooked for the first 5 or 6 hours and love GTA but now I can't play it. I don't know what solution there is for me except buy a new system and hope the same thing doesn't happen. Super lame... If anyone knows of any other tricks that makes this stupid game work, let me know.
Posted 20:15 on 30 May 2008
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*** this sh*t, rockstar have to get a ****ing grip on reality and make a ****ing game that doen't freeze every 2 minutes man loded it at least 10 and those times it has crashed its a ****ing disgrace !!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 19:47 on 23 May 2008
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I bought gta put it in and got through the opening scene to were you get to start driving the car and it lets me play for like 10 seconds each time and then it says that "disc is unreadable" and won't let me get passed that and i'm not trying to **** my xbox up so what should i do? is it my xbox or is it my game b/c i dont have any other games, but i did play call of duty on it for like 3 days so i dont know what it is?
Posted 06:46 on 22 May 2008
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gay ass game

my game keeps frezzing and its gettting ready to piss the balls off of me it says like game can not be read or some sh*t
Posted 01:17 on 19 May 2008
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Ok i have 2 copies of gta4 and none of them work at all on my elite. Freezes at opening cut scene. Works fine on other consoles tho. My elite is brand new so theres no probs there. This is a joke Rockstar have not even replied to my countless emails. **** you Rockstar i want my money back and compensation for booking the week off work for nothing. At least say there is a problem with some machines 2 weeks and cant even play the dam game bulls**t.
Posted 10:42 on 16 May 2008
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My xbox i hav had since lanch is now on its way to microsoft as GTA killed if after loading from saved game then problem got worse, it would just freeze, i tryed delete saved game and start again but now wont even start xbox and i just get red rings of death instead, cheers rockstar.
Posted 21:16 on 06 May 2008
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I'm playing on 360 and I get random game freezes and Dirty Disk messages. I haven't had any problems with any of my other games. I hope they figure something out. I've heard suggestions about clearing the updates; but haven't tried this for myself yet.
Posted 09:16 on 05 May 2008
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ive returned this game to gamestop everyday since launch day and each mtherfkn one freezes and all my other games work perfect wth
Posted 01:53 on 05 May 2008
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I take that Back It Still Actin Crazy WTF dont they test this sh*t before the send out these games 4 60 bucks a game and the price of 599 i paid when this sh*t came out i should not have to restart my ps3 three times in order to play this game its the only game to do this sh*t and for real im getting pissed off @ rockstar i no its not sony cause all the other games dont do this so rock star get your sh*t together before u take hard earned money out of peoples pockets recall this game with a new none freezing verison or update the ps3 or somethin i could have filled my gas tank with the 60 bucks i payed for this game
Posted 01:50 on 04 May 2008
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I have the ps3 version and it froze on me 2 at first then after looking at the back of the case i notice it says must have 3,000 something mb free on the hard drive I only had 2 gigs left after the game install so i erased some movies i had it freed up about 5 gigs and its been ok ever since so i think that was my problem by the way i have the 60 gig ps3 not the launch verison I guess I got my ps3 3 months after it came out so i guess its not the lauch
Posted 01:14 on 04 May 2008

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